Healthcare Training Institute in New Jersey NJ AIMS

The American Institute of Medical Sciences & Education (AIMS) is a private career school with locations in Piscataway and Edison, NJ. We offer education and training to adult learners who want to join the healthcare field. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, but one thing they all have in common is the drive and motivation to

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The Impact of Technology in Healthcare AIMS Education

(9 days ago) Mobile health apps offer greater flexibility to all parties. They’re one of the most inexpensive ways for facilities to provide stronger services to their patients. Some work to create better health awareness while others facilitate communication between patient and care providers. Some of the areas that ‘mhealth’ apps assist with include:

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Pros and Cons of Mobile Technology in Health Care AIMS

(Just Now) Additionally, of the approximately 15,000 health-related apps currently available, some are simply not purposeful. One reason is the lack of a clinician’s guidance during app development. Because the programs are specific to the health care industry, they need the focus and knowledge that only a health professional can provide.

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Super Easy Tips to Learn Medical Terminology AIMS Education

(3 days ago) There are a number of iOS and Android apps that can help you train your memory and explore different learning techniques on the go. Here’s a list of some the best apps that can help you learn the medical language: Flashcards for Medicine: This application simply illustrates so-called lists in medicine and short notes for complex topics. They

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7 Future Medical Trends Not to Ignore AIMS Education

(4 days ago) Future physicians will also be more comfortable with recommending health apps. With the help of these apps, greater access to electronic medical records and readily available information online, patients will be considerably more knowledgeable about their diagnoses. The result will be patients who are able to make more informed decisions.

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You've Been Accepted to a Healthcare Program. Now What

(8 days ago) Also, look into some gadgets and apps that are helpful to college students. These aren’t required, but are helpful with organizing, studying, and keeping you sane when starting a new program. These aren’t required, but are helpful with organizing, studying, and keeping you sane when starting a new program.

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The Anatomy Exam Cheat Sheet AIMS Education

(9 days ago) Many apps help you look at the human body from a variety of angles to help you better learn and memorize human anatomy. For those of you who don't want to pay for an app, the iPhone has a nice app called Visual Anatomy Lite which is available for free.

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10 YouTube Videos That Will Boost Your Productivity AIMS

(7 days ago) He also explains how time management apps rarely offer any help. It turns out that they can even do you more harm by making things more complicated than needed. If you are a healthcare or medical student who struggles with learning the medical language, be sure …

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21 Reasons to Start a Job in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

(6 days ago) Ultrasound technology has advanced to such a point that it’s possible to produce 3-D and 4-D ultrasound images. Some doctors in the Netherlands are even experimenting with portable ultrasounds (which are connected to phone apps). 5. A Great Fit for People With Allied Healthcare Experience…

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Famous Startups in the Healthcare Field: Part II AIMS

(1 days ago) Cody is a new service that focuses not only on intense routine logging, the MO of most other popular workout apps, but also on social sharing and storytelling for fitness enthusiasts. Through social integration, Cody also focuses on group fitness. Their feed, reminiscent of Twitter or Instagram, keeps their service unique and appealing.

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7 Trending Medical YouTube Channels to Help You Study

(7 days ago) The channel focuses on topics like: Endocrinology, Hematology, Radiology, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Biochemistry and Infectious Diseases. 3. Armando Hasudungan's Medical Channel. This is a great place to learn more about embryology, neurology, nephrology, cell biology, the reproductive system, pharmacology or microbiology.

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Famous Startups in the Heath Care Field AIMS Education

(Just Now) The company manufactures mobile phone apps and wearable wireless sensors that collect and display the personal health information of the user. Both researchers and patients can utilize these mobile health care tools. Ashametrics allows users to analyze physical and emotional activities for research purposes as well as for clinical studies.

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5 Influential Women in Health IT AIMS Education

(3 days ago) She firmly believed that hospitals could use more mobile apps, but also realized that medicine is a tough field to be plowed due to its stricter regulations and privacy requirements. However, the CIO had a message to all entrepreneurs looking to tap into that $2.5 trillion industry: “Partner with someone who understands healthcare.”

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22 Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Tech AIMS Education

(7 days ago) An excellent reason to become a pharmacy tech is the expansion of job growth. Owing much to a rapidly aging Baby Boomer generation, the projected job growth rate for all allied healthcare careers is higher than any other field in the United States.. Pharmacy tech jobs are …

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Your Health: 6 Ways Healthcare Technology Improves

(5 days ago) With the proliferation of mobile devices of all types, apps and data help bring your health into your own hands. 1. Connecting with Patients Online. Health providers are using social media more often to bring information to their patients as well as the general public.

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All Essential Medical Terms in One Place AIMS Education

(8 days ago) Nowadays, there are plenty of Android and iPhone medical apps that are designed exclusively for future healthcare workers. Get Ahead in Your Future Allied Healthcare Career. Are you an allied healthcare student or considering a medical career?

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Is AI the Future of Medical Assistant Jobs

(3 days ago) Some of the most popular medical assistance apps include Nuance, Suki (formerly Robin AI), and MedWhat. Nuance’s Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant is designed to automate high-value clinical tasks by using voice recognition. The virtual assistant integrates into the Electronic Health Records (EHRs) that healthcare professionals already use

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The Benefits of Technology in Healthcare: Patient Care

(7 days ago) The impact of technology on healthcare includes three main areas: 1) quality of human life, 2) healthcare jobs, and 3) the world economy. As fresh investments continue to fuel the private sector, we can be certain that interest in medical innovation is not slowing down. Among the advantages of technology in healthcare we can also count the

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