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Apps. June 26, 2015 Summer arrives with awesome new updates to some of our favorite apps and games Mobile June 17, 2015 Exchange your information with new business contacts and keep in touch with Intro by Mobile May 29, 2015 Relaxed summer fun starts today with these casual games for your collection

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Microsoft Store: More apps, more open

(Just Now) Microsoft Store: More apps, more open. In June, we introduced the new Microsoft Store on Windows, redesigned from the ground up to meet the needs of customers across a variety of app experiences. We also opened up the Microsoft Store on Windows to developers using different types of frameworks, packaging technologies, and commerce platforms

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10 must-have Windows Phone apps for creatives

(8 days ago) ArchiTech Sketchpad. What is it: CAD app. Why we love it: This popular CAD & graphic application is a must-have for anyone that needs a digital sketchpad, such as architects, graphic designers, and illustrators. The app features CAD creation and modification, room planning, and illustration for posters, fliers, and many others.

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Hosted App Model

(1 days ago) Modern apps are defined to Windows via signed MSIX packages. A package provides identity, so it is known to the system and contains all the files, assets, and registration information for the app it contains. Many apps have scenarios where they want to host content and binaries, such as extensibility points, from other apps.

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Configure your app to start at log-in

(8 days ago) Conversely, for regular UWP apps this attribute is ignored, and the feature is implicitly set to “disabled.” Instead, the user must first launch the app, and the app must request to be enabled for startup activation. For Desktop Bridge apps, multiple startupTask Extensions are permitted, each one can use a different Executable.

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Beautiful apps made possible and easy with Windows.UI

(8 days ago) Beautiful apps made possible and easy with Windows.UI. If you are into creating sweet UI, then you’re definitely going to want to dig into the new Visual Layer with Windows.UI.Composition. The Windows.UI.Composition namespace allows Universal Windows Platform (UWP) developers to use a new Visual Layer that will get them closer to the metal

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Web-to-App Linking with AppUriHandlers

(3 days ago) Both apps can be supported with the user making the choice of which is the default link if both are installed. Made the wrong choice at first? Users can change their mind in Settings > Apps for Websites later. Step 5: Handle links on Activation to deep link to content. Go to App.xaml.cs and notice the code in the OnActivated method: [code lang

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Using the App File Explorer to see your app data

(3 days ago) Make sure you’ve got an app sideloaded (or sideload one now using the “Apps” page). Click on “File Explorer” to see the tool above. From the File Explorer tool, you’ll see a few things – folders for your Camera pictures, your Documents, and LocalAppData, where your app stores its local data.

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Are free apps better than paid apps

(1 days ago) Paid apps. When it comes to paid apps, the level of quality is usually much better than the free ones, as our latest app comparison App vs. app: Encyclopædia Britannica and Wikipedia shows. It’s worth noting that the developer sets the price shown on all apps. Yes, you have to pay for the app, but you don’t receive adverts continually

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Lumia Denim: share only what you want to with Apps Corner

(Just Now) Apps Corner let you specify which apps to display by offering you a special, protected Start Screen—and thereby controlling access by restricting some apps and features. Besides personal use, Apps Corner could be useful to companies whose employees need Lumia smartphones to perform business tasks such as tracking inventory or to schools that

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First set of Windows app updates rolling out to Windows

(3 days ago) In Windows 11, both the classic Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch apps have been replaced by a new Snipping Tool app that represents the best experiences of both apps in the next evolution of screen capture for Windows. The new visuals for the Snipping Tool in Windows 11. Here is a first look at the new #Windows11 Snipping Tool.

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Apps Archives Microsoft Devices Blog

(3 days ago) Protect the longevity of your Lumia battery with these tips on how to get the most out of each charge. While your Lumia’s battery is designed to live a long and happy life, there are ways to increase the span of each charge and prolong the life of your battery overall. Turn off unnecessary apps

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C# Console UWP Applications

(1 days ago) For console apps it often makes sense to set the Debug properties to “Do not launch, but debug my code when it starts” – because the most useful testing will be done with varying command-line arguments, and therefore by launching the app from a command prompt rather from Visual Studio.

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Apps: How long do they last

(2 days ago) I have 17 apps installed on my N8 that I have actually downloaded from the Nokia Store and of those 17 I use two on a daily basis. Two. That’s about 12% of the total apps installed that get used every day. For those I use about once a week, the figure rises to 30%. That means 70% of the apps I have installed hardly ever get used.

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Do multiple things at once with Windows 10 Windows

(8 days ago) Easily organize your screen. We often have multiple apps open at once, jumping between them to complete tasks. Windows 10 makes it easier to organize your screen with enhancements in Snap. Now you can quickly snap up to four things on your screen at once simply by dragging those apps into the corners. Windows will even suggest how to fill the

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Building a Great Hosted Web App

(6 days ago) Hosted Web Apps, the Windows bridge for web applications, have become a popular choice among developers for building Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.It’s no surprise that some of the top apps in Windows Store are built as Hosted Web Apps. Apps like Yahoo Mail, Shazam and Microsoft’s Office Sway are Hosted Web Apps that take full …

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Developing for Windows 11

(Just Now) Developing for Windows 11. Windows 11 was built to unlock the full power of the PC. This new operating system empowers you to deliver new and innovative apps, grow your business how you choose, and makes developing on Windows easier by allowing you to use the tools and frameworks you already use and know.

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Building a new, open Microsoft Store on Windows 11

(5 days ago) Today, we introduced Windows 11.What makes Windows, well, Windows is the variety of apps available – from core to casual games, from sophisticated productivity suites to social experiences, from creativity tools to niche hobbyist apps, from developer tools to entire virtualized environments. A few years ago, we launched the Microsoft Store on Windows.

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Distributing Windows Apps to the World

(3 days ago) In-app purchase and ads-in-apps consistently drive the vast majority of revenue, representing 55% and 31% respectively of Windows Store sales last quarter ( January – March 2015 ). With Windows 10, we will add new business models to provide developers with additional methods to generate revenue. New subscription support.

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Create your own app with Windows Phone App Studio

(5 days ago) Then, if you’re hooked on developing Windows Phone apps, take your work to the next level by downloading the source code from App Studio (it will be in a format known as a .XAP file). It’s your app, and your code. You can use tools like Microsoft Visual Studio to add some serious functionality to your app.

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A first look at the Windows 10 universal app platform

(8 days ago) Apps that feel consistent and familiar to the customer on all devices, while also contextually appropriate to each device’s input model and screen size. The new universal app platform completes our developer platform convergence by providing you with the ability to finally create one app that can run on mobile, desktop, console, holographic

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SensorCore in action: essential apps to download

(7 days ago) These are just three apps that use SensorCore technology, but also be sure to check out Trip-o-matic, SPM, Bing Health & Fitness and Super Checkin. For developers interested in using the SensorCore SDK, there are two Challenges on that invite you to make the most of your Lumia; one for new apps using SensorCore and one for app updates.

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UWP App Diagnostics

(4 days ago) At Build this year, we gave a sneak preview of a set of new APIs designed to provide diagnostic information about running apps. You can see the videos here and here – but note that these were based on a pre-release implementation. So, while the Build videos are still correct on broad functionality, the final

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Using Device Portal to view debug logs for UWP

(1 days ago) Windows Apps Team On Windows desktops, if something went wrong, your first instinct for years may have been to open up the Event Viewer and see if anything red or yellow shows up. Those alerts are saved ETW events, emitted by the system when errors occurred.

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Best audiobook apps for Windows Phone Microsoft Devices Blog

(9 days ago) Here are some of the best audiobook reader apps to please the book lover in you. Audible. The most loved and trusted app for audiobook lovers, Audible provides the most comprehensive audiobook experience. On offer are more than 15,000 titles, including best sellers and new releases.

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9 best Android apps for Nokia X Microsoft Devices Blog

(4 days ago) With a wide and varied pool of Android apps at your disposal, the Nokia X family of smartphones have something for everyone. Here are our highlights. Vine Available on Nokia Store Developed by Twitter, Vine enables you to create short, looping videos that you can share online via Twitter and Facebook, as well as your

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New sensor features in Windows 10

(8 days ago) To have your UWP apps align with the display orientation you specify to get it work across the entire family of Windows 10 devices, including desktop, phone and Xbox, HoloLens, SurfaceHub and IoT. To convert your existing desktop or Phone app to a UWP app that will work across multiple device families.

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The Lifecycle of a UWP App

(1 days ago) UWP apps have a third possible state called suspended. An app is suspended when a user minimizes it, or switches to another app. As far as the user is concerned the app simply appears to be running in the background. What actually happens is that the app goes into a hibernation mode so that Windows is able to free up resources.

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Data Access in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps

(5 days ago) Windows Apps Team SQLite version 3.11.2 is shipping with the Windows 10 Anniversary edition as part of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and is recommended for all UWP local data storage needs. This represents the first time an open source, third-party library, such as SQLite, has shipped as part of the SDK.

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System apps for your new Nokia Lumia Microsoft Devices Blog

(2 days ago) Apps you can depend on. This is not a round-up of glamorous or astonishing apps that will blow your mind and make you want to tell your friends about them. There’s nothing here that will transform your Lumia into a Space Shuttle controller. Instead, they are the quiet and dependable apps that will probably go mostly unnoticed in the background.

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30 top apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones Microsoft

(5 days ago) All the essential apps I can’t live without are available on the Nokia Windows Phone Apps and games are one of the biggest selling points for smartphones – and there’s no shortage of them on Nokia’s new smartphones including the Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and forthcoming Nokia Lumia 900. But which apps and

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Command-Line Activation of Universal Windows Apps

(1 days ago) Command-Line Activation of Universal Windows Apps. Andrew Whitechapel. As we continue to close the gap between Win32 and Universal Windows Apps, one of the features we’ve recently introduced is the ability to activate a UWA from a command line and pass the app arbitrary command-line arguments. This is available to Insiders from build 16226.

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The official Chase Mobile banking app is here Windows

(1 days ago) As banking apps go, Chase Mobile is about as comprehensive as they come. It’s practically like having a bank branch in your pocket (minus the candy bowl). The free app makes it easy to manage your Chase bank and credit card accounts and move money around—browse account balances and transactions, pay bills, transfer money, send wire

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My favourite Nokia Lumia golfing apps Microsoft Devices Blog

(3 days ago) With an abundance of apps that do absolutely everything, sometimes it can be a refreshing change to see an app that’s simple and single-minded in its approach. Golf Scorecard is such an app, doing exactly what it says on the tin. There’s no range-finder, no GPS tracking and no complicated features to get the hang of.

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Windows Store: more options to manage, monetize and

(5 days ago) Promote your apps, and drive re-engagement using ad campaigns (New). Dev Center offers the ability to acquire new users in several ways: promotional codes, targeted offers and ad campaigns.. Creating an ad campaign requires few clicks, and now supports interstitial banner, native and playable ads (beta).

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Extending the Context Menu and Share Dialog in Windows 11

(Just Now) Cloud Files provider apps are placed next to the Shell commands to hydrate or dehydrate the file. Apps with more than 1 verb are grouped into a flyout with app attribution. “Show more options” loads the Windows 10 context menu as-is for access to low-use Shell verbs and apps still working on porting over. No commands have been removed entirely.

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The Progress of Web Apps

(2 days ago) Let’s talk about the progress of web apps. No, that’s not an autocorrect mistake from “progressive web apps” — let’s take a look at how the web has progressed from “a large universe of documents” to a universal application platform. There’s no single point at which the web started running apps rather than simple documents — you could argue JavaScript was …

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Building Hosted Web Apps with Windows App Studio

(3 days ago) Windows Apps Team If you have a web app that’s currently available publicly via URL, you can easily bring it to Windows 10 using Windows App Studio’s Hosted Web App template. Windows App Studio is an online service that makes it easy to build an app for Windows with no coding required.

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Using color fonts for beautiful text and icons

(3 days ago) To apps and the operating system, text rendered in a color font is the same as any other text: It can be copied and pasted, parsed by accessibility tools and so on. Color fonts are a better alternative to raster graphics for rich text scenarios …

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Windows App Studio Beta for Windows 10 Insider Preview

(9 days ago) Windows App Studio Beta is a free online app creation tool that gives everyone the ability to create an app, regardless of experience. It is designed to help people easily bring an app idea to life by applying text, web content, images, and design concepts to a rich set of customizable templates.

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Instrumenting Your App for Telemetry and Analytics

(5 days ago) Typical apps log about 30 distinct events, which often include (but are not limited to) app start, app exist, registration, login/log off, settings changes, content sharing, recoverable errors, non-recoverable exceptions, view content, mark as favorite, comment on content, viewing and item or category in a catalog, search or filter, add to

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Back up and restore your app on Windows Phone 8.1, Part 2

(Just Now) By default, the set of eligible apps includes all Store apps targeting Windows Phone 8.1, including Windows Runtime apps and Windows Phone Silverlight apps. When the user sets up a new device and chooses to restore a backup, any app data included in that backup is restored as part of the system-initiated app installation.

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Windows Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 Windows

(4 days ago) After last week’s news, I’m pleased to tell you that Windows Marketplace for Mobile has today reached another major milestone by adding support for Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 devices. This is an especially proud day for Microsoft because it marks our fulfillment of the Marketplace vision that we put forth only 9 months ago at Mobile World Congress.

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