7 apps for the frustrated LA commuter Built In LA

7 apps for the frustrated LA commuter. by John Siegel. May 31, 2016. Los Angeles has many stereotypes associated with it, but none more prevalent than the traffic. While many companies are pivoting to offer their employees the option to come in at different times, the fact remains that we all spend more time in our cars than we'd like. Here are

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7 LA-based apps for recent grads Built In LA

(4 days ago) Whether you were born and raised in the area or are new to LA, the city's expansive (and expensive) presence can present challenges for recent grads transitioning into a life of bills, commuting and a 9-to-5 job. Here are eight apps created in Los Angeles that will come in handy:[company:node/91784]

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7 LA-based dating services that will help you forget

(7 days ago) Is it a coincidence that two of the best-known dating apps are both headquartered in West Hollywood? Founded in 2008, Grindr has quickly developed into one of the pillars of the Hollywood tech scene. The app, which allows gay, bi or curious men to chat and arrange to "hang out," is also known for its community-focused initiatives around the world.

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One man, 12 apps, 48 hours to conquer dating in LA Built

(9 days ago) What makes it different: Unlike other apps that only require a picture, age, and location, Match actually asks real questions that could impact your potential match. With a scrolling interface similar to Instagram and suggested match section, Match is arguably the most logically designed of all the apps.

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This Company Allows Anyone to Build an App — No Tech

(Just Now) The perfect time. In 2010, two years before Builder launched, about 400,000 apps existed on Apple’s marketplace. Today, that number sits above 2.2 million, with about 20 percent of all app features making up 80 percent of all apps, like single sign-on abilities, payment functions and social integrations, Builder CEO and Co-Founder Sachin Dev Duggal told TechCrunch in November 2019.

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6 LA-based startups with new apps to check out

(5 days ago) Santa Monica-based drone tech developer DroneBase was founded back in 2014, and while the company’s platform has been available for some time, it recently announced a new feature to its app. To help hobbyists and commercial pilots alike, DroneBase built AirCraft, an augmented reality platform allowing pilots to create, edit and share objects like a virtual race course in the sky for all

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From babysitters to carpools, 11 LA-based apps looking out

(9 days ago) From babysitters to carpools, 11 LA-based apps looking out for parents. by John Siegel. October 19, 2016. Parenting, they say, is a 24/7 job. Rewarding as it may be, sometimes 24 hours and seven days just is not enough time to manage a family's busy schedules.

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50 Top Los Angeles Startups To Watch 2021 Built In Los

(2 days ago) There’s a good reason many online stores don’t have apps: They’re hard to build. Tapcart isn’t out to teach the owners of these online shops coding or UX/UI design. Instead, it’s built a platform that turns the app-building process into one that resembles building a MailChimp newsletter. Tapcart’s browser-based platform leverages a

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29 Top Tech Companies in Orange County 2021 Built In LA

(Just Now) Location: Irvine Industry: Gaming MobilityWare is a mobile gaming company creating a variety of popular app games.Not only do they create well-known apps, but they're also one of the first gaming app companies ever, creating some of the original app store games like Solitaire.

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39 Top Media Companies In Los Angeles 2021 Built In LA

(6 days ago) TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps in the world with more than 800 million active users. The short-form mobile video app lets users show off their creativity, passions or really whatever they want with easy-to-use editing and filming tools that combine with the company’s social media platform to help users become viral

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Parking problems: 4 apps to help you avoid tickets and get

(1 days ago) Parking problems: 4 apps to help you avoid tickets and get where you need on time. by John Siegel. August 26, 2016. Los Angelenos get a bad rap for being a bit flaky. But for every out-of-towner who notes how hard it is getting someone to commit to getting a bite to eat, there's a legitimate excuse that makes the idea of jumping on the 405 and

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579 Mobile Companies in Los Angeles Built In LA

(1 days ago) Grindr is among the top highest grossing apps in the iOS App Store and boasts some of the most engaged users across all social networking apps. We offer a constantly evolving, agile startup environment that enables and rewards innovation, teamwork, and diligence.

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9 LA-based apps to help battle stress and stay healthy

(6 days ago) 9 LA-based apps to help battle stress and stay healthy. by John Siegel. November 8, 2016. Finding work/life balance is a constant struggle. For many, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything and take a few hours off. Stress can soar, even in the slowest of days. Here are nine LA-based companies helping users find

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How these 6 LA companies empower the elderly Built In LA

(3 days ago) Founded: 2011 Industry: Medicine What they do: Since its founding, GoodRx has skyrocketed to its current position as one of the most popular medical apps on the market. The company’s product helps individuals compare prescription drug prices at a variety of pharmacies, sends coupons to your computer or phone and helps consumers save hundreds of dollars on thousands of …

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50 Top LA Startups to Watch 2019 Built In LA

(2 days ago) Unsurprisingly, people love their product. It’s one of the top free apps in the App Store and Google Play Store, and the number one lifestyle app on Apple’s platform — ranking in above Tinder. Started by a 20-year-old junior at USC, the mustachioed Lucky Day app is now run by a …

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50 Best Paying Companies in Los Angeles 2021 Built In

(4 days ago) GoodRx is America’s #1 prescription price transparency platform. More than 8 million people use GoodRx’s website and popular mobile apps each month. Our goal is to provide Americans with convenient and affordable prescription drugs. We offer solutions to provide affordable prescriptions to …

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67 On-Demand Companies in Los Angeles Built In LA

(4 days ago) SpotnRides is an award-winning taxi app development company in the market. We partner with on-demand taxi startups to develop taxi booking apps with powerful languages and well-made designs. Apart from developing the app, we also extend long term support for the solution so that the taxi startup is launched successfully and functions smoothly.

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31 Top Healthcare Companies In Los Angeles 2021 Built In LA

(4 days ago) What they do: Chorus Innovations is a digital healthcare platform that helps the healthcare industry create digital health solutions. How it’s changing healthcare: The Chorus Innovations platform helps healthcare providers, with no coding and programming knowledge, create visually-appealing and highly-functional apps.Healthcare providers can create surveys and patient portals, …

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Coding Bootcamps in Los Angeles Built In LA

(Just Now) We also offer part-time courses and workshops that teach you how to build beautiful, interactive websites and web apps. We emphasize the most industry-relevant technologies and we intentionally cultivate a supportive, friendly community of learners and educators. We are located in 14 cities worldwide, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin.

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9 iOS Bootcamps In Los Angeles You Should Know Built In

(2 days ago) Apps can certainly be advantageous for businesses, allowing for speedy communication and on-the-go access. Yet, the idea of entering into the app world can be intimidating for many people. Within the Greater Los Angeles Area, there are plenty of iOS bootcamps designed to help people tackle this challenge head on, providing the programming and

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42 Top Software Companies In Los Angeles 2021 Built In

(8 days ago) What they do: ChowNow is a restaurant ordering platform dedicated to helping small restaurants grow sustainably. The platform offers commission-free ways to personalize ordering with different website widgets, mobile apps and contactless dining options to help a restaurant receive orders and grow their customer base.

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258 Gaming Companies in Los Angeles Built In LA

(1 days ago) Apostrophe Apps, LLC, was established to create great mobile apps, app plug-ins and other amazing mobile creations for both mobile app developers and end users. Watch for Apostrophe Apps' products coming soon to your favorite iOS and Android devices!

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6 LA-based startups that take the dread out of moving

(2 days ago) Founded by Steelhouse President and CEO Mark Douglas and Lindsey Holland of the recently released 50 LA women startup founders you should know, HomeMe is an app that takes the pain out of applying for an apartment. Users just download the app and input their yearly income, and every apartment that gets listed is one you're they're qualified for.

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50 Best Paying Companies in Los Angeles 2020 Built In

(4 days ago) The apps we build. 500. Local Employees. Follow. The Trade Desk. AdTech About us. The Trade Desk powers the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology. We were founded by the pioneers of real-time bidding, and we’ve become the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry by offering agencies, aggregators and their advertisers

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Inside 6 Rising Tech Companies You Should Know — Before

(6 days ago) Most notably, Version 3.0 of our mobile app will be launched and our software development kit (SDK) will be utilized for an expansion of partnerships with entities wanting to focus on their own apps. We anticipate additional growth and adoption at colleges and universities, as well as with international leagues and teams.

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Inside the Privacy and Security Controls Ring Just Built

(3 days ago) Temporarily pausing the use of most third-party analytics services in the Ring apps and website while we work on providing users with more abilities to opt out within the Control Center. We will soon provide customers with additional options to limit …

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How AppOnboard’s no-code software makes it easier to bring

(5 days ago) Everyone's a creator: How AppOnboard’s no-code software makes it easier to bring apps to life. by Michael Hines. April 26, 2019. PHOTO VIA APPONBOARD. The tech industry is a place where anyone can bring a big idea to life. But it’s also a place where big ideas sometimes get left on the drawing board due to their creator lacking the

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Companies in Los Angeles That Offer Free Daily Meals

(6 days ago) Grindr is among the top highest grossing apps in the iOS App Store and boasts some of the most engaged users across all social networking apps. We offer a constantly evolving, agile startup environment that enables and rewards innovation, teamwork, and diligence.

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An inside look at the tech stacks these LA companies use

(Just Now) Keeping our apps native was a priority from the very beginning. At the time, React Native was the popular option, and several successful companies invested in the technology, so it was very tempting for us. Ultimately, we felt that staying native was better for animation support, a more complete development and testing tools.

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A day in the life of a product manager

(8 days ago) Much of a product team’s success hinges on the ability to empathize with users. As one of the most popular apps of all time, Tinder has become a household name thanks in part to its innovative swiping feature, one that wasn’t included in the app’s first version.According to Digital Product Manager Samantha Stevens, the ability to communicate clearly with multiple departments while

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Thinkbox enters the cannabis industry with its new app

(7 days ago) Educating dispensaries about what the app can do is an ongoing process, but it’s clear that local businesses are already looking for new alternatives to existing apps. “99 percent of the dispensaries we have talked with say that they know of or use the other apps — WeedMaps or Eaze — but they also said the only reason they do it is

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50 Startup Words and Phrases That Should Be Banned Built

(2 days ago) Startup jargon is infectious. The more contact you have with it the more likely you are to carry and spread it to others. Unfortunately, because of its viral nature, startup jargon has also mutated beyond its original meaning. Abusers, free of any true connection to real meaning, now use jargon to exaggerate the impact of their ideas: apps have become platforms; sales representatives have

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Meet 10 Top Fastest-Growing Tech Companies in Southern

(7 days ago) The last 12 months has represented one of the most successful periods of time in Southern California’s short tech history. Between the flurry of fundings and the seemingly endless reports of new, exciting products, tech companies all over the area have achieved much, much more than what many — especially those from up north — had previously thought possible.

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5 LA tech companies offering equity packages

(2 days ago) Ensuring employees remain happy and engaged at work is both a consistent and evolving focus within tech companies. As some experiment with perks to ensure their teams can better balance work and life while remaining healthy, many companies are opting for something a little different: they're offering employees skin in the game.

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7 LA Tech Companies Hiring Like Crazy Built In LA

(7 days ago) The company’s “QUANTUM ARRAY” tech stack combines deep genomic data, machine learning processes and lab chemistry into one system to detect multiple cancers from a single blood draw. Their coolest perks: Quantgene invests in the health of its employees and offers bi-weekly catered lunches and group personal training sessions.

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NextPlus lets you call & text people without an expensive

(7 days ago) textPlus, a Marina Del Ray-based messaging app company with over 70 million users, is launching a new app: NextPlus. The company believes NextPlus will exemplify the future of messaging apps. Continuing textPlus’ focus on building cloud phone apps, NextPlus app users get real phone numbers they can use to call and message traditional phones, no carrier contract required.

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How engineers at 6 LA companies got into coding Built In LA

(7 days ago) GOAT is the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, from general releases to almost-impossible-to-find exclusives. Senior Software Engineer Daniel Hour said that he got into engineering by accident — more on that below — but quickly became obsessed with the creative possibilities of coding.

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Inside the Creative Department at This Growing OC Gaming

(6 days ago) Inside the Creative Department at This Growing OC Gaming Company. by Janey Zitomer. February 19, 2021. MobilityWare. When you work at a company known for developing games like Solitaire and Jigsaw Puzzle, it’s hard to have a bad day at the office. That is, according to Creative Director Jaxon Fang, as long as the culture aligns with the mission.

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Taking care of business: 9 startup founders share their

(8 days ago) Developing a consistent work routine is hard. With a constant flow of emails, meetings that run late and the usual fires that need to be put out, no structured plan stands a chance against the average day in the startup world.Thankfully, we all work in technology. Between the latest productivity apps and tried and true methods, there are ways to stay on course throughout the day.

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50 Best Small Companies to Work For in Los Angeles 2020

(8 days ago) Grindr is among the top highest grossing apps in the iOS App Store and boasts some of the most engaged users across all social networking apps. We offer a constantly evolving, agile startup environment that enables and rewards innovation, teamwork, and diligence.

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This LA company is offering $5M to mobile developers for

(7 days ago) image via shutterstock. Since its 2011 founding, LA-based AdColony has emerged as one of the most extensive mobile advertising platforms in the world by integrating its software into the apps we use every day.. In fact, the company has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, so it’s possible that you’ve come into contact with its patented video advertising solutions and didn’t even know it.

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Hautelook’s mobile team gets it right: majority of sales

(1 days ago) [ibimage==30022==Medium==none==self==ibimage_align-right]With more than half of Hautelook’s total sales done via mobile (the majority of which are on native apps), it’s fair to say that Hautelook’s mobile team is setting the pace for the entire e-commerce company. Just three years ago, Hautelook’s mobile sales made up zero percent of the company’s revenue, Head of Mobile Mark …

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6 startups using games to change how kids learn Built In LA

(5 days ago) The idea for codeSpark struck co-founder Grant Hosord after taking his young daughter to a Lego robotics class, where she was the only girl and the youngest attendee by four years. After a little research, Hosord found that there weren’t many classes that teach the basics of computer sciences to children under 10 years old, so he decided to create an alternative.

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Pluto TV Wants to Answer the Question: ‘What Should We

(2 days ago) CEO and Co-Founder Tom Ryan: As people are cutting the cord, they’re creating their own bundles through a handful of apps that they stream television on.They’ve got a few different paid services, but what we think is a huge value proposition is that anyone can expand their bundle for free with Pluto and get hundreds of channels and thousands of TV shows and movies.

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AppOnboard, Buildbox combine forces to help users build

(5 days ago) AppOnboard and Buildbox share a vision: to help people make mobile apps without having to know how to code. Now, both companies will work together to achieve this. On Thursday, AppOnboard announced its acquisition of Buildbox. AppOnboard created a platform, the AppOnboard Studio, that people can use to design and develop mobile apps.

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How to Build a Data-Driven Customer Success Team Built In LA

(1 days ago) How do you measure customer satisfaction? The short answer: Salesforce dashboards. Across LA, customer success leaders leverage customer data to better understand and consult clients, as well as keep a close pulse on customer health. For some leaders, this entails working closely with the analytics team so that customer success managers have access to interpreted data at their fingertips.

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On a mission: How Headspace is driven to make the world

(2 days ago) On a Mission: How Headspace Is Driven to Make the World Healthier and Happier. by Brian Nordli. October 16, 2018. Headspace sprouted out of a simple vision from co-founders Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe: improve the health and wellness of people across the world. Both founders had suffered from poor mental health in the past — and found

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Companies in Los Angeles That Offer Tuition Reimbursement

(7 days ago) System1 is an omnichannel customer acquisition platform with offices throughout the US, Canada and Europe. We build desktop and mobile apps, search engines, and online publications that empower consumers with information while respecting their privacy.

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