Mobile Application Development ByteAnt

Creating great customer-facing apps that resonate with the needs and expectations of your target audience. Cross-platform application development Platform-agnostic software development solutions that seamlessly work and sync across multiple devices. IoT app development

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Top Marketplace App Development Company in the USA ByteAnt

(Just Now) We develop easily scalable marketplace apps so you can handle the growing amount of realtors; data and update the content whenever necessary. Healthcare. We offer online marketplace app development listing various types of healthcare providers or insurance vendors. Let users scroll through hundreds of options, compare prices, and contact the

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Hire Mobile App Development Company in US ByteAnt

(6 days ago) Transporting Android apps to iOS devices, or turning hybrid solutions into native, we provide the right service to get great business outcomes. If you want to slightly upgrade your mobile app or completely rebuild it, we figure out the way to implement it for your business.

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IoT, BigData, SaaS, AI ByteAnt

(4 days ago) Encourage change in user’s care routines with innovative mobile apps. Fix critical healthcare business issues, track all the vital patient metrics and provide timely remote care once it is needed. We deliver the right type of software both for organisations and startups to meet your expectations and international healthcare standards.

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Healthcare mobile app for truck drivers ByteAnt

(4 days ago) To implement this solution, we’ve come up with intuitive iOS and Android mobile apps for truck drivers. Healthcare mobile apps include the following features: Journal - a tab displaying a list of fitness goals. A user can choose several activities, customize their frequency, and get reminders at certain moments.

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Data Security Application ByteAnt

(Just Now) Desktop & mobile apps ByteAnt team created a customized interface and simplified business logic for a Windows app. The interface is available in both light and dark themes. Store your passwords and access from mobile at any time. A mobile app is a master manager where all …

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Angular‌ ‌App‌ ‌Development‌ ‌Company‌ ByteAnt

(6 days ago) Development of AngularJS Mobile apps. Build a high-performing AngularJS mobile app that will function seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. Angular.js technology simplifies the development of great UIs and helps to manage tons of users. Use Ionic or Apache Cordova frameworks to make your app available across multiple OS and devices.

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How To Create A Fitness App: A Detailed Guide 2021 ByteAnt

(9 days ago) Sports and workout apps; Mobile fitness applications for workouts are the most popular and numerous. These apps help app users work out at home when going to the gym is not an option. Not surprisingly, during coronavirus times, the workout apps have gained much traction among the owners of smartphones and wearable devices.

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Custom Software Development ByteAnt

(1 days ago) A proven track record of creating efficacious mobile and web apps that can drastically improve customer experience. Enterprise app development Our skillful app developers build scalable and flexible business applications for internal and external organization needs.

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Top SaaS Apps in 2021 to Make Your Business Grow ByteAnt

(8 days ago) Top SaaS apps for growing businesses. 1. Wix. First things first — if you don’t have a website for your SMB, it’s essential that you get on this ASAP. A business without a web presence might as well not exist in 2021. Whether you’re using your site as an online marketplace, a place to host your contact info, or even a way to share a

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Top Cloud Application Development Company in US ByteAnt

(2 days ago) Serverless apps development. Serverless architecture eliminates the need to build up the infrastructure or add new servers. Thus, it simplifies and speeds up the development of your application, making it more flexible. ByteAnt is experienced in using AWS Lambda service to build a robust web application according to your needs. A serverless app

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What Are the Main Security Risks With Smart Home

(9 days ago) The second routine uses a centralized data storehouse as a switchboard, allowing devices and their apps to communicate over the internet. For example, when a smart home automation app communicates with a smart lock, the automation app …

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Hire Wearable App Development Company in US ByteAnt

(9 days ago) The built-in bike sensors track the power, speed, and heart rate, sending this data to the web server. Users can view this data via connected mobile apps, iOS and Android. Thanks to wearable app development by ByteAnt, athletes and fitness coaches could easily manage fitness data …

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Top 7 IoT Cloud Platforms: Reviewed and Tested ByteAnt

(5 days ago) This platform is based on SAP HANA, which is an in-memory database and apps development platform, designed specifically for processing high-flow real-time data. The SAP provides the users with a wide scope of features, such as a variety of programming languages available for utilizing, DevOps, which simplifies the application development

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Best Real Estate Software Development Services ByteAnt

(6 days ago) Remote telehealth apps, self-care and fitness apps or hospital monitoring systems - be sure to entrust us the development of your software product. Learn More. Marketplace. We help service providers and product owners reach a wide audience and grow their sales via custom-built marketplaces. With a properly chosen revenue model and market

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Internet of Things Development Services IoT

(4 days ago) Tracking the heart rate, blood pressure and real-time health metrics are easier with IoT software development services. Prevent diseases, send instant alerts to doctors via intuitive software & apps. We develop innovative healthcare IoT devices to monitor critical health metrics and enable preventive care for a specific group of users.

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Top Сustom Software Development for Startups in US ByteAnt

(5 days ago) Top SaaS Apps in 2021 to Make Your Business Grow. 23 Feb 2021. share. Startups How To Create A Fitness App: A Detailed Guide 2021. 23 Dec 2020. share. Marketplace Startups Tech Founders Talk

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Technology ByteAnt

(5 days ago) Fast app development. Two-way data binding. Cloud-based CMS. Cross-platform & flexible solution. Great for business websites. Solid support community. High security & compliance certifications. Great for building industry- specific applications. Fast and easy deployment.

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Custom Web Development Services ByteAnt

(6 days ago) ByteAnt team helps you to attract users and build loyalty with efficient web applications. With over 14 years in web app development, we assure the user-centered interface and mobile-ready nature of your application. We use robust back-end technologies to set a fast server response time and fast loading time for your solution.

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Latest Tech Insights ByteAnt

(9 days ago) Top SaaS Apps in 2021 to Make Your Business Grow. Starting a small business is no easy feat. Even if you’ve managed to secure funding, decided on a catchy name, and established a storefront or a simple website, you still have a mountain of …

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Top Custom Healthcare Software Development Company in

(1 days ago) Wearables and apps can track & send health metrics remotely on a constant basis and can actually save lives. Telehealth & remote patient сare apps. Telehealth apps are gaining fast in popularity. Connect doctors with patients through a fast telemedicine solution. Offer timely remote care and connect

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Best Custom Software Development Services from Ukraine

(1 days ago) Online portals, real-time web applications, marketplaces, and video streaming apps can be built with our help. Using Node.js, .Net and other back-end technologies, we ensure your web-based solution is robust and reliable on the server-side. Using JavaScript frameworks, …

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Grocery eCommerce store Development ByteAnt

(2 days ago) Custom web apps with respective APIs were developed to enable smooth customer data collecting from various sources like Amazon and smaller web stores. A special data analytics algorithm was introduced to gather and measure customer order history and come up with personalized recommendations on similar products and the like.

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Real estate app development: how much would an app like

(7 days ago) How can you compete with apps like Zillow? It may seem tempting to repeat other’s success, although it is impossible. If you are planning to develop a real estate application in 2020, you should differentiate from your competitors and provide a brand new value. By using one of the trends like big data, artificial intelligence, or blockchain

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React.js Development Company in USA ByteAnt

(Just Now) React.js web app development. Backed by our 14+ years’ expertise in web app development, we consider React.js among the most effective tools to build web applications. It allows to easily change the elements, structure, and style of your w hout rebuilding the entire app architecture. React apps display well in Firefox, Chrome, and can handle

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How To Build a Superb Go-To-Market Strategy for SaaS

(6 days ago) Later on, the company launched a dedicated marketplace to enable exploring the apps for Atlassian solutions. The marketplace brought $300 million of sales per year. Atlassian team invested in SEO to make their products easy-to-find and grow brand awareness. Users can also access the solution via Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence applications.

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The State Of Marketplace Startups in 2020 [Overview] ByteAnt

(Just Now) The State Of Marketplace Startups in 2020 [Overview] Online marketplaces have turned into a multi-million business domain. In 2019, deals made via 100 best marketplace startups accounted for 57% of global retail sales. In numbers, this means $1.97 trillion worldwide. As this e-commerce category grows, users enjoy free access to a wide range of

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IoT Developement Services ByteAnt

(2 days ago) IoT has altered a whole business mindset of how companies should interact with their customers across multiple touchpoints. Our software solutions leverage the benefits of IoT to measure real-time feedback data and gain invaluable insights for getting an overall business performance and efficiency boost.

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5 Best Open Source IoT Frameworks ByteAnt

(3 days ago) Dashboard for provisioning, automating, controlling, and monitoring your application as well as Web UI components to build project-specific apps. Mobile app for Android and iOS, including the option to use geofencing and push notifications. Edge Gateway solution to connect multiple instances with a central management instance.

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How to Pick the Best Tool for VR Development ByteAnt

(4 days ago) Moreover, vendors of VR software and devices keep expanding their footprint on the market by enhancing the functionality so that they meet any customer need. Say, VR-driven architectural visualization and modeling software can be utilized in games production, healthcare apps, construction planning as well as military training simulators.

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JavaScript For Startups: A Complete Guide ByteAnt

(Just Now) React.js is a common choice for simple-logic applications, while Angular fits well more complex apps. React.js is also relatively easy to learn. By the way, Facebook and Instagram were created using this framework. In terms of performance, React & Vue may provide you with more possibilities than Angular.

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Telemedicine app development: market study and startup

(3 days ago) Virtual care apps become the first line of defense for medical staff. Meanwhile, analysts predict some positive telemedicine growth dynamics in the next few years. According to MordorIntelligence, telehome and telehospitals are predicted to grow the fastest in the North American market with a CAGR of 18% until 2025 .

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UX/UI design ByteAnt

(6 days ago) Robust UI/UX design solutions to expedite your website or app performance and drive customer satisfaction. Great-looking UI/UX design is a mainstay for companies striving to be ahead of the pack among competitors.

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Contact Us ByteAnt

(5 days ago) 79041 Lviv, Ukraine, EEST. Ukraine: +380953611802. [email protected] This website uses cookies to give you the best possible user experience.

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IoT for Fitness industry ByteAnt

(2 days ago) Mobile apps for Android and iOS were developed to work with the sensors through Bluetooth. An API and a data storage was developed to gather the data online from multiple users. Two types of sensors: power sensors inside bikes to measure power in watts based on speed etc., heart rate sensors to measure human's heart rate (pulse).

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How to Choose the Best Telemedicine Software for Medical

(6 days ago) Proactive attitude. You must admit that using customizable desktop or mobile apps to keep track of your health and wellbeing or ‘visit’ a healthcare provider stimulates your self-awareness. It means, patients become more concerned about their health, and with instant experts’ feedback they can significantly improve their health condition.

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Custom SaaS solution for metering companies ByteAnt

(8 days ago) Both manual and automated methods for gathering and measuring customer data via mobile apps or IoT devices. Availability to keep track of data collection from any type of property – domestic and commercial households, large-scale enterprises, nationwide networks of shopping malls and other premises

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Top SaaS Industry Trends Affecting the Future Amid Covid

(9 days ago) SaaS medical apps simplify the shift to remote healthcare we were long heading to. They cut the risk of spreading infections during physical clinic visits, cut operating costs and let handle huge loads of requests. Scheduling an initial medical consultation becomes much easier and faster than via a traditional method.

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Technology Consulting Services ByteAnt

(5 days ago) Bridging the gap between business expectations and IT fulfillment. Here at ByteAnt, we provide our customers with actionable end-to-end software development services …

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Hire ‌Umbraco‌ ‌CMS‌ ‌Development‌ ‌Company, Hire Umbraco

(6 days ago) Unlike Wordpress CMS that is a great fit for small businesses, Umbraco offers great flexibility to enterprises with complex needs. If you need to manage or store many types of content while keeping it easy-to-use, the Umbraco website development is a good fit.

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Serverless vs. Microservices architecture: what does the

(8 days ago) Serverless computing, which is commonly referred to as just Serverless, is a promising cloud-based technology model that has emerged on the app development and software architecture horizon in recent years. Trying to avail themselves of the huge serverless frameworks potential, many big-time market players have been quick to jump on the cloud

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The Top 35 Startup Podcasts For Founders in 2020 ByteAnt

(8 days ago) If you are interested in the latest macOS news and why apps get rejected by the App Store, go ahead and listen. Summary. This is our collection of the best podcasts for startup founders. Validating your idea, hiring a team, raising the capital all seems like an endless set of challenges.

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5 Best Use Cases of IoT in Manufacturing ByteAnt

(Just Now) IoT technology combined with the development of native web and mobile apps for iOS or Android makes it possible to obtain real-time asset information and make reasonable decisions. The major task of tracking lies in discovering and overseeing such crucial assets as the components of the supply chain (raw materials, containers, and finished goods).

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Case Study: IoT And SaaS Solutions For Auto Repair Startup

(7 days ago) On the contrary, various smart apps that are put into car infotainment systems come up with entertainment, car navigation, and telematics. And of course, a lack of smart technologies can jeopardize the logistics especially in terms of delivering the perishable food in time to the consumer.

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