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Download free Chanty apps on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. All-in-one team collaboration tool, with unlimited message history, powerful features and apps to make your team super productive.. Feel free to switch devices and never miss an important …

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15+ Best Productivity Apps

(1 days ago) These apps could come in very handy especially in current stay-at-home situation. Ensuring you stay focused and stick to one task at a time. BTW you’d be surprised to know that market reach for productivity apps hit a whopping 79.6% in September 2019. That means a staggering amount of individuals believe in the effectiveness of these apps.

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Team Communication and Collaboration Software

(3 days ago) Bring all the apps you use during the day to a single place. Organize. Search, browse and filter your team activity organized in Teambook. Focus. Take control over the information you get with smart notifications.

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The Best Team Chat Apps with Video Calling Feature

(7 days ago) Looks like you are looking for the perfect video calling app for your team. There are many available apps to choose from but today we’ll go over the 5 best video calling apps on the market. Chanty · 5 best video calling apps.mp3 Chanty is a collaboration hub with video conferencing functionality and by working […]

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Add Apps to your team space

(4 days ago) Add new Apps. Hit the icon to access the Add new menu in web or desktop apps. Navigate to App tab to see the list of integrations currently available. Choose the App you need and hit Install. Hit Connect icon to start configuring the App. Once you connect the App, it will become available to all your team space members for configuration.

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Business Communication Apps: Why You Should

(6 days ago) With the number of small businesses using collaborative chat apps increasing from 42% in 2016 to 58% in 2018. And 38% of medium sized business to 61% in 2018. And there is good reason for this. Business communication apps fit well with the changing nature of the workplace and they have a number of benefits in general.

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Downloads: A Guide on Downloading Chanty Chanty

(6 days ago) We make sure you’ve got seamless experience using Chanty across your devices and platforms. That’s why Chanty team chat apps are available on: Desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux (Debian and Fedora-based distributives) Mobile (Android and iOS) Web most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Mozilla) Contact support to request more platforms or devices running Chanty. Note: The […]

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9 Best Team Communication Tools (with Pros, Cons

(3 days ago) Define the apps you are using the most at work and check if the team communication tool has integrations you need. 9. Сross-platform. It’s great when you can be on the same page with your team even on the go. This is when mobile apps come in …

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8 Best Team Collaboration Apps in 2020

(7 days ago) nTask. nTask is a great project management software that lets your team collaborate, communicate, plan and manage day-to-day tasks. The app is ideal for onsite and remote teams because the project data is stored in the cloud. Key features of nTask are the following: Multiple collaboration features for the entire team. Project management modules.

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Powerful Features

(6 days ago) Turn a simple team chat into a powerful business tool and achieve a new level of productivity with third-party apps in Chanty. Make use of notifications on everything that happens in your team, track progress and automate tasks. Free your time from switching between multiple apps and accumulate collaborative efforts in a single place.

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9 Slack Competitors in 2020. What Team Chat Tools

(6 days ago) Microsoft Teams integrates with other Office 365 apps and supports third-party plug-ins – these are actually the key features of the tool. MS Teams allows users to share files, create meetings, and more, all in one chat console.

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Best Team Chat Apps with Video Calling Feature

(8 days ago) Discord. When you think of the best video chat apps, Discord may not exactly be the first name that comes to mind but it’s actually a surprisingly robust option. If you’re not familiar, the app was created as a platform that gamers could use to communicate. It’s …

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9 Surprising Yammer Alternatives in 2020 [True or

(8 days ago) Both apps are social platforms for your employees providing various tools for productive communication and collaboration. When you enter Jive’s website, you instantly notice their heavy focus on enterprise – the user experience is far from being friendly, there is no single pricing page, you are getting lost between lots of menus and

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Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives

(3 days ago) The apps mentioned on this list are the few that we’ve chosen as the very best Slack alternatives. These are the apps that are the top Slack alternatives, in our humble opinion. Which of #SlackCompetitors is a fit for your team? Check out the review of Chanty, Flock, Fleep, MS Teams, ProofHub, Ryver, Glip, Google Chat.

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Our Team's Honest Feedback on 5 Skype Alternatives

(7 days ago) The only feature that they have in common is the video calls. Just like all other Apple apps, FaceTime requires iOS and it’s only good for one-on-one calls. All of this doesn’t make it ideal for work. Viber vs Skype. In terms of features, Viber is the closest thing to Skype. However, there is a major difference between the two apps.

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Google Meet vs Zoom: Which Video Calling App is

(8 days ago) The apps have developed so much so that it makes you wonder if we’ll ever need to go to the office again. In this pool of apps, Google Meet and Zoom are some of the most popular and widely used tools. So, it’s only natural to get confused in deciding between the two for your organization. Therefore, I did a little digging and I’m here to

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10 HipChat Alternatives in 2019. Competitors

(9 days ago) While both apps are communication tools, they are used for different purposes. WhatsApp was mostly for personal use while HipChat is designed for communication at work. Moreover, WhatsApp is connected to your phone number and it is mostly used on mobile. It would be definitely a hard task to communicate and manage a development team using WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp vs Slack: How Our Team Spotted the Champ

(5 days ago) Chanty team is well aware of Slack. We’ve tried a fair amount of team communication apps and described our experience in a series of articles: Slack alternatives, Discord vs Slack, Ryver vs Slack and many more in Team Chat Wars category. We also got excited to check how Slack can compete to WhatsApp Messenger.

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5 Components of Effective Team Communication

(8 days ago) Zoom is one of the best apps for video and web conferencing. Its versatility beats all the records: you can use the application on any device. This makes it possible to work on the go, as well as access the conferences from any available device. The use of the application is absolutely free, but there are also paid versions with enhanced

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Discord vs Zoom: Which is Best for Online Meetings

(4 days ago) If you need to chat and use video or audio, Discord is an excellent app for you. Zoom, on the other hand, with its array of features, is built for businesses and conferences and will allow you to communicate on a more professional level with optimized tools. …

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How Much Does Slack Cost and How to Pay Less

(2 days ago) However, you can only have 10 apps connected to Slack on the free plan, which you will quickly max out. In most cases, people constantly install and delete integrations to stay within the limit. This is not ideal and of course, you have to pay for the premium version to get unlimited integrations. 3. 1-1 video and audio calls only

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Top 6 Jive Alternatives for Team Collaboration in

(6 days ago) Samepage calls itself “All-in-one collaboration software” as it aims to replace multiple apps with one. It combines team chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, task management, file sharing, and real-time document collaboration in a single app.

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How to Select the Best Live Chat Software for

(7 days ago) 4. Synchronize with other third-party apps. Notifications from third-party apps will alert you to the progress of your team members. These third-party apps are the ones that your members are using, like social media, dropboxes, web-based email, and web-based drive, just for starters.

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What is Team Chat Software and How does it Work

(7 days ago) The best team chat apps allow you to share project-related files, store them in the cloud, and search them right inside the app. Don’t be concerned about whether the appropriate individual has access to a file. They can look for it in any of the conversation streams for which they have access.

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SaaS Pricing Models: Freemium Alternatives

(8 days ago) Takeaways. Some of the most popular pricing models for SaaS startups are free trial, freemium, free with ads or the freemium versions: free with paid services and in-app purchase. There is also a “pay-to-get-started” pricing model where nothing is free. If you are confident your product is about to change the world and holds an impeccable

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Forward edit or delete messages

(8 days ago) Edit messages on web or desktop apps. Mouse over the message you want to edit. Click the three-dots icon to open Message actions menu. Choose the icon to edit a message. Make the necessary edits and click Save. The message you save will be labelled as (edited) below the message you’ve changed. Tip: Mouse over the (edited) label below the

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How to Improve Your Remote Team Collaboration

(2 days ago) Online project management apps can make all the difference between a cluttered remote team workspace versus a smooth and punctual project management system. It’s crucial to establish clear communication channels and manage time-sensitive tasks for this purpose. This is where tech comes in. Case: Monday, the intuitive project management platform

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The Story of Chanty Team Chat App: How It Started Chanty

(1 days ago) The primary meaning of this word is a song that sailors used to sing while working together. That was exactly what we needed. Later we found chat Chanty is a balance between 3 bodies inside each other and we are strong believers in work-life balance environment and inner peace. This is a story of how we launched Chanty.

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Skype vs Slack: Everything You Need to Know (Pros

(3 days ago) Now with the wide variety of communication apps available, it’s hard to make up your mind. Skype is a tool we’ve been used to for years. It’s served its customers well and it’s still great when it comes to a casual communication, but it’s time to move on to the team chat tools that are meant to increase productivity and connect with

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Automate Your Workflows and Boost Productivity

(4 days ago) Zapier Pricing. Zapier gives an opportunity to start automating tasks with a Free plan and a 14-days trial for Paid plans for more tasks, premium apps, multi-step Zaps running at a time and advanced features like Filters, Formatters, Paths, Auto Replay, etc.

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Asana vs Slack. Which Tool is Ahead of the Pack

(3 days ago) If you are wondering which tool to use – Asana or Slack – you’ve come to the right place. This article is a part of our “Team Chat Wars” series, in which we compare Slack to its rivals. Understanding the features of different communication apps helps us in designing a better tool for our customers – a simple, fast and smart Chanty team chat.

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Connect 1000+ Apps: How to Connect Zapier

(Just Now) Zapier lets you connect 1000+ apps using workflows called Zaps, connecting your team space to hundreds of other apps and automating specific daily tasks. Triggers and actions in Chanty. List of Chanty triggers currently available: Triggers on a new message in a Private conversation;

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Top 6 Financial Tips Every SaaS Founder Should Know

(8 days ago) 8 Best Team Collaboration Apps in 2020. 5 Tools That Improve Our Marketing Team’s Productivity. Debt financing is a common path for funding. If you are seeking business funding to help cover working capital shortfalls, or to take advantage of a growth opportunity that requires investment beyond your profit margins, debt financing is a much

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The Ultimate Guide to Video Conferencing

(3 days ago) Tools like transcription and translation, video clipping, file sharing across formats, and integration with productivity apps will be accessible during videoconferencing engagements. This integration will enable users to share knowledge and data efficiently while kick-starting ideas generated in the video calling engagement. 4.

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Flowdock vs Slack: Comparing Two Long-Standing

(6 days ago) Integration inbox is the unique feature of Flowdock. Basically, it’s a space for the updates from each of your apps. You can push anything into the team inbox, be it by email, RSS feeds, tweets. Or you can use some of CA Flowdock’s out-of-the-box integrations – GitHub, Zendesk, etc. Here’s how team inbox with updates might look like.

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Slack Review: Messaging, Calls & Other Features

(1 days ago) However, since the tool has introduced Actions you can assign tasks without leaving Slack, using Asana, ZenDesk, Hubspot and other apps. Audio and video calls. 1-to-1 calls are available in the Freemium plan, up to 15 people can be invited to a conference in paid plans. As an option, you can use integrations with or other apps

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SaaS Product Pre-launch Checklist: 50 Top Tips

(2 days ago) SaaS product pre-launch essentials: 1. Start a business with passion. Whatever you do, do it with passion or not at all. Passion will make you more creative, more resourceful, it will get you further faster and guide you and your team through the most difficult times.

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Time for Smartphone Detox – How to Stop

(5 days ago) If your most used apps are right there as the screen is unlocked, the apps are less than a second away and you’ll start them even if you don’t intend on using them. On the other hand, if you put the Twitter app on the third page of your apps, you’ll have to …

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SaaS Startup Pitfalls – from Developer's

(Just Now) Apps on Apple platform: Ruby is the one of the most popular programming languages. It has a vast set of available online libraries. It is also suitable for cross-platform development and has a very clear syntax. Ruby is a well-written language and due …

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100 Free Beta Testers Without Product/Landing Page

(3 days ago) A great way to attract beta testers is getting access to the communities of the apps your product integrates with. In our case it was Podio, a popular PM app. We asked them to spread the word about a new integration, which brought us more users potentially interested in our app.

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Files and Links: How To Upload and Send Them Chanty

(7 days ago) Add files to Chanty on mobile apps. Click the icon next to the message field. Choose the file from your device. Once the file is uploaded it will be immediately displayed and available to other team members in a conversation. Tip: The list of all files on a conversation is available in the Files menu. The list of all files on a team space is

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Using Chanty Archives Сhanty Help Center

(8 days ago) Add Apps to your team space You can achieve a new level of productivity with third-party Apps in Chanty. Integrations turn a team chat into a command center, giving you control over the information from the apps you use.

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