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Children under 10 are using social media, poll finds

(3 days ago) About half of parents of children ages 10 to 12 and 32% of parents of kids ages 7 to 9 reported their child used social media apps in the first six months of …

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15 best travel apps to download before your next trip

(6 days ago) How to Download App Store Apps for Free: 10 Steps (with

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Apps: They're not just for your phone anymore

(4 days ago) Apps: They're not just for your phone anymore. An Intel employee demonstrates an interactive touchscreen display at CES. Intel is launching a …

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These apps make mental health easier for people in the …

(1 days ago) People of color create their own mental health services online. Faced with a pandemic and racial violence, people of color have created apps and organizations to …

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These 12 essential apps will make quarantine bearble

(6 days ago) Apple's Covid-19 app. This one-stop shop collects everything you need to know about coronavirus in a neatly packaged and easy-to-navigate hub. …

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30 Chinese apps you need to know about

(6 days ago) China has nearly 705 million internet users — more than two times the U.S. population. Chinese consumers like to use apps that can perform a variety of functions, not just one or two. CNNMoney

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How apps, texting can improve your health

(6 days ago) How apps, texting can improve your health. There are a variety of smart phone apps available to help with exercise routines. (CNN) -- Before iPhones, Foursquare and …

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25 apps you'll want to download right now

(1 days ago) 25 apps you should download right now by Adrian Covert @CNNTech December 24, 2013: 2:11 PM ET VSCO cam is the best one-stop shop for photo taking, photo editing, photo organizing and photo sharing

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Software Deals Bundles, Discounts & Sales

(2 days ago) Apps & Software. Get the best deals on the latest software, games, and bundles. Download thousands of the latest best-selling software applications at a significant discount. We’ve got everything you need for your business needs and personal hobbies.

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Can a motorcycle-hailing company create an African super

(1 days ago) Super apps haven't always had an easy time of it on the continent. Tencent's ( TCEHY ) WeChat hasn't been able to match its success in Asia, with Facebook's ( FB ) …

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Apps: tema, información y noticias Apps CNN

(6 days ago) Apps. Más allá de Whatsapp: 4 apps para cuando falla 1:14 La aplicación Peloton anuncia importantes descuentos Usuarios de Instagram pueden ocultar los 'Me gusta' Hicieron su propio "Amazon

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China cosmetic surgery apps: Swipe to buy a new face

(1 days ago) Apps that match patients to surgeons and clinics are incredibly popular in China. The largest one, GengMei, has 36 million users and lists almost 20,000 surgeons on its platform, a …

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How private is my pay app

(7 days ago) Apps can’t send money if they don’t have some kind of access to the account from which users send and receive money. And not all apps treat that data the same way. What data do apps collect

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Google Play Store lawsuit: Dozens of US states are suing

(1 days ago) Updated 11:40 PM ET, Wed July 7, 2021. (CNN Business) Dozens of states have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google that zeroes in on its app

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People are ditching in-person financial services for apps

(3 days ago) Plaid, which is set to be acquired by Visa ( V) for $5.3 billion, provides the digital infrastructure linking people's bank accounts and financial data to the apps

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iPhone vs. Android: Which is better

(1 days ago) Some Android apps, however, let you automatically set your phone to vibrate in certain situations - when you arrive at work, for instance. Talk to your phone. iPhone. win. Android.

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Sleep apps for a better night's rest

(2 days ago) As the global pandemic drags on, many of us are more stressed out than usual. And that often means scoring a lot less sleep at night. Enter a sleep app to help you get a better night's rest.

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How to prove your Covid-19 vaccination status on your

(7 days ago) Apps like Clear rely on biometrics -- namely, detailed scans of your face -- to verify information, so the standard privacy concerns apply. To upload your vaccination card to Clear:

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Top picks for free smartphone apps

(7 days ago) Apps can customize any mobile device and have changed how people view their phones Facebook, streaming radio, games are among favorite free apps across all platforms

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Apple removes vaping apps from App Store CNN

(9 days ago) Apple said the apps are a mix of stores, social networks, news and games. They represent 0.00010% of the 1.8 million apps available through the mobile App Store, the company said.

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What killed BlackBerry: Terrible apps

(7 days ago) BlackBerry's new hardware has gotten some good reviews, but software is another story. Many of the most popular apps on the iPhone and Android are nowhere to be found.

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The best apps of 2015 according to Apple and Google

(2 days ago) Apple and Google have released their lists of the best apps of 2015. App store curators at both companies picked 25 apps that they believed were the must-have smartphone apps of the year.

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Mobile gaming company AppLovin raises $2 billion in IPO

(2 days ago) Mobile apps and games platform AppLovin raised $2 billion in an initial public offering Thursday that valued the company at $28.6 billion.

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Microsoft Surface Pro X review CNN Underscored

(8 days ago) In short, apps have to be built specifically for an ARM processor as opposed to Intel or AMD processors, and in late 2019, not many apps were. This …

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The most downloaded iOS apps of 2018 CNN Business

(8 days ago) Social media dominated the top apps of the year. On Tuesday, Apple unveiled its list of the most downloaded iPhone apps of 2018. Topping the …

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Can you use apps to track coronavirus and protect data

(Just Now) Countries across Europe are looking to launch tracking apps to fight the spread of the coronavirus, without raising the kinds of privacy concerns that …

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Pornographic malware found in Android apps for kids

(3 days ago) The gaming apps include titles such as Mcqueen Car Racing Game, Subway Banana Run Surf, and Paw Puppy Run Subway Surf. An individual or group of hackers created these malicious games under fake

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Can your company see everything you do on your smartphone

(4 days ago) Your employer generally cannot read the emails you write on your work phone if you're using a personal email account (e.g., on Gmail or Yahoo). That's …

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Google wants you to experiment with its new photo apps

(2 days ago) The company released a trio of free photo apps on Monday. Created as experiments by different Google ( GOOG) departments, the simple mobile apps include a photo booth with pose-detecting powers, a

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iOS 14 and iPad OS 14: Here's what we'd like to see

(3 days ago) Giving us the option to change default apps could solve the common maps mishap, as well as Safari, music and even podcast constraints. Mail is an outlier here, as you can use third-party apps

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Webcams and social media apps are changing the way we

(8 days ago) Webcams and social media apps are changing the way we experience hurricanes . By Brian Stelter, CNN Business. Updated 11:39 PM ET, Sun August 29, 2021 . JUST WATCHED

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China says it's 'concerned' over India app ban

(5 days ago) The move to ban the apps is the latest escalation of tensions between India and China, which engaged earlier this month in border clashes in the Himalayas that left …

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Facebook apps hit with two-hour disruption days after

(2 days ago) Facebook apps hit with two-hour disruption days after massive outage. By Rishi Iyengar, CNN Business. Updated 7:00 PM ET, Fri October 8, 2021 . JUST WATCHED

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Domino's is giving away $50 million of free food to take

(8 days ago) New York (CNN Business) Domino's Pizza is taking on delivery apps that charge extra fees with a new giveaway totaling $50 million worth of free …

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The Surface Duo gets the hardware right, but the software

(6 days ago) Arguably, though, one of the biggest software additions are App Groups, essentially a mini folder of two apps — one on the left and one on the right — that will automatically open together.

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Your data is not safe. Here's how to lock it down

(9 days ago) Encrypted apps can shield communications from hackers and the government. And Signal, from Open Whisper Systems, is the easiest place to start.. Signal encrypts communications end-to-end, so only

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FaceApp removing 'ethnicity filters' after outrage

(9 days ago) FaceApp, the popular photo-filter application, said it is removing new "ethnicity filters" after angry users condemned the update as racist. The feature prompted users to …

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Oculus Promo Codes

(Just Now) Install apps to your Oculus Quest 2. Apply Oculus promo codes to your purchases. Get notifications about the latest news, new friends with devices, and upcoming events. Search for Oculus in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store to download the app.

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What happened to all the coronavirus tracking apps

(6 days ago) Covid-19 tracking apps were hailed as a way to help countries out of lockdown. Instead many have been delayed, and those that are out are not …

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Relax Melodies Review: Sleep soundly with Relaxing

(9 days ago) During stressful times, sleep is often the first thing sacrificed. So if you're looking for a little help falling (and staying) asleep, there's Relax Melodies, an app that covers all bases when it

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