10 Best Apps To Make Friends

Insert: the Internet. Just like you’ve now grown accustomed to using dating apps as the main source for meeting people romantically, there are some really solid apps out there that help you vet

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8 Best Polyamorous Dating Apps

(7 days ago) Dating apps help people like me represent ourselves properly. We can usually state directly in our profiles "I am ethically non-monogamous," which is much better for someone who, like my partner

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29 Best Dating Apps to Try

(1 days ago) 7 Lesbian-Friendly Dating Apps to Download RN Best for a hookup that happens. like, tonight: OkCupid As one of the most popular dating sites, OkC means you’ll probably get hella messages like

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6 Kink Dating Apps

(5 days ago) 4. Kink D. Another app geared toward the fetish community, Kink D is a super sex-positive space for those looking to explore. Whether you're into BDSM, foot fetishes, or whatever else, odds are

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Breakup apps: 6 apps to help you get over your ex

(8 days ago) 6 of the best breakup apps. 1. RX Breakup - best for dealing with past breakups. Free to download. RX Breakup describes itself as your mobile best friend, just with a psychology degree and push

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Fetish dating apps

(7 days ago) 5 of 15. Fetish BDSM dating apps - Kinkoo. Kinkoo is made specifically for people who want to explore kink, BDSM and fetish. Plus, you can chat to people from all over the world. Kinkoo is free to

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15 Safe Porn Sites That Won't Break Your Computer or Phone

(7 days ago) Cost: Free one-month trial membership, then $11.95/month for a one-year subscription, $20.95/month for six months, or $34.95 for one month. Available here. 8. Netflix. I know, I know, but

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20 Best Horoscope Apps

(9 days ago) Astro apps are big business: According to the mobile app market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the top 10 astrology apps made $40 million altogether in 2019—a 64.7 percent increase from 2018

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6 Best Personal Training Apps for 2021

(6 days ago) Fitplan. $96/year on iTunes and Google Play. With one million followers, Instagram fitness model and workout queen Ariana James knows how to sculpt a donk. Follow her Abs and Booty Camp on the

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8 Best Therapy Apps 2021

(2 days ago) That said, therapy apps can be helpful if, say, you're going through a stressful time and need a little guidance or you're coping with some grief. They can also help supplement your regularly

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Best Dating App Tips

(4 days ago) Dating apps are where fun goes to die. JK! I actually know several couples who found love in a hopeless place (online). In fact, that's how my best friend met her soul mate, and now they live in

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Free Fitness Apps

(5 days ago) 2. GoodFoodNearYou. apple/google play. Get healthy food options based on your location. This app will do a swift search of the food establishments in your area and …

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15 Best Running Apps

(7 days ago) These apps for Android and iOS will help you crush your goals or just log some outside time in your kicks (and these leggings with pockets for …

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The 7 Best Long Distance Apps for Couples

(5 days ago) Download for iOS. 6. Honi. App Store. For couples looking to spice things up sex-wise, Honi has gotchu. Like many of the other apps in …

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27 Best Fitness App 2021

(2 days ago) That's where fitness apps come in, my loves. The options are literally endless! If you want to do a quick 15-minute pilates class before a Zoom meeting check out the app appropriately named

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7 Best Sexting Apps

(1 days ago) As one of the newer apps on the market, Dust functions like Snapchat by adding disappearing messages and pictures. All communication within the app is encrypted and deleted within 24 hours

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The Kardashians Are Shutting Down Their Apps in 2019

(9 days ago) The sisters launched their apps in 2015, and the idea was that they would share exclusive content there that people paid a subscription fee for. Khloé, for example, wrote about how she decorated

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24 Best Money-Making Apps

(9 days ago) Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie. Free on iTunes and Google Play. Download the app, create an account, and take daily surveys on your spending habits, eating habits, video games, or just life in

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Best Meditation Apps — I Tried the Top 5 Meditation Apps

(5 days ago) The top five meditation apps each offer different features. Here are the best ones to practice mindful living based on your meditation needs.

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8 Best Mindfulness Apps

(6 days ago) Download the best mindfulness apps (some are free!) that’ll teach you to live in the now. Here are the best ones for Android and iPhone.

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16 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps 2021

(5 days ago) The 16 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps For You and Your Bump. You both deserve the best. By Carina Hsieh. Feb 11, 2021 Being pregnant is a really exciting time, so it makes sense if you wanna go all

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Apps That Help Prevent Rape

(Just Now) Apps That Help Prevent Rape If you find yourself in a sketchy situation or outright danger of rape, you'll be glad you've downloaded one of these personal-safety focused apps. By Lauren Panariello

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These Are The Dating Apps That Are Total Vagina-Fests

(8 days ago) In a perfect world, dating apps would be total sausage fests with very excellent selections of the finest meats. As it stands though, a lot of dating apps can seem like they have 200 badass women

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Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

(2 days ago) Look, we’ve all gone through a phase of using those thirsty wannabe retro photo apps. And technically, NOMO is one, but the pics it produces are actually amazing.Basically, the app adds analog

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11 apps that can help with depression – with honest user

(9 days ago) 11) Feeling Good: Positive Mindset. Another app recommended by the NHS, Feeling Good offers four free audio tracks (which blend soothing music with gentle coaching, to help with stress, anxiety

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Long Distance Sex Toys

(1 days ago) Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or simply want the freedom to spice things up with a partner, app-controlled vibrators are …

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Best room design apps

(4 days ago) Thankfully, room design apps and interior design software is more than accessible in 2020, and now we can get a glimpse of the final result before we’ve even started.

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How to Meet People In Person

(7 days ago) The beauty of the apps is you can do all your flirting from the couch, in sweats. Deleting those apps means you have to get your ass off the couch and talk to people with your voice. You can

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9 Best Period Tracking Apps

(2 days ago) These are the 7 best period-tracking apps for charting your PMS symptoms, flow, and cycle, and some give you an estimate of your most fertile days.

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Best Astrology Dating Apps for iPhone Including The

(5 days ago) And unlike other apps on this list, Oromoon gives you just a few “stars”—aka potential dates—to view each day. (Or potential friends—you can choose to look for friendship, a …

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19 Best Yoga Apps 2021

(9 days ago) These yoga apps that you can download to your phone are great for anyone who is a beginner or more advanced with meditation sessions and guided flows.

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The Best Sleep Apps You Actually Need

(Just Now) 7 Life-Changing Apps If You're Out Here Living On, Like, 3 Hours of Sleep. Prepare for sweet, sweet Matthew McConaughey-filled dreams. By Emily Abbate. Nov 26, 2018

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5 Women Tried This App to Find the Perfect Foundation

(7 days ago) Begin by steadily tapping the phone camera against a stack of white paper to "calibrate" your phone. Next, tap your inner wrist until the app gets a good read, and then scan your face. Ruben

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10 Signs It's Time to Delete Your Dating Apps

(Just Now) When it comes to dating apps, we're spoiled for choice. Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Coffee Meets Bagel, I could go on but if you're reading this article, then the …

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9 Best LGBT Dating Apps

(1 days ago) Specialized dating apps have limited pools of users, but if you want to play a numbers game, Tinder is the right option. You will have to evade couples looking for thirds, but overall, it’s great.

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7 Best Dating Apps for Black Women

(1 days ago) Fortunately, some dating apps now have features that make weeding out these unsolicited messages more possible than ever or at least make it easier to suss out users’ profiles more in depth via

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The best day to get back on your dating apps in 2020

(1 days ago) According to dating app Zoosk, 5th January is the best day to get back on your online dating game in 2020. Being the first Sunday in January, the day has been named "Dating Sunday" and it's

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10 Best Budgets Apps — Budgeting And Personal Finance Apps

(3 days ago) The 24 Best Money-Making Apps You Need RN. 3. If Your Finances Need an Intervention You Need A Budget . You Need A Budget. Free trial for 34 days; $11.99/month on iTunes or Google Play.

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Body confidence influencer proves how many editing apps

(Just Now) "Even creating videos where I show what all these different apps can do, and how drastically they can change your appearance, is a double-edged sword. I don't want to be inadvertently giving young

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Lesbian dating apps

(5 days ago) Yeah, yeah, dating apps are veritable cess pits of human garbage, I know - and that's if you can actually get replies from people.But …

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Pros and Cons of Dating Apps

(6 days ago) 3. TBH, using dating apps is proactive. “It feels good to know that you are actively taking steps to change a situation,” says Gleicher. And if …

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13 Apps Like Tinder

(5 days ago) 2. OkCupid. More than a dozen years old, OkCupid is a veteran in the online dating space—like, this site existed before dating apps were even conceived of. Users can answer questions and rank

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What Happened When I Tried Dating Apps for the First Time

(6 days ago) These Are the Dating Apps That Are Total Vagina Fests; New App Checks If Your Date Is A Sex Offender; I Tried the New Dating App for Bacon Lovers and Failed; 10 Things You Should Never Do When

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Dating App Video Chat Review: Use Facetime to Avoid Being

(7 days ago) 4 Apps With Good Video Features. Bumble. The app for women now offers video- and voice-calling features, but don’t worry, you won’t get a bunch of random video-chat requests from thirsty dudes

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New Years Resolutions Apps – New Years Resolutions

(9 days ago) Apps That Help You Keep New Year's Resolutions Let's face it: Keeping New Year's resolutions can be a serious pain in the butt. No matter how good they are, most of us forget all about our goals

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