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6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps for 2021. Robert Savin | 15 May 2021. In this article, we will review the 6 best wallpaper applications in 2021 for your android phone. Live wallpapers not only provide.

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Top 8 Unique Android Apps You Must Try

(1 days ago) These are the 8 most unique Android apps that you must check out. All the apps mentioned in the list are free to download. If you think we’ve left out a unique app that deserves a spot on the list, let us know in the comments below. Read Next: Best Android Apps for Big-Screen Phones

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Download These Premium Apps for Free While You Can

(8 days ago) With paid apps, there are no ads or in-app purchases. Therefore, this app has none of those either, even if you grab it for free within the next 7 days. The app has a compact size, barely past 1 MB, is very customizable and the animations are smooth.

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10 Best Ad-free Android Apps on Google Play Store

(7 days ago) No top apps list in 2018 is complete without a mention of this massively-popular game. PUBG Mobile has two things going for it: it scales very well across a range of devices and is very well optimized and that it is completely free-to-play. The in-app purchases are purely cosmetic. I’ve seen the game run on a mid-range device from 2 years ago.

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How to See All Purchased Apps in Google Play Store

(4 days ago) Method #2: See Purchased Apps in Google Play Using App As with (possibly) every other functionality or action, you’d wish to do, there is a specific application for it. Simply, download, install and open the application.

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Download and Install Google Pixel Apps on Your Android

(6 days ago) Google Pixel is the first phone from Google. Google has added some interesting new features that are exclusive to the Pixel phone. Google Assistant, Camera, Pixel Launcher and a bunch of other apps made by Google will remain Pixel-only for the foreseeable future.

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Install All Sony Exclusive Apps on Android with Sony Apps

(8 days ago) Install All Sony Exclusive Apps from Play Store. Download the Sony Apps Enabler 3.0.1 flashable zip from above and transfer it to your device. Reboot your Android device into recovery mode. The hardware button combinations are different for various devices so you might have to google it for your device if you don’t know it.

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How to Update Sideloaded APKs or Apps Not Downloaded from

(9 days ago) The Google play store is home to more than 2.5 million apps and games and has something for every occasion. Whether you want to stay connected with others via social media apps or want to play the latest games, Google play has it all. In very rare situations, Google play…

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Install Apps as System Apps on Android DroidViews

(2 days ago) System apps are the ones responsible for the core functionality of the Android System. Apps such as Dialer, Messages, Settings, Camera, Google Play Store. These apps come pre-installed with the phone out of the box when you buy it. Manufacturers do not provide an option to remove these apps as doing so might impact the core functioning of the

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Best TV Shows Streaming Apps for Indian Users DroidViews

(2 days ago) ZEE5. Next in our list of the best TV shows streaming apps for Indian audiences is the Zee5 Android app. It features an extensive collection of Indian shows, latest movies, original web series, international shows, music videos, kids shows, live news and much more. All these are offered in around 12 different languages including English, Hindi

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5 Best Paid Android Apps for Free Right Now DroidViews

(4 days ago) This week on the Play Store there aren’t many paid apps that are available for free. In fact, there are just 5 paid apps that are available for free. Of these, two are paid icon packs, and one paid live wallpaper. If you want to customize your phone for free, here are the 5 best free customization apps

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Best Contacts Apps for Android DroidViews

(3 days ago) Built-in contact apps on phones can be too simple sometimes. they can store basic contact information but that's it. They can also be unresponsive at times, may lose your contacts during updates or worse, just stop working at all one day. There can be …

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50 Best Root Apps for Android Devices (2019) DroidViews

(2 days ago) 45. Trickster MOD Kernel Settings. Trickster MOD is one of the best root apps for Android. The app is a tweaking tool to change various settings included in your kernel and other mods to your phone. 46. Fontster (Root) Fontster helps you to change fonts …

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Android Instant Apps

(8 days ago) Google Play Instant allows native apps, games, and services to start up without being installed on devices running Android 5.0 (API level 21) or higher. You can create these kinds of experiences, known as instant applications and instant games, with Android Studio. Allowing users to run an instant app or instant game, also known as having an

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5 Unreleased Android Apps on the Play Store

(2 days ago) Today, we’ll be sharing 5 unreleased Android apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. In its efforts towards that goal, Google allows app developers to release their underdevelopment apps on the Play Store as well. This gives these apps the exposure they’d need and the developers a chance to conduct large-scale beta testings.

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10 Best Android Customization Apps in 2019 DroidViews

(9 days ago) Then Flux White & Nineteen are the best alternatives. While Flux offers light colored themes for your apps, Nineteen provides a transparent & gradient-like effect. Both of these are paid apps but well worth the price if you are into customizing your Android phone.

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How to Stop Apps From Crashing on Android 10

(2 days ago) Apps crashing is a problem we all face no matter the device we’re using — but it’s not entirely unfixable. Whether your solution is to downgrade from an upgrade to Android 10, or one of the troubleshooting methods below, there is a solution.

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List of System Apps on Samsung Devices that Can be Safely

(6 days ago) Bloat apps are usually of sticky nature and so they cannot be uninstalled without having root access. Getting Rid of Bloatware on Android: Having seen the negative aspects of the bloatware and their bad influence on an Android device, it is natural that you might wish to remove such apps

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Best Image Recognition Apps for Android DroidViews

(3 days ago) Best Image Recognition Apps for Android. 1. Google Lens. Google Lens is the first name that pops up in our minds when we talk about AI and AR. It has brought its search engine into your camera. It features powerful and advanced learning algorithms. Due to which this app is capable of recognizing many items.

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5 PWA or Progressive Web App Alternatives to Popular Apps

(3 days ago) These apps don’t take forever to load up and they actually end up using less data than native Android apps, generally. They’re also pretty lightweight and provide better performance than native apps in many cases. Everything that sucked about web apps is simply what’s great about Progressive Web Apps.

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How to Find Android Apps on Sale

(3 days ago) Paid Apps Gone Free. Paid Apps Gone Free (PAGF) is another app that tells you about discounted apps. Unlike AppSales, PAGF is just a medium to a website where articles about paid apps which have either gone on sales or have become completely free are posted. The good thing is that the website is updated daily with a list of latest discounted apps.

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5 Minimalist Android Apps for The Minimalists

(3 days ago) 5 Best Minimalist Android Apps. 1. Evie Launcher. Let’s start off with something you’ll end up using the most, your app launcher. If you need a simple launcher that just works Evie is a pretty good choice. Swipe up to get to the app drawer, swipe down to search for apps and there’s just that.

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Download Pixel 4 Apps (APK) for Android Devices

(4 days ago) Someday or the other, a new Google Pixel 4 APK is being made available to download. Fortunately for you, we have covered it all of these leaked Pixel 4 apps APKs for you to download. In this section, we have provided the APKs for Pixel Launcher 10, Pixel Themes 10, Google Wallpapers 10 (beta), and Google Recorder.

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3 Free Header Apps for Custom ROMs

(2 days ago) Next, swipe left once to go to panels customization. There you will see the headers option, tap on it. From the next screen, you can select from built-in headers or choose one from the apps we are about to mention. Try any of the following free header apps for custom ROMs to enjoy personalized headers in the Notification panel screen. S.i.X Headers

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Top 5 Icon Generator Apps for Android

(5 days ago) Today, we are sharing some excellent icon generator apps for Android using which you can design your custom icons for free. Changing icons on your Android smartphone is easy. All you need is a compatible launcher that supports custom icons.

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How to Disable Bloatware on Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and Note 8

(3 days ago) Just keep executing the above command with the app package names of the system apps you want to disable until you have removed all desired apps. To enable the disabled apps, you’ll have to perform a factory reset. List of Bloat Apps on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus. For your convenience, we have made a list of system apps with their app package

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How to Materialize All App Icons on Android

(7 days ago) With Android 5.0 Lollipop and it's new Material Design guidelines, Google focused heavily on the Android user experience. The guidelines helped bring a somewhat consistent experience between different Android apps and also their icons. Unlike iOS, Android still lets apps have icons of different shapes but Material design guidelines call…

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How to Check the Size of an App in Android

(Just Now) It can even hide your apps in a secure folder for new android phones. 2. Storage Analyzer and Disk Usage app. Another good, and mostly safe, third-party app that you can download is the Storage Analyzer and Disk Usage app. When you install this app, it analyzes your storage and files and then gives you full access to the files and information

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10 Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android in 2019

(3 days ago) These 10 apps were our top picks for the best instant messaging apps for Android. Each app is unique in its own way and as we mentioned above, the only problem you might run into is your contacts do not have the app installed too. Fortunately, all these apps let you quickly invite your friends to download and install the app on their device.

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5 Best Android Emulators for Gaming on Windows PC

(2 days ago) There’s a trending topic about the best Android emulators that are perfect for gaming. While all Android emulators are used to install Android apps on PC, some of them are designed more gamer-oriented with a good keymapping feature, particle multi-instance, full compatibility, etc.

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How to Take Screenshots in Restricted Apps (Guide)

(3 days ago) Capture Screenshots in Restricted Apps. Open the app which doesn’t allow taking screenshots. Invoke the Google Assistant app saying “OK Google”. When the interface gets opened, select What’s on my screen. You may also speak the same. Although you may get a message stating nothing found on the screen.

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5 Best Call Voice Changer Apps for Android

(1 days ago) There are many voice-changing apps on the Google Play Store but the good ones are few and far between. When it comes to calling, voice changer apps let you change or modulate your voice while on a phone call, the options are even fewer. That’s because although it can be fun, the audience for such apps is really small.

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Top 5 Self-Improvement Apps for Android DroidViews

(9 days ago) Best Self-Improvement Apps for Android. 1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal. A healthy mind is intertwined with a healthy body and nutrition plays a huge role for the latter. This app can help you keep track of what you are eating and does so, with little input from your part. Its scanner feature, let’s you scan the label of the product you

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5 Best Forms Apps to Create and Share Forms on Android

(1 days ago) 4. SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey is an excellent forms app for Android and like the others, it has templates such as feedback, support, customer service, and evaluations. Also, like the other form apps for Android, you can start your own form from scratch.

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4 Best Apps to Easily Manage Multiple User Accounts on

(Just Now) Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts is a Multi Account Manager app which is designed specifically for IM apps like WhatsApp. Similar to other apps in this category, this app allows you to have two accounts of the same app simultaneously. This app supports most of the popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc.

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5 Best Android Apps to Learn a Foreign Language DroidViews

(5 days ago) You may also like: 5 Best Educational Apps for Kids. Beelinguapp. Beelinguapp is yet another option if you are looking for the apps to learn foreign language. What’s with all the animals on the apps’ logos? We have an owl a deer and now a bee. In case you didn’t like the way some of the previous apps worked then Beelinguapp is your best shot.

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How to uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android Without Root

(1 days ago) Uninstalling Pre-Installed Apps Using ADB. Open ADB from the decompressed folder you downloaded from XDA. Click Shift + Right mouse click anywhere in the folder. You will see an option to “ Open command window ” or in some phones “ Open PowerShell window “, select that option. (please see photos) The Command Prompt will open OR in my

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Top Hidden Messages Apps for Android

(9 days ago) Fortunately, there are many apps available that can protect our messages. Let’s now review the top 10 hidden messages apps for Android. SMS Plus. With a rating of 4.5 and over 100,000 downloads, this secret texting app tops our list. SMS Plus is simple and easy to use an app to hide private messages.

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8 Best Sleep Sounds Apps for Android in 2019

(8 days ago) Like most apps on the list, there’s even a sleep timer which pauses the sounds after the scheduled time. Since the sounds are stored within the app itself, an active internet connection isn’t required to use it. The only possible downside with Sleep Sounds is …

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5 Types of Android Apps You Should Avoid Using DroidViews

(9 days ago) Antivirus apps are useless as apps are generally downloaded from the Play Store. Google Play Store is a completely safe place to download the apps from. Antivirus apps are only useful if one often downloads apps from external links that, is, other than the Google Play Store.

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How to Enable Freeform Windows on Android 10

(5 days ago) STEP 2: Enable Freeform Windows on Android 10. Go to Developer options on Android 10. Scroll to the bottom until you reach the Apps section. Within that, turn on the Enable Freeform Windows toggle. Or you could take the help of the search bar to find this feature. Finally, enable the Force activities to be resizeable option.

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6 Best Contacts and Dialer Replacement Apps for Android

(5 days ago) Scroll through the entire contact list or just the favorites, and then drag the contact bubble to the voice call icon, text message or any other specified apps (the list is east to edit from Settings). Don’t miss: 5 Best Weather Apps for Android [#2] Our Favorite Android Apps [2016 Edition]

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Customize Physical Buttons on Android with These 5 Apps

(Just Now) Even the home button hasn’t survived. But you can get more out of the limited number of physical buttons on your Android than before. Here are 5 apps to customize physical buttons on Android devices. We have featured several apps that can remap physical buttons on Samsung devices. The apps listed below work on all Android devices though.

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