List of educational websites for students (50+ useful

List of educational websites for students. We have compiled a list of more than 50 useful educational websites that every student or a self learner can use. the websites are categorized into online courses,video tutorials,ebooks,programming etc.

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Best apps for teachers Top Teaching apps to download

(Just Now) Finding school apps for teachers is often a difficult task. With the availability of hundreds of educational/teaching apps, we have picked the top 10 apps that helps teachers and assist them in the teaching process.

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Smart Classrooms Advantages And Disadvantages …

(2 days ago) Study using a smartphone with an internet connection is prone to distractions, Students can browse other websites, social networking apps, etc.If the gadgets are not closely monitored by parents or teachers. Filtered browsing is an option to prevent this. However, it is difficult if the gadget is personally owned by the child.

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Artificial Intelligence in education Eduxpert

(4 days ago) Artificial intelligence in education makes the learning process fun and easy. Artificial intelligence controlled classroom activities make the learning process fun and simple. AI helps students involve in computer games physically by facial recognition. The interactive gaming experience will help students to improve their observation power and

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School management software School Management …

(Just Now) School management software by EduXpert is the simplest School Management System ERP, With a dedicated school management app. it offers features like School Accounts management, Fee Management, Transportation management, Library management, Admission management, Attendance management SMS system, timetable system etc.

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Google Tools To Engage Students In Learning Eduxpert

(8 days ago) Google CS First. It is a free program by Google to increase student interest and access to computer science. It is designed for students of age 9 to 14.Google provides free materials related to computer science in this platform and students can learn as per their schedule. Any user can create a club and can start teaching or anyone can join the

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Features Of School ERP Application Eduxpert

(4 days ago) School ERP Application is a set of a number of core modules that helps each and every person connected to a school including the administrative staff, parents, students, and teachers. It automates all the work done by various departments thus is a package of different applications on a single platform. ERP system brought a drastic […]

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Swayam Free Online platform for learning by Government

(3 days ago) What is Swayam? Swayam (Study Webs of Active–Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) is an Initiative by the Government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., access, equity and quality. Swayam targets to give high-quality education for everyone. The initiative makes online learning easy and effective through an indigenous …

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Effective ways to use social media for education Eduxpert

(2 days ago) Effective ways to use social media for education. social media websites are not just for getting connected to your friends and acquaintance, it can be effectively used as educational tools. in this article, we are discussing different ways to use social media websites for education.

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College management system Features of College ERP Software

(6 days ago) A college management system is an ERP software which helps to streamline the administrative and academic activities of a college campus. The software helps to computerize the daily chores of a college campus. In the present era, many colleges facing trouble in performing the administrative activities manually.

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Behavior Problems In Students Eduxpert

(8 days ago) Students are able to achieve their maximum potential in productivity, self-confidence, and better results in academics when they learn effectively as a team. Unfortunately, this would not be the case when the students show inappropriate and disruptive behaviors in their classroom. If this behavior is not corrected, these may affect their academic performance and social […]

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Innovative Methods For Effective Teaching Eduxpert

(8 days ago) Student engagement in a class is what defines the overall quality of the class. Curiosity, Interest, Optimism, and Passion that students show while being in class is very important.Since the traditional teaching methods doesn’t really ensure student engagement. Teachers need to make their classes interesting so as to ensure the student engagement.

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Eduxpert School Management app

(3 days ago) Eduxpert launches an updated version of their interactive mobile app which helps school administrators, teachers and parents to keep track of the school activities and leverage the communication between them easier than ever. The app features a timeline based UI which greatly help to navigate faster and find required information easily.

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Why does your school need a School Management System

(3 days ago) A school management system helps to efficiently communicate, with the support of technologies. Everybody is connected through mobile apps or web apps, and any info that has to be passed may quickly send using Chats/SMS. This avoids a significant number of telephone phone calls and also saves time. 2.Inventory Management.

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Top 5 Features of a School Management System Eduxpert

(9 days ago) It allows school administrators, teachers and parents to stay connected and updated all the time. The app has many useful features like instant pop-up notifications, built in homework and schedule tracker, classwork with audio, video, and documents, one-touch payments, etc. Download EduXpert School Management app from here.

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Importance of School Management System Eduxpert School

(6 days ago) Importance of school management system in the current educational scenario is a must know topic for every school. implementing a school management system largely reduces the manual activities of schools. here we have listed out 8 important points of importance of school management system.

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Blended Learning And Its Benefits Eduxpert

(6 days ago) Blended learning is a combination of offline and online learning which provide a powerful learning experience. In other words, blended learning is an approach that combines traditional face to face instruction with online methods. After the introduction of the internet, online education has grown rapidly. Learners preferred online learning.

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Privacy Policy Eduxpert

(5 days ago) EduXpert Web site and or mobile apps use “cookies” to help you personalize your online experience. A cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard disk by a Web page server. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer.

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School ID card design Create Professional ID Cards for

(7 days ago) School ID Card design can be a time-consuming process. EduXpert student ID card design software is a simple identity card generator that can generate Student ID cards effortlessly within no time. the software contains a lot of beautifully designed templates you can choose from.

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(1 days ago) A sad truth in today’s times is that while academic standards are rising, funding is inadequate or on the decline. Sustaining a well-performing, public school system that keeps up with the rising academic standards with the sparse, limited resources requires effective financial management. Financial management in public schools is a web of complex daily, monthly, […]

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5 Reasons Why Having A Lesson Plan Is Important Eduxpert

(2 days ago) What exactly is lesson planning? Lesson planning is a detailed step by step objectives of a teacher about what students need to learn and when they have to learn. A successful lesson plan has three main components. Learning Objectives, Learning activities, Assessment to check for student understanding. Okay, Is lesson plan still important?

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Importance of Information and Communication Technology

(6 days ago) Information and communication technology (ICT) is an elaborated term for information technology. ICT stresses the role of computers, internet, mobile devices and other forms of information and communication technologies in our daily lives.

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Major Skills For 21st Century Students Eduxpert

(5 days ago) Being a good critical and analytical thinker will equip you with the steps necessary to make effective decisions in life. Leadership. Even if you have no aspirations to hold a leadership role or be a CEO, leadership skills are extremely important for a 21st-century student. Being a good leader means mastering qualities like being a good

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Benefits Of Hostel Management System Why Does Your

(4 days ago) A Hostel management system helps hostel management to administrate all the aspects related to a hostel easily. The hostel management ERP software allows easy management of hostel registrations and admissions, allotment of rooms, blocks, fees, mess, complaints, request, correspondence, and discipline etc.

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Eduxpert School Management Software Reselling

(Just Now) EduXpert School Management Software is our innovative school management system which is developed to assist schools and other educational institutions to easily manage their day-to-day administrative and academic activities.. The Software contains dedicated modules for almost all school activities like admission management, attendance management, timetable …

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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Custom LMS

(2 days ago) With the spread of Covid-19, physical distance becomes substantial. By keeping in mind the situation in the current pandemic of Covid-19, our team realizes the increased need for eLearning solutions around the world. Our reliable eLearning development services can be fully adapted to meet your custom needs as compared to packaged LMS software. As more and more …

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Mid day meal scheme in India Mid day Meal in Schools

(9 days ago) Mid day meal scheme is a nationwide school program implemented by the government of India with a keen focus on developing the nutritional status of every school-aged child in government and government-aided primary and upper primary schools. The major goal was to ensure hunger didn’t stop children from attending the school. Improving the enrollment, reducing dropouts, …

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Role Of School Management System In Student Data Security

(8 days ago) A secured school management system is a software that values security and uses inbuilt mechanisms to protect sensitive information. A secure school management system will also be using high-end security servers, and security best practices to ensure the student data security. So let us discuss how exactly a secure school management system

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50 Education Quotes For Students To Keep Inspired Eduxpert

(3 days ago) Motivation is the motor that moves our world. As a teacher it’s your duty to keep all your students motivated.Here We have collected the best Education quotes that helps to inspire and motivate your students. We have handpicked the best quotes from the famous personalities which will motivate the students to work hard and being positive in […]

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School bus tracking & Management Eduxpert school

(1 days ago) A school bus tracker is a GPS enabled system that tracks and send the live location to a web server. It tracks the exact position of school buses and transmits that report to a web application/mobile application ( usually a school management software). By logging into the software, Teachers and parents can know the live location of children.

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5 Innovative Methods And Strategies To Teach Effectively

(8 days ago) Be open-minded. Always be open-minded. Being an open-minded person, you are able to welcome new ideas and new learning styles. This improves your students engaged in your teaching. As always you think yourself as open-minded, as of human nature we resist a change. So make sure to be open minded and try out new ideas and new teaching method.

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School attendance SMS system, How to implement it, and it

(9 days ago) School attendance SMS system is quite popular these days. Many schools and colleges successfully implemented it, and many aren’t. In this article, we assist you to decide whether you need to implement SMS based school attendance systems in your institution in case if you haven’t implemented it yet.

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How Blogging Can Be A Great Option For College Students

(3 days ago) In college days, students often think of starting something of their own and earn money. They do a part-time café job or give tuitions but what if they can start something sitting at their home? With the growth in the internet and digitization, students now have a …

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EduXpert Receives Rising star of The Year Award by

(8 days ago) It is an honor for us to announce that a popular software review platform certified EduXpert with two esteemed distinctions: Great User Experience for 2018 and Rising Star for 2018. EduXpert has always strived to provide educational institutions a cutting-edge software for streamlining administrative tasks and providing quick and transparent communication with parents, and …

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Helicopter Parenting, How It Affects The Studies Of A

(3 days ago) Helicopter parenting significantly affect the studies of a child. It is also called as overparenting. The term helicopter parenting was coined by Dr. Haim Ginott, psychotherapist and parent educator, in his book “Between Parent and Teenager” in the year 1969. Let’s dig into the topic more to know about its effect on our children. Parents are […]

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How College Towns Might Profit More From Crowds Of Student

(3 days ago) If you inquire a bit more about the history of the world’s best universities, you will eventually find out that many of them prefer smaller cities for their campuses rather than big ones. In fact, it is very convenient to populate a small town with students. Old universities create an infrastructure that will fit the […]

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