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Native apps are developed for particular platforms which define some feature choice options. Such apps can directly access the hardware elements such as the GPS, …

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On-demand Service App Development by GBKSOFT

(5 days ago) And this is the main reason why on-demand apps even exist. 07. Chats. No one wants to buy a pig in a poke. Chat allows customers and service providers to discuss the details, arrange a meeting or just make sure that there is a real person on the other end. 08. …

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Top Mobile App UX practices of 2021

(4 days ago) Mobile apps are constantly threatened by hacker attacks. That`s why this trend is critical for UI\UX design as the security level is an essential component of any mobile and web application. Face ID is considered to be the priority type of authentification. App developers predict the appearance of biometric locks and diverse data encryption

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Native, Web or Hybrid Apps: What to Choose in 2021

(1 days ago) Native apps can also access push notification services and interact with users in the most convenient way. Moreover, both Google and Apple have dedicated software development tools. These tools can give a notable speed up to development progress and are available to all programmers who are willing to build a native app. Thus, there is a huge

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On-Demand Service App Development Cost GBKSOFT

(4 days ago) On demand delivery service apps. On demand delivery service apps should be fast, cheap and convenient. Courier services, goods or food delivery, moving services are the key examples of the increasing number of on-demand delivery apps. Companies often build two apps, one meant for customers and another one for service providers.

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How to Build a Mobile App for Generation Z

(8 days ago) Examples of mobile apps Gen Zers just love; Gen Z: getting to know them better. In short, generation Z is a demographic cohort representing people born between 1995 and 2010. If you google it, you may also find that Gen Z is sometimes called iGen. The latter name refers to the environment these people were raised in.

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How to Submit an App on the App Store and Google Play

(9 days ago) Still, without a developer account, you can freely build and sign apps and install it on any android device. Your application must strictly follow App Store Review Guidelines this document covers each aspect of your application like safety, performance, stability, usefulness, some law restriction, etc.

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How to Implement Offline Mode for Your Mobile or Web App

(8 days ago) Offline Apps Security. Every year security regulations become more and more thorough. Official security guidelines from Apple and Google require developers to follow precise instructions. Considering many privacy violations occurred in the 2019 in the software development sector, that is …

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Native vs Cross-Platform Apps: Performance Analysis – GBKSOFT

(5 days ago) Cross-platform apps can reach a broader audience than one native app, though it probably won’t give users a seamless experience. Good choice for lightweight apps. If the app architecture, as well as the user interface (UI) design, is simple it may be a …

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Why Should Every Bank Have a Banking Application

(6 days ago) Mobile apps are generally provided with an increased security level compared to reaching a bank account online using internet banking. Metrics based on user behavior in the app can be collected for personalization and service improvements. Expanding from regional to national – banks can expand their customer base without opening new branches

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Mobile Loyalty App: The Best Way to Improve Customer

(8 days ago) How mobile apps benefit loyalty programs. Building trustworthy relationships with customers is a long and rather complex process. In most cases, modern buyers have a wide choice of similar products or alternative service providers. As a result, as many as 71 % of American adults will likely choose another brand after just one disappointing

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How Do Free Apps Make Money in 2021

(3 days ago) There are more than 4,5 million mobile apps available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store combined. At first glance, the spike in popularity of apps is far behind. Mobile app market seems to be oversaturated and most of the apps

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Uber clone Mobile App Development Services GBKSOFT

(3 days ago) The average budget for development of Uber-like apps varies between $80 to $200 thousands. The price can differ depending on the OS platform and the number of additional features you want to integrate. For instance, the price for simple cab booking website with the map can be as low as $10k. Meanwhile, mobile development of a 100% uber app

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Oil and Gas Apps: Software Solutions for Petroleum

(4 days ago) Snappii Mobile Apps is a native mobile solution both for iOS and Android for the petroleum industry that enables filling out forms and reports on smartphones, collecting, sharing, and analyzing any field data and turning it into reports ready for download. Using Snappii allows replacing paper forms and working both online and offline.

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Top Intelligent Assistants App Ideas for Smart Speakers

(1 days ago) Apps Naming: Skills. It must be acknowledged that Amazon is a pioneer of smart speaker market. By now, the company has a strong ecosystem built around Amazon webstore with more than 15 000 Alexa skills available for use. Still, Amazon had its reasons to head started development of its Echo and Alexa system. This was made partly because of

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Go Mobile by Developing an Online Banking App

(Just Now) Banking apps minimize human errors and let your clients manage finances in a smarter way. Clients tend to perform more transactions using mobile apps. So chances are that 60% or more of your bank revenue will be generated that way. Mobile apps are more secure than online web banking, since they have multiple layers of authentication and protection.

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Social Media App Developement: Hire GBKSOFT App Developers.

(7 days ago) Networking Apps. There are more than 3 billion active social media users worldwide. Though people are addicted only to the key social giant that exist on the market. Nevertheless, people tend to try something new and fall in love with the unique ones, just like it happened to Snapchat. If you have an idea unseen before, this could be your story

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Mobile Application Market Analysis 2021

(2 days ago) The market for mobile apps is growing rapidly like never before. Due to the pandemic, the number of apps downloaded has increased a lot. According to App Annie – leading global provider of app market data – in 2020 the app downloads have grown by 25% than the previous year. Generally, the Store and Google Play got about $112 billion for applications.

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iOS App Development Company for iPhone and iPad GBKSOFT

(5 days ago) Native Apps for Multiple Devices. We can develop iOS apps for each form factor and device that you may be interested in. We understand the inner specifics of each one's hardware and ensure a flawless performance of our app by testing it against all devices, from iPhone and iPad to Apple TV and iWatch.

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Android Mobile App Development Company

(9 days ago) Based on our 8+ years experience we know all Android development pitfalls related to business optimization, startups launches, regular B2C apps production. So we always develop Android apps without any budget and quality loss. Let the numbers speak for us! Let the numbers speak for us! 30 +. Number of. completed.

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How to Ensure My App Will Be Approved by Apple Store

(9 days ago) #2 Free Apps with Ads. Users can download the applications for free but usually, they find a huge amount of ads in the app. That is the way for owners to get money. In this case, they do not pay commission for support to Apple. Pinterest is the app of this type. #3 Free Apps with Built-in Services

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Travel Application Development: What Technology Do You

(5 days ago) What is very important about navigation apps, they need to work offline. So developing apps for travels, make sure that the map or even the entire app is able to work without Wi-Fi or cellular data. Though the development of such functionality is not easy, Google provides the developers with Google Places API, map itself and Facebook Places API

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Live Video Streaming App Development: How to Start a

(2 days ago) Live-streaming apps are the right solution that can provide real-time communication between students and teachers from schools, universities as well as for continuous staff training. Moreover, all events like graduation and proms were also held online.

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How to develop own App for Apple CarPlay

(7 days ago) CarPlay apps are designed to look and feel like your app on iPhone, but with UI elements that are similar to the built-in CarPlay apps. It must be consistent with particular dimensions. If the application is intended to send and receive messages that you need to use SiriKit’s Messaging. SiriKit should be used for all voice interaction.

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Best Backend for Social Network

(7 days ago) Recently Python has become a very popular programming language. It is mostly used for web development and the building of desktop applications. This language is simple and Python apps are usually quite affordable. It has a syntax that is easy to comprehend and use. Python is a dynamically typed programming language with open-source code.

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9 Reasons for Converting Desktop Application to Web

(6 days ago) It is cheaper, easier to manage and an overall safer option, compared to the alternatives. According to the Kim Weins research – 68% of enterprises consider optimizing and managing an important responsibility of central IT, while 62% place high importance on deciding and advising which apps to run on which platform.

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Best App Features For Finding a Teammate

(1 days ago) It sounds reductive, yet not all apps initiate an efficient onboarding process. Minimize the number of steps to create an account or sign up and include the registration option (login with Facebook or Google, for example). Educate your users during the onboarding experience to introduce the app’s functionality, but it should be overload.

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Mobile App Screen Dimensions & Resolutions for iOS

(8 days ago) To prevent a crush of all those apps, Apple started using points and separating the drawing of the graphics from the screen’s density. The point was created as a unit of distance that allows graphics to be scaled independently of the phone resolution on which they were running.

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5️⃣ Best Podcast Apps and Why You Should Make Your Own

(7 days ago) Without any doubt, podcast is a hot medium. There’s a whole niche or even a market for podcast-related apps. Popular streaming/hosting services (iTunes, Spotify) have their share of podcast hype but there are specific podcast-oriented apps that are popular as well. You can make your own app to monetize it and bring in huge revenues

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Most In Demand Apps for Long-Haul Drivers: Uber for trucking

(2 days ago) Top Apps for Long-Haul Drivers GPS map tailored for truck drivers. For truckers finding the right route is not a trivial matter. For example, in San Francisco bay area there is a number of roads and highways that truckers are not allowed to drive on, or …

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How To Make A Profitable App in 2021

(4 days ago) There are more than 2.2 million apps available on App Store plus 600,000 apps available on Google Play Store. It’s essential to make your application unique at least in terms of some key features and functionality to stand out from the crowd. Best and most profitable non-games app ideas in 2018: matching apps; booking apps; health apps

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iOS 11+ How to Update 32-bit Mobile App & Integrate New

(7 days ago) Months before the official release of iOS 11 Apple has notified app owners that it will stop supporting 32-bit apps in its future OS. Apple has threatened 32-bit apps for 2 years already. Moreover, Apple has removed 32-bit apps from App Store search result starting from iOS 10.3. Now, the day Z has officially: 32-bit

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Enterprise Portal: What is It and How to Develop One

(5 days ago) This is an open-source enterprise application platform or building java and EE apps. This portal perfectly suits for creating customized and widely scalable applications that deliver perfect performance. It has a particular range of features, among them are: Jakarta EE 8 support – the development process becomes easier.

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Software Requirements Specification for Mobile App

(7 days ago) Developing mobile apps without an SRS can be challenging! Of course, software specifications require certain costs at the start, but they help avoid higher costs at later stages of the project. Suppose the development company you turned to for creating the project does not offer you to start the process without specifications.

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Voice Recorder App: How to Build This Type of Solution

(7 days ago) Audio recorder apps are simple in development but still keep a high level of popularity and in demand in various areas like business, education, healthcare, etc. As you may notice in the examples we described above, the voice recorder apps` functionality is common and similar.

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Fitness Application Development Service

(2 days ago) Develop a healthcare app to provide better service and implement automation of routine processes. We can build apps with complex knowledge bases, as well as solutions for diagnostics, appointment booking, patient progress checking, video conferencing, etc. Boost the …

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App Development for Wearable Devices on Android & iOS

(Just Now) Android Wear Apps. Get the most out of smart devices. Android wearable app development provides extensive integration opportunities thanks to the wide range of devices and flexibility of the Android platform itself. iWatch Apps. Meet the most demanding and loyal audience. Being one of the priciest gadgets in its category, Apple Watch still own

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Drone Mapping Software for Agriculture Development GBKSOFT

(4 days ago) The world’s population is projected to hit 9.7 billion people by the end of 2050. Naturally, food consumption will rise accordingly. Experts predict a nearly 70% growth in demand for agricultural products over that time, and this is an optimistic forecast considering the overall shortage of cultivated areas and challenges posed by climate change. Moreover,

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Meet Board App For Interactive Meetings

(7 days ago) The pandemic has brought many inconveniences, but there is also a positive side to this situation. Today we see how rapidly developing and improving digital solutions for organizing remote work. A demonstration of a product like Board took place a few weeks ago. Developed by French startup Klaxoon, this software is a visual interface that

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Single-Page App vs. Multi-Page App: Pros & Cons

(9 days ago) With the help of the AJAX tool, big apps easily transfer a vast amount of data between browser and server with a little probability of delay. A multi-page application is the traditional web app that reloads the whole page and displays the other one when a user interacts with the web app.

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