Best Dating Apps for 2021

OkCupid is one of the premium dating apps that help you find a date based on your interests, beliefs, and quirks. As per Finances online, OkCupid makes 91 million connections every year and 50,000 dates in a week. The primary purpose of the app is to help users find long-lasting relationships and excellent dates.

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Flutter Apps: 10 Best Apps Built with Flutter

(4 days ago) Developing Android or iOS apps with a lot of multimedia and access device capabilities. If you want to develop a new app using Flutter or switch your existing app to Flutter, you can reach out to us. Guru TechnoLabs is a well-known Flutter app development company. Hence, we can understand your requirements and provide you with a suitable solution.

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Medical App Development: Apps For Patients & Doctors

(5 days ago) Numerous medical apps have been developed for the benefit of patients. There is a growing popularity of the medical apps that allow for personal treatment of the patient by the provider. These apps help the patients in monitoring their health, managing their diet, treatment, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and tests.

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Weather App Development: How to Make a Weather App

(7 days ago) Weather apps give the users’ weather forecasts based on hours and even days. A weather app that offers an attractive user interface and provides highly accurate forecasting will take the lead over its rivals. Therefore, you must first research the apps of your main competitors to study their strengths and weaknesses before you create your app.

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App Design App Development Web Development …

(1 days ago) Guru Technolabs provide app design, app development, web development and digital marketing services. We are one stop solution for your online business needs. We are a globally trusted web and mobile app design & development company. Contact us for your web or mobile app development needs.

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Parking Mobile Apps: How to Start a Parking Lot Business

(1 days ago) After looking at the most popular parking apps in the market, we will look after the features provided by all these parking mobile apps. Parking App Features Parking Mobile App development can have a lot of essential features.

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What to Do With an App Idea

(7 days ago) Mobile Apps have gained a lot of traction in the last decade. Considering this, a vast number of businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs have understood the importance of mobile apps and are joining the mobile industry by launching mobile apps.

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How to turn a website into an app

(5 days ago) Apps have become popular in the smartphone era, while websites are well-known from the beginning. Having a mobile app for your business creates a positive image in the eyes of the target audience. It indicates to users that the company has made investments to …

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Dating App Development Company, Dating App Developers

(4 days ago) Guru Technolabs is a leading dating app development company that build exclusive dating apps. Our dating app developers have expertise in making user-friendly dating app designs. We build dating apps for a specific niche like gay, lesbian, teen, social, location-based, etc.

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10 Excellent On-Demand Service App Ideas for Startups

(1 days ago) It is one of the best apps on demand that help you reach a wider audience and generate good revenue. 10. On-Demand Snow Removal App. Snow accumulation is a problem worldwide. It hinders the everyday tasks that people want to accomplish. Therefore, it needs to be removed.

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5 Best School Apps for Teachers & Students

(9 days ago) Mobile apps for school or educational institutions like universities and colleges are growing and can be of tremendous help to students and everyone working in the organization. Also, a school app bridges the gap between the teachers, students, and parents and builds a …

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Restaurant App Development Company

(8 days ago) Guru Technolabs is a prominent restaurant app development company that offers feature-rich restaurant app like food delivery app, food ordering app, restaurant reservation app, dinner reservation app, food deals app and other restaurant-related apps with the help of experienced developers team.

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Educational App Development Company Education App Developers

(9 days ago) These apps are tailor-made for your unique requirements. We have developed scores of educational mobile apps for online educational portals and other educational institutions. These apps range from the simple playgroup category to the most sophisticated, to give the users an interesting multimedia learning experience.

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How Long Does It Take To Make An App

(8 days ago) These kinds of apps have custom UI/UX features, Payment Gateway, API integration, and real-time messaging. To develop these kinds of apps, one requires 6-9 months. For example, create an app like Bumble or any IoT/Hardware app like June Oven. A complex app consists of highly-advanced features and technologies.

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Sports App Development Company Sports App Developers

(4 days ago) The apps we develop will help you reach out to those who love to stay connected with their favorite team or sporting event, even when they are on the move. If you plan to build a sports app for any unique concept, we can deliver an excellent sports app according to your requirements and specifications.

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PWA vs Native App: Which Is Better Option In 2021

(9 days ago) Performance is the essential factor that differentiates native apps from progressive web apps. The performance of both native and PWA is efficient. However, the native app’s performance is better than PWA as it is developed for a particular platform and compiled using platforms core programming languages and APIs.

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Cross-platform App Development Services

(7 days ago) All the startups and SMEs who can’t afford native apps can go with cross-platform app development and enter into the mobile industry. Moreover, cross-platform is the best solution not only to reduce the development time & cost but also develop apps that look and feel like a native.

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PWA Examples: 30+ Best Progressive Web Apps

(4 days ago) MakeMyTrip. MakeMyTrip is one of the best progressive web apps examples from the travel industry. They found that their site has a higher bounce rate and more customer acquisition cost. Apart from this, users spend more time on the website as compared to the native app. Hence, they invested in PWA.

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Travel App Development Company Travel App Developers

(4 days ago) Guru Technolabs is a leading travel app development company that provides end-to-end mobility solutions for the travel and tourism industry. We have a team of experienced developers that delivers the exclusive travel app according to client's business needs.

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How Do Free Apps Make Money

(9 days ago) Monetizing apps through transaction fees is an effective method. This model is only suitable for apps that consist of a platform where digital transactions happen simultaneously. This includes apps like Amazon, hotel & flight booking apps, etc. For instance, you have functionality in your app through which third parties can sell products online.

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Advantages, Ideas and Features of Education Apps

(9 days ago) Education apps improve education system, it will make easier for students to learn things and remember it for a long time. Education app is easier to understand and use as compared to books and lectures that students attend in the classrooms. Various Benefits of Education Apps are given below: Students prefer apps.

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Web Application vs Desktop Application: A Detailed Comparison

(4 days ago) Web apps operate in a browser, and that’s why they have limited access to various OS features and functionalities. However, desktop apps can access various OS features like the fingerprint reader, facial recognition, file management, etc. Because desktop apps are built for a specific OS, they can utilize all the device capabilities.

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Best Frontend Frameworks of 2021

(6 days ago) Moreover, all kinds of apps that need durable components aren’t recommended for developing with Vuejs as it has issues with the stability of components. 4. jQuery – Earliest Frontend Frameworks. jQuery introduced in 2006, It is one of the earliest frontend frameworks. It is a fast and compact JavaScript library integrated into a single JS file.

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What are the types of web applications

(7 days ago) But, web apps are more robust, scalable, and reliable as compared to a website. A web app is a program or software stored on a server and accessed from any browser. In short, it’s a website that performs a specific number of functions for users.

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Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Apps : Here's How To Choose

(4 days ago) Native apps are highly scalable because developers can instantly find all the components, elements, and other things instantly online. Hybrid apps are built using various cross-platform or hybrid frameworks. A hybrid app is also scalable until and unless there are resources available online for the particular framework.

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How to create an online dating app like Bumble

(4 days ago) These apps have transformed the entire dating scenario. People of different age groups have started accepting dating apps all over the globe. Out of various dating apps, Tinder, Bumble, and few others have become a great hit among the market.

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Web Application Development

(8 days ago) PWA is known as progressive web apps. It is the latest software development methodology that is helpful in building a hybrid of regular web apps and a mobile app. In general, it merges the advantages of web browsers with a native app. PWAs are available on search engines and can be instantly accessed from the browser.

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UI UX Design Tips: Best UI/UX Design Principles & Guidelines

(9 days ago) Moreover, all successful apps in the market consider offering consistent experience as one of the essential app design tips. Think about the eCommerce app’s flow. Any user starts their journey from the homepage or directly lands on a product page.

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How to Make a Successful Mobile App from Scratch

(Just Now) Mobile apps have become highly essential for businesses worldwide to survive & thrive. The mobile app industry is growing continuously at a tremendous rate with thousands of apps released every day on Google Play Store & Apple’s App Store.

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Wearable Device App Development Company Wearable App

(5 days ago) Our extremely talented team of wearable app developers knows all the ins and outs of wearable technology. Our development team constantly implements new things in wearable technology to build feature-rich, reliable, and secure apps on Android & iOS platforms. Also, we can provide you with a smooth transition from the current app into a wearable

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React Native App Development Company

(9 days ago) Therefore, we can deliver apps with near-native quality at a cost-effective price and lighting fast development speed. Our team of react native developers utilize best-in-class tools & technologies to develop top-notch cross-platform apps as per the client requirements and goals.

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How Much Does it Cost to Design an App: Detailed Review

(6 days ago) The estimated time required to create a prototype based on the complexity of apps is given below: Simple Apps Medium Apps Complex Apps; 10-20 hrs* 20-30 hrs* 40-60 hrs* 5. Design an App. App designing is highly useful to present your idea to the users and solve their real-life problems. It is also referred to as the user interface design.

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Snow Removal Apps for Snow Plowing Business

(5 days ago) 3. Shovler. Shovler one of the most popular snow plowing apps in the market. It connects people in need of snow removal with the neighbor who are willing to remove snow to earn some money. It provides simple on-demand snow plowing service. It gives power to the user to order a snow shoveler in few clicks.

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Dating App Trends: Tinder Business Model, Statistics and

(4 days ago) Dating apps would soon provide equal rights to people regardless of their size, shape, color, etc. Dating apps have started collaborating with different brands worldwide to enhance the dating experience for users. For instance, Bumble teamed up with Airbnb to offer virtual dating. Finding the match based on the love languages would be a new trend.

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How to Make Your Own Shopping App like Amazon

(3 days ago) Shopping apps or business applications are a great hit among the masses and businesses. They are leveraging this opportunity by creating an online shopping app like Amazon to reach a wider audience and increase sales. Here, we have shared step-by-step information for creating your mobile shopping app for business.

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How to Protect an App Idea

(8 days ago) Go to the “My Apps” section present at the top right corner. Click on add new app. Enter all the details of your app. Please remember, you will require an app bundle to complete this step. Click on “create” to reserve your app name. As soon as you have made the app, you can upload the entire app bundle from Xcode.

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PWA Development: Features, Benefits, Examples, Tools, and Cost

(7 days ago) Progressive web apps are gaining the attention of a vast number of startups and businesses worldwide. It was initially launched in 2015 by Google, and within two years, some of the most well-known brands worldwide launched PWA. According to Google trends, the popularity of progressive web apps is growing continuously since 2017. Here is the

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Top Databases to Use for React Native App Development

(4 days ago) React Native has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Various startups, businesses, and developers consider React Native as the primary choice for developing mobile apps. The reason being, React Native is suitable to build apps for …

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