9 Best Productivity Apps to Keep You Focussed & Motivated

The list goes on and on, but the goal of these apps remains the same: to help you improve your workflow, keep your focus and knock out your to-do list in the most efficient way possible. What Are

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The 8 Best Meditation Apps Highsnobiety

(2 days ago) Headspace is another wildly popular meditation app available on both iOS and Android. Aside from its glowing endorsement from famous people like Emma Watson, Headspace is a meditation app

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The Self-Improvement Apps You Need Right Now Highsnobiety

(3 days ago) One of the most popular weight loss apps for both the iOS and Android markets, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal is pretty much exactly what you think it is: a comprehensive and

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The Best Apps for Trading on the Stock Market

(1 days ago) Stocks Trader : Real-Time Stock, Forex and Chart. Another one of the more low-key popular apps for iOS and Android phones, Stocks Trader is known far and away as one of the best mobile stock apps

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The 15 Craziest 'Uber-Style' Apps For iPhone Highsnobiety

(Just Now) Fly By Helicopter. Get to the chopper! Blade is an app that works by crowdsourcing/pooling helicopter flights to popular destinations from New York City, such as Miami, The Hamptons, The Bahamas

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Fitness Apps: Do They Actually Work

(2 days ago) A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research says fitness apps absolutely do promote positive behavioral changes. The team surveyed 726 participants in three groups—current app

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Are Mental Health Apps Making Your Mental Health Worse

(Just Now) I’ve avoided all sleep apps like the plague ever since. However, demand for such health-improving, zen-boosting apps is on the rise. Apple named meditation app Calm its 2017 iPhone App of the Year.

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5 Exclusive Social Media Platforms You Probably Don't Know

(3 days ago) These apps are the expensive, members-only clubs we all try to get into, the Soho House of social media, and they couldn’t be more desirable an online location. Read on to learn about the apps

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Should You Start Using a Dumbphone

(2 days ago) No apps, no social media, no drama. They’re also cheap, secure and safe from malware and privacy invasions; they’re small and robust and you can crack their plastic screens for days. They’re

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The Best iOS Apps of 2016

(Just Now) Another one of those apps that you kind of look at and just think, “Ugh, why didn’t I do this first?” Quartz is a news app that essentially turns media consumption into …

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Therapy Apps: Why People Are Moving to Apps to Get Treatment

(8 days ago) The main difference between traditional therapy and mental health apps is that they make the process casual with less commitment. An algorithm helps you find a therapist and switching to find the

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Best Sneaker Apps: 5 of the Best to Have in 2019

(9 days ago) The sneaker apps you use can make all the difference when it comes to copping the kicks you want. So check out which of the most popular sneaker apps are the best in the field, and stay ahead of

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Here Are Apple's 12 Most Well-Designed Apps of 2017

(Just Now) Out of the 2.2 million iOS apps that are currently available, Apple narrowed it down to a dozen it felt were the best designed in 2017 – from puzzle games to productivity, coloring books, and

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Vevo Shutting Down Website & Apps to Focus on YouTube

(3 days ago) Music video streaming platform Vevo will be terminating its mobile apps and consumer website in the coming weeks, focusing more resources on its partnership with YouTube instead.. Announced via

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The Most Common Lies People Tell on Dating Apps

(7 days ago) The world of online dating isn’t exactly the most honest and transparent. Here are some of the most common lies told on dating apps.

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Sakima Takes Hookup Culture to Task on New Single "Apps"

(3 days ago) Dating through apps is no walk in the park, as most any of us will probably attest. The frustration that arises from what seems like an easy alternative is …

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Apple Is Removing Apps That Share Your Location Data

(4 days ago) Apple has been taking down apps from the App Store that violate the company’s policies by sharing location data with third parties without consent, according to 9to5Mac.. The Cupertino tech

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10 Best Personal Finance Apps For Budget Planning & More

(8 days ago) As far as personal finance apps go, Mint is probably the most popular of them all, and for good reason. Made by Intuit, the folks responsible …

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iMessage: The 11 Best Apps to Download Right Now

(8 days ago) Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated features in the run up to the drop was the ability to run apps inside iOS’s native messaging client, iMessage. The move allows users to customize and

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Nike's SNKRS App Gets an Update

(3 days ago) Nike has just updated its popular SNKRS app, in addition to making the platform available for Android users and enhancing the web experience on Nike.com.In order to make buying sneakers fairer and

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Four iPad Alternatives to Shop Right Now Highsnobiety

(5 days ago) The OS and apps perform well and should be able to smoothly handle basic tasks. Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Surface Pro 7 - 12.3" Touch Screen. $799. Microsoft. Buy at Best Buy.

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Vero Explained: The Most Important Things to Know About

(5 days ago) Vero has taken the social app world by storm recently. The "Truly Social Network" is the number two free app on Apple’s app store, which speaks to the enormous growth in popularity it has

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Thrifting For Clothes Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide

(8 days ago) Check out apps for thrifting tips. These days there are lots of apps that do everything from mapping out the best thrift stores in your area to digital marketplaces where you can buy and sell. It

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Instagram Dating: How to Slide Into DMs, Thirst Trap & More

(5 days ago) The instantaneousness of dating apps (Tinder and Grindr especially) can make the “long-form” courtships that occasionally still happen IRL seem to take forever. Instagram offers a happy medium

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Apple & Google Collaborate on Coronavirus-Tracing Apps

(1 days ago) Apple & Google Collaborate on Coronavirus-Tracing Apps. In an unprecedented collaboration, Apple and Google have teamed up on a smartphone technology making it possible for developers to release

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Buy and Sell Sneakers With New Slang App

(3 days ago) Slang is a sneaker marketplace app that allows you to upload your sneakers onto a Tinder-style profile listing while potential buyers browse the app. The easy-to-use format means you can post your

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iPhone Photo Guide Highsnobiety

(Just Now) The 6 Best Apps for Taking DSLR-Quality Images on Your iPhone. 6 years ago Words By Chris Danforth. Sure, you might not have a fancy DSLR camera, but you can still produce high-quality imagery on

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Watch the iPhone X Switch Between Apps With This Crazy Swipe

(1 days ago) The new swipe isn’t the only way to multitask, as swiping up and holding will show you all your open apps, in the same way that double-tapping the …

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Apple iOS 14 Introduces Biggest Update Ever to Home Screen

(4 days ago) New privacy features offer more transparency and control, as apps are now required to receive permission before tracking. For more on iOS 14, which will be available via public beta next month

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Uber Alternatives in London: Here's 5 Other Ride-Share Apps

(6 days ago) Download the app. One of the most well-known services already existing in London is mytaxi which boasts 10 million users and 45,000 cars. But unlike Uber, mytaxi still relies on traditional

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iOS 10: 21 of the Best Secret Features

(Just Now) Apple's new iOS 10 operating system was released earlier this week and there's still a heap of secret features, additions and enhancements to be uncovered.

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New iOS Bug Crashes iPhones & Blocks Access to Messages

(2 days ago) This also goes for third party apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, and Outlook for iOS, The Verge notes. Another iOS bug is crashing iPhones and disabling access to iMessage https

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Should You Delete Facebook

(4 days ago) To opt out of the API, go to Facebook's App Setting page, click the "edit" button under "Apps, Web sites and Plugins" and then click …

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Apple iOS 15 Update: Features, Reveals, & Takeaways

(1 days ago) Focus will also automatically set a status for you in supported apps, like Slack, to let others know that you're trying to concetrate. Put …

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10 Essential Hip-Hop Albums from HHV You Need to Own on Vinyl

(5 days ago) It's 2018, and let's be real - most of us listen to music via the internet or apps. All you really need is your phone and a good pair of headphones to enjoy literally any song ever from the …

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This New Sneaker App Lets You Digitally Cop Your Grails

(9 days ago) Aglet is a new sneaker app designed by a team including adidas ’ former director of future trends, Ryan Mullins, and illustrator Dan Freebairn ( Kickposters ). The app aims to solve sneakerheads

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Apple Introduces watchOS 6 Update for Apple Watch

(7 days ago) Developers also have the capabilities to build apps that work independently on Apple Watch without an iOS app. watchOS 6 also brings new watch faces and customization options to Apple Watch, in

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Apple Opens Health Records API So Developers Can Make More

(6 days ago) Following the introduction to iOS 12 and and watchOS 5, Apple has also announced a new Health Records API for developers and researchers to create an ecosystem of apps that utilize health record

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Here's the Latest Features to Expect on iOS 11 Highsnobiety

(4 days ago) With the new update, you can control how long apps get to access your location information, whether the apps developers built in this permission or not. The first time you open an app that always

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Stop Making the Gym a Social Function Highsnobiety

(2 days ago) What is alarming, however, is the rise of apps and programs with goals to turn fitness into this kind of social experience, a way to meet …

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Apple Debuts macOS Mojave Update Featuring Dark Mode

(Just Now) Apps such as Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar, and Photos all feature Dark Modes, as you can then toggle between a light and a dark desktop. A Dynamic Desktop function then automatically changes the

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adidas Launches New Membership Program

(2 days ago) The 'Creators Club' membership is an exclusive and personalized connection to the best of sport and style, linking all adidas apps, events, communities and channels within one single consumer profile.

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