16 Best Reference Apps Next Avenue

While apps alone can’t boost your IQ, knowing how to put your finger on any piece of information in the world will give you an air of omniscience — and save …

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SOS Apps for Home and Away Next Avenue

(Just Now) MORE: 5 Best Apps for Getting and Staying Organized) 4. Smart Traveler Platform: Android, Apple iPhone and iPad (free) This app is a great …

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The Pros and Cons of Mobile Health Apps

(6 days ago) Mobile health apps run the gamut, claiming to help monitor and improve sleep habits, improve cognition, manage medication, prevent falls, diagnose skin …

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New Hearing Aid Apps

(8 days ago) A number of hearing aid manufacturers have created custom apps to take advantage of Bluetooth streaming. There’s the Phonak Audeo Marvel’ s …

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6 New Apps and Sites to Manage Your Money Next Avenue

(6 days ago) These apps and sites, presented at the Finovate 2014 conference, can help you earn more on your savings, invest better to reach your goals and avoid late payments on your bills.

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Divorce Sites, Apps and Online Services

(6 days ago) Apps such as OurFamilyWizard (created by a divorced dad) and Coparently (from a techie son of a divorced couple) are useful for family management when children and …

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10 Great Sites to Find Gigs and Part-Time Work Next Avenue

(1 days ago) This site features seasonal and part-time “jobs in great places” and is designed to be as appealing to boomers as it is for their kids. CoolWorks even has a job page

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Best Apps for Boomers

(4 days ago) There are a number of apps that give you both a magnifier and a flashlight all together. Among the most highly rated is the Magnifying Flashlight from Bzing Tools. I've been using the iPhone

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10 Apps to Relax Your Body and Mind Next Avenue

(Just Now) Apps to Chill Out Earthlapse Platform: Android ($.99), iPhone 4S (and above) and iPad (2 or above): free Talk about a heavenly way to relax: new-agey music (that sounds like …

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What's a Mobile App and How Do I Get One

(5 days ago) Some apps allow you to buy more features within the app itself. Usually, you are billed for these in-app purchases through the app store. Many devices …

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Beyond Mobile Health Apps

(3 days ago) Beyond Mobile Health Apps. In a recent Next Avenue story, we examined the ubiquity of mobile health apps. Now, our focus shifts to a more expansive …

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8 Great Apps to Help You Land a Job Next Avenue

(8 days ago) Thanks to the explosion in mobile apps and smartphones, you can now run your job search anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to search for a …

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Irresistible, Cool, Fun Apps Next Avenue

(4 days ago) Irresistible, Cool, Fun Apps . These 10 cool but practical apps can help you find your keys, host a radio show or catch the northern lights

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11 Best Apps for a Fresh Start This Fall Next Avenue

(7 days ago) Fall is a time for new beginnings, especially on your mobile devices. Download these great 11 apps to recharge your body, organize your life and learn.

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Photo Apps That Give Your Images Professional Quality

(6 days ago) These apps let you adjust colors, lighting and effects, and help you broadcast your images far and wide. PhotoToaster Platform: Apple ($1.99) This …

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The Truth About Fitness Apps and Devices Next Avenue

(4 days ago) "Apps and tracking devices are just one more option people have to become more active and live healthy," says Vandelanotte, who thinks the potential for …

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Hey, Personal Finance Apps: How About Serving Older People

(Just Now) Johnson believes designers and marketers of personal finance apps and sites have a lot to gain by better serving low-to-middle-income Americans 50 and older.

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Which Health App Is Right for Me

(7 days ago) Most apps and devices provide you with the ability to track your behavior, whether it’s number of steps, minutes of physical activity, or food and drinks consumed. Although it …

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New Personal Finance Apps for People 50 and Older

(9 days ago) Most of the 79 presenters focused on millennials and banks. But I did learn about two apps that people in their 50s and 60s — or older — may want to …

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The Fiftysomething Workout: 10 Top Fitness Apps Next Avenue

(Just Now) Here are 10 of the top fitness apps we've discovered: FitnessBuilder. (Free; for iPhone, iPad and Android) Powerhouse app FitnessBuilder is like having a …

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Digital Skills You Need as a Remote Worker

(6 days ago) Collaboration apps that make it easier for people on a team or project to work together, including project management applications such as Basecamp, Asana and Trello. Collaboration apps

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10 Top Wellness Apps to Meet Your Health Goals Next Avenue

(1 days ago) Getting a good night's sleep is a crucial piece of every wellness and weight loss plan. Several monitor apps on the market can use your iPhone …

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Best Online Dating Services for Boomers

(3 days ago) Boomer enrollment in online dating sites/apps has doubled since 2013; People over 50 are one of the fastest growing segments in the online dating world; And …

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Sneaky Ways Wellness Apps Invade Your Privacy Next Avenue

(3 days ago)Apps with the most detailed privacy polices posed some of the greatest privacy risks,” the report said, because they “seem to be written primarily to protect the company developing an app

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My Kids Are My Apps: How I Successfully Downloaded Them

(2 days ago) True, virtual apps and other technologies don’t snicker, smirk, giggle or roll their eyes. But relying on your homegrown apps is better than enduring 20 minutes of hold-time for a tech support

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How to Use Cloud Apps to Boost Your Small Business Next

(2 days ago) ZOHO is a powerful suite of 22 apps that helps you perform a wide range of tasks — from managing customer accounts to generating invoices to sending email to host web conferences — even if …

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Buying My First Smartphone After Being a Holdout

(1 days ago) They'd complain about their smartphone's size and weight, and apps that were either redundant or a distraction, always adding, “All I want to do is call and text.”

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An Alzheimer's App That Uses Singing to Boost Mood

(7 days ago) 5 Other Dementia-Related Apps According to the mobile market research firm, Research2Guidance , there are now more than 100,000 medical and health apps for …

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5 Must-Have Apps for Your Phone and Tablet Next Avenue

(6 days ago) Mobile applications for phones and tablets have exploded in popularity — more than 100 billion apps will be downloaded this year, ringing up $26 billion in revenue. (Not too shabby for a market

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An Unhealthy Obsession With a Health App Next Avenue

(8 days ago) (MORE: The Fiftysomething Workout: 10 Top Fitness Apps) Once I downloaded it, I filled in the necessary data, like height, weight and number of …

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Pandemic Update: Looking for Love During COVID-19

(Just Now) However, there is a nefarious side to the online experience. As dating apps gain in popularity, so do the opportunities for schemers to ply their craft.

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Positive Aging: Its Appeal, Its Power and How to Live It

(1 days ago) A lot of us who do meditation have apps for that on our smart phones, like Headspace or Calm. They take you through the meditations to reduce anxiety. If people want to pray, that works as well.

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4 Job Search Apps If You're Open to Being Poached Next

(3 days ago) The app then notifies you when an employer is interested in an interview. At that point, you can accept or decline the introduction request. If you accept, your contact info becomes visible to

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Fiftysomething Diet: 5 Best Nutrition Apps Next Avenue

(9 days ago) Hundreds and hundreds of apps, many of them free, have the single goal of helping you eat better, shop smarter at the supermarket or even tackle special diet concerns, like diabetes.

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How I Overcame My Fear of Technology and Became a Paid

(Just Now) Soon Justin and I were exchanging emails about apps, articles and websites. It felt great; my son-buddy was coming back into the fold. There was a lot I didn’t understand, but I embraced the

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Virtual Reality to Understand an Ailing Person's World

(3 days ago) With more than 165,000 medical apps on the market, VR apps are quickly becoming the new trend. Although VR is still in its infancy, scientists like …

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Meditate Like a Monk With Technology (Robes Optional

(7 days ago) Banzai Labs, Apps' variety of entrainment apps stimulate brain wave frequencies into the various states of mind, ranging from deep sleep to intense focus and concentration. After a …

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9 Tips for a Successful Telemedicine Appointment Next Avenue

(4 days ago) But should you plan to do the visit with an older smartphone, restart it to improve the memory speed and close all the other apps to make your device faster. During Your Telemedicine Visit

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Personal Finance Apps at Finovate Save Money, Invest Better

(6 days ago) Apps like these could be a huge help improving Millennials’ finances. Dyme’s founder Joseph Prather told the Finovate audience that Millennials spend $1.02 for …

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The 3 Best Low-Tech Cell Phones for Seniors

(3 days ago) The Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone has more bells and whistles. The $149.99 phone has a full-size screen. Besides making and receiving calls, it lets you text, email, surf the Internet and download apps.

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