The Best Free Apps to Simplify Your Life Real Simple

Perks to these apps include being the first to know about sales and deals, the ability to check prices and whether items are in stock and one-click buying right from your mobile device. Best Buy’s app , rated the best by this New York Times reporter, even helped him negotiate down the price of an iPod Touch, since the store honored the lower

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The Best Banking Apps of 2020 Real Simple

(5 days ago) The best banking apps make tracking, accessing, and spending your money easier. Banking apps offer convenience, but the very best banking apps offer so much more, including higher interest rates and better organization. See the best banking apps of …

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Real Simple Smart Money Awards: Best Financial Apps and

(7 days ago) "Collecting data on all the various rates and options out there is a lot like finding the perfect partner—the process can be arduous," Thakor says. "Lower feels like a bespoke financial matchmaker in a sea of financial dating apps."

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The 7 Best Organization Apps to Simplify Your Life Real

(1 days ago) Decluttering apps don't all cost money; some are free, or only charge for certain premium services. One of many upsides of using an app to declutter is that it can make it easier to involve other household members, especially if they sometimes need a nudge to take out the trash or clean up their rooms.

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The Best Fitness Apps Real Simple

(Just Now) What will these apps do for you? Oh, everything from help you manage your exercise schedule to be sure you're getting the right nutrients, not to mention get adequate sleep, keep track of doctor's appointments, and figure out when a headache is just a headache, or something more.

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The Best Restaurant Apps and Websites Real Simple

(2 days ago) Website: Best for: The big-time bargain hunter who wants to see all the options. How it works: This free iPhone app aggregates local and nationwide restaurant discounts from around the Web (think daily-deal sites, like Groupon and LivingSocial, plus blogs, Facebook, and Twitter). Some offers must be purchased in advance, which you can do through the app. Use it to make dinner

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Best Investment Apps and Services 2020 Real Simple

(8 days ago) The best investment apps and services make investing easier, whether you're a beginner or an investing expert. Read about expert-approved investment apps and new programs from tried-and-true investment aids, all of which are meant to make investing easier. From the best investment apps for beginners to tax aid for investors, see top investment apps and services in 2020.

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5 Best Apps for On-the-Go Driving Directions Real Simple

(6 days ago) Driving directions apps aren't just for navigating a new city or road trips. Many people use them every single day to find the quickest routes through their hometowns, keep an eye on traffic, avoid speed traps, and more—and most of these apps are free. Thanks to them, driving has never been smarter. Try one of these top-rated navigation apps for a less stressful drive.

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How to Use Cash-Back Apps to Save Money Daily Real Simple

(1 days ago) With so many apps in our lives these days (the average smartphone owner uses 10 per day and 30 per month) it can be easy to forget about using some of them once they've been downloaded. But not checking in with your cash-back app regularly would be a mistake if you're looking to maximize earnings, says Arthur Iinuma, president and co-founder of ISBX, an app development and consulting …

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Halloween Apps Real Simple

(2 days ago) Use this food health app—a winner in Michelle Obama’s “Apps for Healthy Kids” national competition—to look inside their pile of chocolate bars and sweets. They’ll have to “smash” the food to learn how many blocks of sugar and drops of oil are contained within—the knowledge …

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The Best Insurance Apps and Digital Services 2020 Real

(2 days ago) We're highlighting the best new insurance apps and services of 2020. From finding insurance for your small business or gig-working lifestyle to making HSAs more accessible, these fresh insurance apps and services can do it all. Read on for the best insurance apps of 2020.

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6 Dating Apps and What It Costs to Go Premium Real Simple

(6 days ago) The survey also found that 49 percent of users said they were on the apps looking for an exclusive relationship. In 2020 alone, 44.2 million Americans used online dating, bringing in $602 million in revenue. While many of the popular dating apps are free, they also offer premium options with features such as customizable filters, read receipts

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The Financial Services and Apps Real Simple Editors Tried

(7 days ago) As part of the 2020 Real Simple Smart Money Awards, we considered the pros and cons of around 300 financial apps and services-and even turned to Real Simple's editors to put the best ones to the test. Read on to see what our staff members thought about the budgeting apps, shopping tools, and more we tried in 2020.

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10 Apps to Help You Survive the Summer Real Simple

(5 days ago) 10 Apps to Help You Survive the Summer; 10 Apps to Help You Survive the Summer. Whether you're planning a vacation or a staycation, here's how to use your smartphone to help you and your family make the most of the season. By Yolanda Wikiel. Advertisement. Save FB Tweet More.

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The Best Shopping Apps That Can Help You Save While You

(3 days ago) Shopping apps offer cashback, discounts, and more. Learn which shopping apps and add-ons to other services help you save while you shop, and see the best new or refreshed shopping apps of 2020, as chosen by a panel of judges.

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The Top 5 Fitness Apps for Every Type of Workout Real Simple

(7 days ago) So step up your workout game and track progress reliably with these handy fitness apps. For the Runner . The Nike+ Running app is designed to help you reach your goals. Focus on speed or distance, and stock up on digital trophies as you hit new milestones. The app comes with GPS and a time tracking capability, as well as a calorie counter.

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The Best Job Apps to Boost Your Career Real Simple

(6 days ago) Small advantages like these ten low-cost (and, in many cases, free) apps, which can help you climb the career ladder in countless ways—whether it’s streamlining your job search, prepping you for the big interview and even schooling you on the best way to tender your resignation. 1 …

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6 Need-to-Know Flight Booking Sites and Apps Real Simple

(5 days ago) There are more than a few flight booking sites, apps, and tools that make it so much easier to find good prices on travel. Most of these flight booking sites have actual websites, but downloading the apps can get you the best versions. These will help with flight booking-for flight check-in or in case of flight cancellations, you'll want to have the airline app downloaded, too.

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Best Budget Apps 2020 Real Simple

(4 days ago) Budget apps can help anyone-even people who are bad at budgeting-budget their money better. There are lots of budget apps out there, but these are some of the best budget apps, with clever features to help anyone, no matter their situation. Build a better budget with these budgeting apps.

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The Best Free Meditation Apps to Help You Get Centered

(9 days ago) There are apps that offer simple, fuss-free meditation timers with a gentle bell sound; apps that offer guided meditation series based on your mood, health concerns, or other wellness goals; apps that offer walking meditations, acupressure lessons, and mindfulness education; and apps that offer all of the above. And a few of them are even free.

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Fashion Apps That Make Shopping and Dressing Well Easy

(8 days ago) Fashion, as it tends to do, has changed a lot in the last decades; so has the way we shop—fortunately, there are plenty of fashion apps out there to help make sense of it all. Fashions come and go, but apps that can break them down, help you find the looks that are right for you, and keep all those clothes organized are forever (or close to it).

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Time Management Apps to Help You Work Smarter Real Simple

(9 days ago) Try one of these time management apps, all based on the Pomodoro Technique. Be Focused . Stay on task with this customizable work/break interval app. Try the Be Focused app. PomoDoneApp . Sync all your tasks into this app, set timers to stay focused, then track and analyze how long things are taking.

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The Best On-Demand Beauty Apps You Need to Try Real Simple

(Just Now) Don't worry, there’s an app for that (several apps, actually). Welcome to the beautiful world of at-home and on-demand beauty services, where finding and booking incredible pros for anything from eye lash extensions to bachelorette party makeup—without leaving your home, hotel room, or office—is as easy as ordering an Uber.

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These Innovative Apps Help You Visualize Furniture in Your

(5 days ago) To avoid these common annoyances of home decor shopping, several companies have developed augmented reality apps that let you see a product in your home before you buy it. Most of these apps work in a similar way: Using the camera on your phone, the app can place a selected product into your space on-screen. The products will (ideally) populate

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8 Thanksgiving Apps That Will Save Your Sanity Real Simple

(8 days ago) Paprika Recipe Manager. Store your favorite meals in Paprika, which is a combined grocery list, meal and pantry planner, and recipe box. The app comes in both mobile and desktop formats, so you can easily swap between meal planning on your computer and shopping for groceries at the store with your phone. To buy: $5,

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6 Beauty Apps to Try Real Simple

(8 days ago) Adding to the long list of amazing things your smartphone does (delivers food, finds you a date, counts calories), these beauty apps will streamline your routine, save you time, and even act as your personal beauty advisor. Plus, seeing a picture of yourself with a smoky eye …

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13 Apps to Make Busy School Days Easier for the Whole

(7 days ago) Simplify busy school-day mornings with genius apps for tracking the school bus location (yes, really!), managing everyone's daily chores, or making lunchtime meal prep a breeze. Make homework hour(s) less stressful with supplementary learning apps and educational games.

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14 Meditation Apps to Help You Keep Calm Anywhere Real

(9 days ago) Meditation, despite all its mood-boosting and mind-soothing benefits, isn't the easiest habit to start—but there are plenty of meditation apps out there to help pave the way. Whether you're looking for a tried-and-true meditation app, one that covers just the basics, or one that offers guided meditations, your perfect meditation app is out there.

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Find the Right Price-Comparison App for Your Needs Real

(Just Now) Price comparison apps can give you an instant answer: Type in the name of a product and the app combs through millions of goods, ranging from clothes to toys to power tools, then tells you how much the item costs online and at nearby shops. Real Simple tested more than a dozen apps and found five for all types of spenders. The app: RedLaser

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Best Stargazing Apps for Spotting the Next Big Astronomy

(8 days ago) Stargazing apps can not only help you identify constellations, stars, and planets in real time, they can also alert you of upcoming astronomy events, whether its a lunar eclipse or a meteor shower. Here are a few of our favorite free and paid options to download, plus tips and tricks for getting the most out of each app.

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How to Clean Out Your Phone Real Simple

(5 days ago) “The apps that are used less frequently can be put into categories using folders on the second page. Having less visual clutter on your smartphone is a subtle, but effective way of reducing visual overload.”

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10 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

(2 days ago) MyFitnessPal is the granddaddy of the calorie-tracking apps, and for good reason. More than five million foods are stored in its nutrition database, covering everything from a banana to the richest dessert at your favorite restaurant. Point your camera at your favorite food’s …

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How to Organize Photos on Your iPhone Real Simple

(3 days ago) 4. Use photo organizing apps. Whether you want reinforcements outside of the Photos app or just want another option for backing up your photos, photo organizing apps can be a good way to go. Google Photos and Amazon Photos are two of the best options, offering AI-assisted search and cloud storage to help you store and organize all of your images.

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11 Best Video Conference Options to Stay Connected While

(9 days ago) Video conferencing apps are on a roll. According to a new report from analytics company App Annie, business conferencing apps had their biggest week ever last month—a record 62 million downloads in just a week's time. With the majority of the country under shelter-in-place orders at least through the end of this month, people are turning to virtual tools to help them stay connected and

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5 Apps That Offer Affordable and Speedy Furniture Assembly

(9 days ago) Here are five apps that offer affordable assembly services (and help with other tasks too!) so you won’t break your back or the bank. Related Items. Handy. Credit: . Handy. In addition to expert furniture assemblers, Handy connects you with other home professionals: a handyman, plumber, electrician, and maid. You can find Handy in

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How to Download From the Internet Safely Real Simple

(6 days ago) Take, for example, all the apps you have on your phone and smart TV, the software installed on your laptop, or the pictures and videos you’ve downloaded to your tablet. As with anything that becomes routine, it can be easy to bypass tried and true safety measures when downloading files from the internet—but it shouldn’t. Just as you would

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6 User-Friendly Photo Editing Apps to Download Right Now

(6 days ago) VSCOCam. VSCOCam. Credit: Similar to Instagram, this app lets you edit and filter photos—but unlike Instagram, you can upload multiple photos at once and you don’t need to share them in a scrolling feed (unless you want to, of course). To buy: …

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Fetch Rewards App Review: It's a Lazy Shopper's Dream

(4 days ago) After using it for a few months, I'm not surprised the app has 4.8 stars out of 5 on the Apple Store—which is based on over 1.2 million customer ratings. Download Fetch Rewards for free today. You'll get an extra 3,000 points when you sign up and scan your first receipt using the link in this article or the code REALSIMPLE.

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New Financial Programs Want to Address Economic Inequity

(Just Now) A Harvard study, however, has shown that the rise of fin-tech offerings such as banking apps, credit apps, and investing apps has been slowly democratizing the financial services industry and providing new levels of access and equity to historically underserved people and locations. Start-ups like Tend, Nova Credit, Chime, Upgrade, and others

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