Essential Sailing Apps

While your smartphone or tablet will never take the place of your other onboard electronics, it never hurts to have a backup. Loading up with a bunch of apps to help you get from point A to point B can also be a lot of fun, whether you’re underway or planning your next cruise from the comfort of your office or living room. Here are a few we’d recommend.

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Apps for Sailors: Five of the Coolest Racing Apps Afloat

(1 days ago) Here’s a look at five of the coolest racing apps afloat: SailCoach Pro ($21.99 at the Apple App store) was designed to help sailors of all ability levels—as well as their coaches—by providing an on-the-water visual graphic of the day’s racecourse, including weather and …

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15 Apps for Navigating with your Apple or Android Device

(7 days ago) Newer apps manage routes by connecting marks on the chart, so actual waypoints become less important. I prefer apps that allow you to manage waypoints and routes, and import them via GPX, a data format that allows you to share GPS information across multiple devices. Sharing tracks via email or social media sites is also becoming popular. This

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The Top iPhone Apps for Sailing

(5 days ago) Apple's iPhone is an amazing piece of technology it s a full computer in a small package. As a recent convert to the iPhone, I've been exploring the world of apps to discover which ones provide something truly useful. When I searched for "sailing" in the App Store, over 150 programs popped up. Out of those, here are the three that I'd most want with me while cruising or racing.

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Apps for Sailors: Smartphone AIS

(5 days ago) In addition to viewing AIS online, there are several apps that display it. Ship Finder ($4.99), MarineTraffic ($3.99) and Boat Beacon ($9.99) display real-time AIS vessel information as well as other useful features such as collision detection, man overboard tracking and anchor watch. Like mAIS, Boat Beacon transmits position data over the

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Apps for Sailors: NWS Broadcasts Made Easy

(9 days ago) Application architect, software developer and sailor Donald McLennan reviews apps for SAIL while cruising the waters of Southern California aboard his Tartan 3500 with his wife, Laura, and daughters, Alexandra and Elizabeth. Each month, Don tests a handful of new apps

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Apps for Sailors Reviewed: AyeTides

(8 days ago) If linked from iNavX and SEAiq navigation apps, then AyeTides is a great addition. I give AyeTides good grades for its ease of use, worldwide coverage, and tides and currents capabilities. Name: AyeTides, AyeTides XL ( Available on: AyeTides—iPhone/iPod touch; …

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Apps for Sailors:

(7 days ago) Managing a boat is largely a matter of maintaining lists of schedules, provisions and things to do. In the past, I’ve used a combination of task-management tools on my desktop, apps on my smartphone and old-fashioned sticky notes to keep things organized, but the app (for IOS, Android and with a Chrome browser extension) has become my go-to task manager.

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Smartphone Apps for Electric Outboards

(2 days ago) Smartphone Apps for Electric Outboards. Author: Ben Ellison Updated: Aug 2, 2017 Original: Jul 19, 2015. I declared my love for the Torqeedo 1003 electric outboard in 2011, and the feeling has only deepened after two seasons of extensive testing. Despite a glitch or two, the motor has run like a top. Recently, the system also gained a very cool

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Top 5 Apps for 2013

(3 days ago) 2) Many apps function similarly, so you really must spend time with them to determine personal preference. 3) Several apps serve multiple purposes with multiple features, so stand-alone apps, such as a tides app, are redundant. As for anchor watch apps, my GPS does a good enough job. In practice, then, here are my Top Five Apps for 2013:

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Smartphone Anchor Watch

(7 days ago) These apps track your position, compensate for GPS accuracy and send alarms as pop-up messages, tones, vibrations, e-mails, texts or phone calls. There are over a dozen anchor watch apps on the market, ranging in price from free to $9.99. Drag Queen ($0.00) and Anchor’s Aweigh ($0.99) are easy to use and provide basic anchor-watch capability.

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Three Apps for Ocean Protection

(5 days ago) Here are three apps that help ocean-lovers do their part to save the seas. Seafood Watch App (iPhone/iPad and Android, Free): Although nearly 75 percent of the world’s fisheries are being overexploited and many common fishing techniques destroy marine habitats, seafood consumers can help stop these unsustainable practices by eating only fish

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Apps for Sailors: iRegatta

(9 days ago) Apps for Sailors: iRegatta I started using iRegatta in December, and I’m not sure I’ll sail without it again. Although I’m primarily a cruiser and the app is nominally for racers, it provides an impressive amount of real-time and historical data that all will find useful.

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Apps for Sailors: Spyglass

(5 days ago) Apps for Sailors: Spyglass Traditionally, sailors have used a hand-bearing compass or rangefinder binoculars to take bearings on a mark, check the angle of an approaching boat to avoid a collision, determine their distance offshore, and monitor their anchor position.

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Weather Routing 101: Part 2

(4 days ago) The app is not without problems, though. All of the import/export features are done through email or iOS “Open In” apps. In the absence of a local WiFi server, this is a problem while underway (iTunes or other apps can help transfer files).

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Apps for Sailors: Weather 4D & Weather 4D Pro iOS

(6 days ago) Of the myriad apps that can be used to display GRIB files, I found Weather 4D to be the most useful way to download and review NOAA’s GFS model GRIB data over cellular or WiFi networks. What sets it apart is the stunning layered display of data elements and its ability to project changes over time, similar to an animated video display.

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Apps for Sailors: Garmin BlueChart

(7 days ago) Apps for Sailors: Garmin BlueChart The free app is available from iTunes and includes high-quality world charts, route management, wind GRIB downloads and ActiveCaptain integration. Routes, tracks and waypoints can be wirelessly transferred between your iPhone, iPad and Wi …

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Apps for Sailors: Postagram

(Just Now) Apps for Sailors: Postagram “Wish you were here…” Postagram, an app from Sincerely, is an easy way to send postcards right from your smartphone. This free app uploads photos from your phone, Instagram or Facebook, prints them as high-quality glossy photo postcards. Author: Donald McLennan Updated:

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Smartphones Onboard

(2 days ago) Charting + Navigation. There are a ton of apps designed to display nautical charts, and many give you all the same planning tools as a top-line multifunction display (MFD) from the likes of Raymarine or B&G.Naturally, you’re better off doing this on a data-enabled tablet than a phone, simply because of the screen size, but the system is the same in either case.

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Sea Tow: the all-in-one app for your smartphone

(Just Now) This is a great free app that combines marine weather forecasts, alerts, radar, tide and GPS information all in one place. A professional captain designed it, and it draws its weather and tide data from the ever-popular Weather Underground. Better yet, if you are a Sea Tow member, the app provides automatic links to 24-hour on-the-water assistance.

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Apps for Sailors: Predict Wind

(3 days ago) Many weather apps provide current conditions, but PredictWind offers accurate and reliable wind forecasts. Available online and via Apple or Android smartphones (, PredictWind provides high-resolution hourly wind speed and direction forecasts for over 20,000 locations worldwide, as well as weather routing and trip planning tools.

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Navigating by Tablet

(8 days ago) Make sure you download the necessary charts and find software that supports offline use—which all the apps mentioned in this article do. Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson use their S&S 48, Isbjörn, for ocean sail training; you can contact them at Photos courtesy of Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson. July 2018. By.

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Choosing & Using AIS

(2 days ago) An app configured anchor alarm, onboard logging to data card, easy silent mode switching, and/or NMEA-2000 output may be important to your situation. Built-in Wi-Fi is handy for sending AIS and GPS info to apps, and even more useful when the transponder also multiplexes in lots of useful instrument data.

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Vesper SmartAIS App

(3 days ago) Vesper SmartAIS App. SmartAIS is a significant set of free new features that Vesper Marine has added to its existing Wi-Fi-equipped AIS transponders, like the WatchMate XB-8000, by deeply extending the hardware’s integration with Vesper’s WatchMate phone and tablet apps. For instance, the Android and iOS apps can now visually highlight and

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Know Your Rudder

(9 days ago) After hull integrity, rudder integrity is the most vital component of a seaworthy vessel, yet most sailors pay more attention to LED lighting or smartphone apps than they do to their boat’s rudder. Before you shrug off rudder failure as a remote concern, consider that the incidence of mid-ocean rudder failures is close to 1 percent.

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Reviewed: ActiveCaptain for iPhone/iPad

(1 days ago) In SAIL’s June issue, we reviewed 10 of the best apps for navigation (“Navigating the App World”). One thing I emphasized was the importance of an app being able to use data from ActiveCaptain. But what is ActiveCaptain and how does it work?

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Boat Monitoring System

(5 days ago) Yacht Sentinel YS6. The Yacht Sentinel YS6 wirelessly monitors position, battery and shore-power status, with extra sensors to detect motion in the boat, temperature, high bilge water and so on. Batteries should last about two years. Alerts are via 3G/4G. It can be expanded with a satellite comms module for around $880.

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Sidetracked by Smartphones

(Just Now) On the one hand, if you’re already a facile apps juggler and smartphone connectivity is second nature to you, by all means have at it. As Tom and the Nightshade crew demonstrate, hardware redundancy makes plenty of sense. In fact, what they have is a fully engaged crew involved in what adds up to a human network linked by smartphones.

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Coastal Cruising 101

(8 days ago) Coastal Cruising 101. Many sailors are surprised to find how easy a bluewater passage (usually) is compared to a long coastal cruise. The variables in an offshore passage are few. Providing you’ve prepared your boat well, done your homework and are heading in the desired direction at the right time of year, you shouldn’t get any nasty

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Make Your Wi-Fi Float

(5 days ago) Navionics was another early player in the game of creating digital charting apps for smartphones and tablets. With a Navionics mobile app installed on a smartphone, you can plan a route for a weekend cruise or race and then input that data into Raymarine’s or Furuno’s built-in digital charting system as soon as you step aboard your boat.

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Intellicast Boating App for the iPhone and iPad

(1 days ago) Dec 7, 2012. For sailors who rely on smartphones, a good weather forecasting app is essential. Intellicast Boating for iPhone and iPad by Weather Services International (WSI) claims to be “the most technically advanced site-specific weather forecasting system in the world today,” and I tend to agree. The app blends advanced weather and

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Apps for Sailors. Reviewed: MotionX-GPS

(1 days ago) Like most GPS apps, battery life is an issue. Luckily, MotionX-GPS addresses this with settings that configure multitasking and background GPS use. The “Optimized” setting keeps the GPS receiver on when the Track Recorder or Auto Live Updates are running or when navigating.

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Garmin ActiveCaptain

(4 days ago) In fact, Garmin’s new ActiveCaptain app, actually combines two existing apps with numerous other new features to create the highest integration yet between onboard navigation electronics and the mobile devices most us bring sailing. To this end, both the Android and iOS ActiveCaptain verions offer the chartplotting and route planning

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Chart Plotting in the Digital World

(Just Now) The MapMedia MM3D format works exclusively on Furuno NavNet 3D TimeZero plotters (as well as TimeZero charting software and apps from Nobletec and MaxSea). MapMedia charts are based on NOAA raster or vector charts as well as core data …

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Get Onboard with E-Charting

(1 days ago) So you want to plot a course while watching Google Earth, monitoring fuel efficiency, geo-referencing digital photos, checking the weather, tracking the tide and reading a cruiser s forum to find a good dinner spot? There s an app for that. In fact, there are hundreds of apps for all of that.Where once you had to combine information from cruising guides, almanacs, weather stations and

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DOMETIC – CFX 95DZW Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

(1 days ago) Each compartment can be set at temps as low as -7 degrees Fahrenheit, and for those who feel the need to do so, temperature control and monitoring is possible using optional Android and iOS apps. Beyond that, there is an alarm to alert you if the temperature ever goes above the desired setting, and accessibility is enhanced through the

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PanPan MOB Beacon & App

(5 days ago) The PanPan personal beacon is a waterproof 1.2-by-3.1in Bluetooth 4.0 device that can create an active MOB network aboard your boat by leveraging the capabilities of the smartphones and tablets you already have onboard. Basically, in the event you or your beacon get far enough away from whatever screens you have working, the Bluetooth connection will fail, and the PanPan apps loaded …

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Protect Your iPad

(1 days ago) If you want to go underwater with your iPad to take pictures, video or utilize fancy apps while you’re diving, this is the way to do it. $59.99. DryCase. Surprisingly Good Protection (see image, top left) The WaterGuard Plus Waterproof Case is another …

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Pittman Innovation: B&G Vulcan 7

(5 days ago) With internal Wi-Fi, this device will mirror its display to tablets, share its data with numerous third-party apps or go online for chart and software updater. Moreover, the brand-new and same-priced 7 FS model can directly support ForwardScan, a Pittman Award winner in …

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Digital Yacht: Portable Nomad

(2 days ago) It works with a number of iOS and Android apps and comes with a dedicated antenna with a suction-cup mount—for more range, you can hook it up to the boat’s main VHF antenna via a splitter. Note that if you don’t have an MMSI number, the unit will act as a receiver. $659. Digital Yacht,

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Argonaut's A165 Marine Smart Monitor

(9 days ago) Display traditional MFD or computer data, camera or video feeds using various inputs, or use your favorite apps in standalone mode. With the A165 everything from navigation and weather data to Facebook updates are now literally at your fingertips. The A615 can be mounted in a nav panel or on a U-bracket or adjustable RAM arm, depending on the

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Exposure OLAS Float-on Multipurpose Flashlight

(Just Now) Sailors can now choose from three different MOB alarm-and-locate systems based on relatively inexpensive Bluetooth tags and smartphone apps. In addition to CrewWatcher—last year’s overall Pittman winner, now manufactured and distributed by Weems & Plath—there’s also Sea-Tags from France and OLAS from the U.K. OLAS stands for Overboard Location Alert System and …

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2018 Pittman Innovation Awards

(4 days ago) SmartAIS is a significant set of free new features that Vesper Marine has added to its existing Wi-Fi-equipped AIS transponders, like the WatchMate XB-8000, by deeply extending the hardware’s integration with Vesper’s WatchMate phone and tablet apps. Read more

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Rudder Awareness

(9 days ago) Rudder Awareness. In sailing magazines, articles about rudders are almost never really about rudders. They are about being rudderless. Such stories make for exciting reading, but I don’t want to know how to steer without a rudder—I want to know how to make sure I won’t ever need to. After hull integrity, rudder integrity is the most vital

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Gear: Onboard Headset Option

(2 days ago) No headphones are compatible with my hearing aids, but I found music, podcasts, intercom and most phone calls were quite audible. All sources come through both speakers, and music apps played in stereo. Each source volume can be individually controlled with the Jog Dial, which can also be used to skip forward and back through music tracks.

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