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Teachers With Apps, a prominent resource for aggregating quality educational apps. This site helps parents, educators, and caregivers wade through the vast number of ”educational” apps being introduced on a daily basis. Remember, not all educational apps are created equal. Jayne Clare, a 30-year veteran Special Education teacher, and tech

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(5 days ago) TeachersWithApps – 50+ Favorite Elementary School Apps. Rounding up the best and favorite elementary school apps is not an easy task, the market is saturated and there are so many standouts that cover the gamut of grade levels. Obviously, one of the first considerations we focus on when writing a review is, of course, the learning potential

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Apps for Remote Learning

(8 days ago) Downloading exemplary apps is critical; they can maintain and teach new skills and ensure that your children are engaged and maximizing screentime. Here is a list of established edtech companies whose apps have been leading the way in digital learning; they are sure to develop your student's/child's sense of joy and wonder.

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BEST Five Phonics Apps

(1 days ago) These apps help kids work on practicing the alphabetic principle and help prepare kids to get ready to read. AlphaTots Alphabet by Spinlight Studio - On the opening screen, children are greeted with the alphabet song, played softly and pleasantly. A robot appears and the child must intentionally push the letter for approximately 2 seconds.

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Coding Apps with Awesome Accessories

(5 days ago) Here are some of the coding apps with awesome accessories: Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop are adorable robots that can be programmed using easy to understand user-interface for coding. As soon as I held Dot in my hand, I heard it say ' I love it when you hold me.'. This was an instant connection for me with the robot within a few seconds of

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7 Apps to STOP Bullying

(1 days ago) Apps like Yik Yak, which allows anonymous messages to be posted, make cyber bullying and hate speech easy to spread without fear of any consequences. While the internet may have made it easier to bully from a distance, it doesn’t have to be this way. Technology is just a tool — and one that can be harnessed to do the exact opposite: to put

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Apps to Manage Student Stress

(2 days ago) Apps to Manage Student Stress. Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame by Sesame Street teaches children to keep calm and carry on by introducing kids to three possible strategies for working through problems. This app touches on familiar emotional challenges such as problem-solving, self-control, planning, and time on task.

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How to make an educational app ~ A

(9 days ago) Educational apps development. Lessons to learn Plan your app as much time as possible to avoid lots of mistakes in future. Hire a team and start with one of the most important parts of creating any new project UI/UX. It should be intuitive, …

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Teachers With Apps Certification

(6 days ago) Teachers With Apps is known as a reliable, honest resource for Educational App Discovery. We know which apps work with students and which don't, as every app we review is field-tested by teachers and students before we write a review. TWA is dedicated to the idea that quality mobile educational applications are the tools of the future, however

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45+ Teacher Recommended Educational Apps

(8 days ago) Apps Gone Free-(free, i-devices) find free great apps and reviews about them. Aurasma-(free, Android & i-devices) augmented reality platform that lets the user discover, create and share virtual content, integrated into the real world.

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10 Apps to Manage Your Kids After School Schedules

(4 days ago) Unlike those lesser apps, Organizer To-Do has an unlimited capacity for calendars, to-do lists, and grocery lists. A side-by-side feature makes it easy to organize events and to-dos, ensuring your kids don’t end up double booked. The interface is clean, fast and simple on this free app, too.

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7 Reading Readiness Apps

(8 days ago) These apps are great, but check out Engelese’s FREE apps on the App Store. The Engelese reading method uses sound-pictures that stand for the first sound in their name so that children can SEE sounds. It is a revolutionary new system and will inoculate your child against illiteracy. Billy Goat’s Gruff Sound-Out Reader Book: https://t.co/

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Apps for Social and Emotional Learning

(9 days ago) These apps are designed to work on identifying, developing understanding and increasing interpretation of feelings. Emotions from I Can Do Apps focuses on helping individuals identify different facial expressions using real faces and test understanding of emotions in a non-threatening way via scenarios.

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(Just Now) This article originally appeared in Edutopia March 2020, to read the full article visit: Apps for Students With Special Needs — As School Buildings Shutter Ben having a lunch break and playing with the bluetooth enabled Bluebee Pal - Riley the Zebra and the Bluebee Pal App. Photo by Anne Rachel

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Educational App Criteria Checklist

(8 days ago) Apps that have a wide range of productivity and versatility are the only apps that should be present on a mobile device used by students. In a perfect world, all educational apps should have the following criteria: Multifaceted- scaffolding and differentiation should be provided within the app and incorporate several levels of learning

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33 Super Speech and Language iPad Apps

(2 days ago) The apps are listed in no particular order, however, we did start our list with Mobile Education Store, as Kyle Tomson's first-class apps were the first of this sort that TWA reviewed. ConversationBuilderTeen is a conversation simulator designed to help teenaged children learn how to have multi-exchange conversations with their peers, in a

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The BEST Educational News/Current Event Apps

(9 days ago) The apps and site here offer stories of interest to kids and are curated exclusively for students. This list contains kid-friendly NEWS to help find out what's happening in the world around us, whether at home or in a school setting. BrainPOP Featured Movie (geared for 3rd Graders and up) is a tried and true favorite of Teachers With Apps! It's

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More Fabulous, Free Apps

(7 days ago) We said that we would be back with more fabulous free apps and finally we have been inspired to do so. A fabulous free app, Oh No! Fractions - Curious Hat Lab, came across our desk recently and if a colleague hadn't said, "It's tough for kids to grasp fractions", it may have slipped through the cracks.Luckily, it didn't and we are here to sing it's praised.

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7 Awesome Augmented Reality Apps

(3 days ago) Augmented Reality Apps are now more the norm and with the recent release of the new iPhone developers will be more involved in AR than ever. We have picked 7 awesome augmented reality apps for you to check out! Quiver - 3D Coloring App implements an amazing concept of bringing coloring sheets to life. I remember when I was a kid, I used to love

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The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad

(4 days ago) Finding apps isn’t difficult. Finding education apps is only a bit more challenging. Finding free education apps is also possible. Finding free education apps worth downloading is a different story entirely. The following is our list of the 55 best apps for learning we can find.

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3 Powerful Apps for Teaching Multiplication

(7 days ago) Apps focusing on fact fluency are easy to come by, but the apps listed here go beyond simple memorization. These apps provide meaningful introductions to multiplication concepts. Multiplication arrays and repeated addition are the focus. These are paid apps. However, when used in combination with reflecting software (Reflector, Mirror360) or an

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Top 5 Puzzle Game Apps for Kids

(1 days ago) Top 5 Puzzle Game Apps for Kids. Puzzle game apps are plenty of fun for kids. These types of games are ideal for developing children’s academic potential with things like reading, writing, mathematics, science and biology. They are also great for …

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Developers: Stop Making Educational Apps

(3 days ago) Developers are left with charging for their apps up front, being part of the few paid apps in a sea of free, and the results are as to be expected. Even on high quality educational apps, downloads can be abysmal, not driving enough revenue to prompt a developer to continue to support the product. This is a loss to all of us.

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Consulting Services

(2 days ago) Teachers With Apps is exactly the kind of resource I’d want if I were still teaching!” — Allisyn Levy of BrainPop "Seeking advice from experienced teachers is absolutely necessary when designing educational apps. I won't release an app unless I have consulted with a group of teachers.

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25 BEST apps for teaching students how to present, create

(9 days ago) 25 BEST apps for teaching students how to present, create and code! TED-Ed More than 250,000 teachers use TED education tools to spark student curiosity and explore presentation literacy skills. “TED-Ed is an outstanding resource in my classroom,” says TED-Ed Innovative Educator Jennifer Hesseltine.

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20+ Apps That Can Help KIDS Gear Up for a NEW School Year

(1 days ago) Besides apps that let kids learn languages like Japanese or Spanish, Mind Snacks provides dedicated content for English-language vocabulary. (Free with in-app purchases starting at $4.99) 6. WWF Together By using this app for iOS and Android kids can learn about endangered species without going to the zoo.

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5 Primary Apps for Off to School

(8 days ago) 4 Primary Apps for Off to School TinyTap, Moments Into Games - Create free educational games & books for kids , by TinyTap Ltd. , is a free app with endless possibilities for classroom use. With this app users can create their own ‘tap the right answer’ game …

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TOP TEN LIST: Tried and True Classroom Apps

(6 days ago) Outstanding Apps of 2011 listed in no particular order: My Bird World - by 5 Ravens, is a Science app filled with fascinating facts, sensational real bird calls, and great photos. It is totally impressive. The app includes players learning about North American birds, including their songs, food choices, and habitats.

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Defining an Educational App with

(5 days ago) What apps are downloaded should ultimately be the adult’s responsibility. 4. How are educational apps helping teachers and students? JC: If used correctly apps are a wonderful tool to engage kids, give them ownership, individualize learning, and …

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Best Educational Apps 2017 ~ TWA Recommended

(4 days ago) This is a great tool for teachers to create apps related to logic, math, reading, and so on, as per the likes of the students. If a student has a specific interest, the teacher can make an app about that particular topic, and use the apps for different kinds of exercises.

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iDevBooks – Educational Math Apps

(5 days ago) iDevBooks - Educational Math Apps, by Esa Helttula, are par excellence when it comes to educational tools!This suite of apps is a must-have for any school using mobile devices, as well as for parents who want to encourage mastery of …

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5 Apps to use with MotionPen Kids

(7 days ago) Widevantage currently has 5 apps to work with their stylus and are all currently free. There is a web browsing app, MotionWeb , that allows easier access to the pen's features along with these 4 kid-centric apps: MotionPen is a great place to start off and get to …

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Best Makerspace Apps

(4 days ago) These apps allow them to document their work before they have to take it back apart. Seesaw - Seesaw is a versatile and simple online journal/portfolio app. Students can upload photos, videos, drawings, notes, files, links, or blog posts to a personalized feed.

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8 iPad Apps to Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

(7 days ago) 6 iPad Apps to Help Your Child Become a Better Reader originally appeared here.The majority of the apps listed below are for reading readiness or beginning readers. To see more apps for reading visit BugBrained, Reading Raven and the Teachers With Apps Certified Developer review for the cream of the crop of all kinds of apps! The iPad has been a great tool …

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12 Best Special Needs Apps of 2012

(8 days ago) 12 Best Special Needs Apps of 2012 - Special Education See.Touch.Learn Pro, by Brain Parade is one app that can have many purposes, including creating your own lessons. The most important asset to this app is built-in flashcards with interactive features that can be customized by a speech therapist, teacher or parent.

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How to Find the Magic in an Educational App

(7 days ago) Apps have the potential to change all this and individualize learning for students. Magic! Experiential learning is what really makes learning stick. Cooperative learning is powerful and many app developers are seeing that the single-player game …

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Math and Science Tutor App

(4 days ago) Math and Science Tutor by Math Tutor DVD is an application that has hundreds of videos lessons that cross different disciplines that range from basic math to mechanical engineering! It is amazing that these videos are geared for young students all the way to university level. The list of courses not only includes basic math, algebra, and geometry for young students but also encompasses …

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Best Apps That Help Teach Remotely During Covid19

(8 days ago) 10 Apps Making Teaching Remotely Possible When Classrooms Are Shut 1. Skype With millions of users around the world, Skype is one of the most widely used video-calling apps that have made distance learning possible, too, during this global crisis. Now students can attend their classes online from their bed without having to dress up early.

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17 Pros and Cons of Using iPads in the Classroom

(2 days ago) Apps galore- the iPad has the ability to interact with a variety of apps. There seems to be an app for everything these days, and the number of educational apps just keeps growing. Platform for e-textbooks- iPads can pretty much eliminate the need for textbooks. Yay, no more backbreaking book bags!

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About Teacher With Apps

(9 days ago) About Teachers With Apps (TWA) is regularly curating the most up-to-date educational multimedia tools and is the go-to for respected resources for educators and parents in the digital space.. TWA also offers sage advice through blogs and media releases encouraging educational models that are tried and true utilizing research and best practices in education.

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