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These five apps will take the hassle out of everyday life, helping you find parking, cut customer-support hold time, reduce junk mail, block telemarketers and automate everyday tasks.

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Android apps list

(1 days ago) Apps for Turning New Year's Resolutions Into Reality. posted on December 31, 2019 in Phones and Mobile, News, Mobile Apps, Android Apps, iPhone/iPad Apps, Health & Fitness, Blog. These apps will

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The Best To Do List Apps

(8 days ago) Best to-do app for project management: Todoist. At its basic, free level, Todoist is a powerful task manager, with numerous ways to sort and label your to-dos, be they in …

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Best Apps to Relax and Destress

(6 days ago) Awareness is an application for Mac and Windows that doesn't force you to take breaks — as with some apps that dim your screen or lock you out of …

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Apps to Help You with What to Wear

(7 days ago) Apps to Help You with What to Wear by Christina DesMarais on October 21, 2013 in Tips & How-Tos , Health and Home , Mobile Apps , Android Apps , iPhone/iPad Apps

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The Best Allowance Apps

(9 days ago) Of the free apps, I liked iAllowance LT the best because its interface was the easiest to use, but my favorite was the Allowance Manager Pro, even though it is the most expensive.

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These Apps Are Killing Your Battery

(Just Now) But certain apps are a real surprise, like The Weather Channel app. This seemingly innocuous app is constantly checking on the latest weather, which creates a …

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18 Lesser-Known Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without

(9 days ago) by Ann-Marie Alcántara. New apps like Google Photos are always exciting, but it's nice to discover life-changing apps that aren't as popular. Inspired by this Reddit thread, we complied a list of

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Best Free Apps to Help Manage Diabetes

(3 days ago) Apps are available to track blood glucose levels, insulin dosages, weight, carbohydrate intake, exercise and more. For the 25.8 million children and …

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iPhone/iPad apps list

(5 days ago) 12 Free Productivity Apps that Will Save You Time. posted on May 20, 2021 in Productivity, Mobile Apps, Android Apps, iPhone/iPad Apps, Tips & How-Tos, Time Savers. These 12 free apps will help

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9 Free Android Apps Everyone Should Download

(9 days ago) The apps are also vastly inferior to what’s available on smartphones. Unless the monthly data fees are an issue, moving to a smartphone is highly recommended. Reply. What about blackberry?

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The Best White Noise Apps

(8 days ago) The best white noise app for fan sounds: Sleep Aid Fan. Similar to falling rain, the noise of an electric fan also helps many get a better night's sleep. Sleep Aid Fan generates that exact sound

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Easily Build Your Own Alexa Apps

(4 days ago) Personalize your Alexa-enabled device with your own apps, including interactive stories, flashcards, and apps to help the sitter care for your child or pet.

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The Worst Apps for Privacy

(9 days ago) Supposedly anonymous apps: Whisper, Secret, Yik-Yak. Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak are social networking apps with two major selling points in …

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The Best Apps of 2020

(5 days ago) For both Android and iOS, the top apps focus on staying healthy (physically and mentally), keeping in touch with friends, and staying entertained …

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How to Unsubscribe from an App

(3 days ago) Some apps require you to unsubscribe on the platform where you created the subscription. To check on your subscription status, go to the app and look for your account information.

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BlackBerry apps list

(4 days ago) posted on August 07, 2013 in Phones and Mobile, News, Mobile Apps, Android Apps, BlackBerry Apps, iPhone/iPad Apps, Windows Phone Apps, Blog, Money Savers, Social Networking. Whatsapp, one of the

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Apps to Keep Your Family Organized

(9 days ago) Appointments, medications, game schedules, chores — to make a household run smoothly, you need a safe place to store and share information. That's where apps come in handy.

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10 Free Android Apps Everyone Should Download

(Just Now) The inability to delete apps that come preinstalled on your phone, especially the generally useless ones added by your carrier (known as bloatware), has …

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8 Essential Apps for Last-Minute Travel

(5 days ago) These apps will help you score that last-minute break, whether you’re after a long break or hoping to get out of the town over a public holiday – and once you’re there, we’ve got you

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The Best Apps for Managing Email

(1 days ago) Like so many email apps, Boxer uses a swipe-based interface. Long or short swipes pack even more action into the possible actions. Choose “save to Evernote,” “mark as to-do” (with five

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The Best Grocery List Apps

(5 days ago) Android premium version users can scan barcodes and check grocery lists via Android Wear smartwatches. The app is a little less compelling for iPhone users, but it’s still a solid list-making

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Suzanne’s 7 Favorite iPhone Apps

(5 days ago) With more than 140,000 apps to choose from, finding decent apps for your iPhone can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Here are my favs!

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10 Free iPhone Apps Everyone Should Download

(5 days ago) Apps I like From Prosperity Queen on September 10, 2014 :: 12:02 pm Personally I like the weather app, Youtube & ebay app. Good information though thanks for sharing

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The Best Android Apps & Games of 2018

(Just Now) A large part of the list is dedicated to education and self-improvement — something mobile apps can really help with by putting the tools you need right in your pocket.

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The Best Android Apps & Games of 2019

(Just Now) in Mobile Apps, News, Phones and Mobile, Android Apps, iPhone/iPad Apps, Blog:: 0 comments Techlicious editors independently review products. …

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The Best Medical Advice Apps

(7 days ago) 0:00 / 0:00 •. Live. •. If you don't need built-in access to a live medical professional, our pick for the best first aid reference app is the American Red Cross First Aid app. It provides

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How to Update an Old iPad

(8 days ago) The only workaround is that if you have apps downloaded through iTunes on another device (e.g., your iPhone), you may be able to download that app through the iTunes on your old iPad if …

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3 Apps to Help You Drive Safe

(Just Now) 3 Apps to Help You Drive Safe by Suzanne Kantra on November 05, 2018 in Tips & How-Tos , Travel & Entertainment , Car Tech & Safety , Travel , Mobile Apps , Android Apps , iPhone/iPad Apps

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Closing Apps Can Hurt Battery Life

(3 days ago) Closing app is a good habit. From Mark Smith on October 23, 2016 :: 7:19 am. Closing unused apps in mobile phone seems good practice it saves …

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Free Personal Safety Apps that Can Call For Help

(8 days ago) These kind of safety apps are basically used for both emergency and non emergency alert system which is used for tracking the position. with …

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7 Photo Editing Apps Photographers Love

(Just Now) These apps have gone from offering preset filters you can simply slap on to any photo to providing basic and intermediate tools for photo editing. They've become so effective, in fact, that many

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Is Someone Spying on Your Phone

(8 days ago) Spy apps are plentiful and can imperceptibly track text and e-mail messages, location, Web sites you visit, who you call and what photos and videos you shoot. The problem is these apps are

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How to Delete Apps on Your iPhone

(1 days ago) Deleting an app on your iPhone used to be a simple matter of pressing and holding on an app icon on your Home Screen until the icon started jiggling and then tapping the “X” to delete it.

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Best Apps for Kids list page

(7 days ago) posted on March 20, 2015 in Kids, News, Phones and Mobile, Mobile Apps, Family and Parenting, Blog. The new Autodesk Tinkerplay app (iOS, Android, Windows) lets …

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Huge Changes Coming to iPhone, iPad and Mac Apps

(1 days ago) With the App Library, iOS 14 automates your app organization, grouping your most-accessed apps at the top of your main Home screen, or you can search through an alphabetical list of apps

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Over 1,300 Android Apps Track You Without Permission

(4 days ago) A recent study found that over 1,300 Android apps quietly collect location data and other information even when your privacy settings specifically prohibit it. To avoid your privacy permissions

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Best Apps for Finding Gluten-Free & Allergy-Free Foods

(9 days ago) Get informed about the food you're eating with these handy apps that help you find foods that are free from a allergens, glutens, preservatives and anything else you're trying to avoid.

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The Best Online Fitness Classes

(1 days ago) These sites & apps deliver workouts streamed to your phone, tablet, laptop or TV and range from ballet to Pilates to strength training to yoga. The Best Online Fitness Classes - Techlicious

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6 Great Sites & Apps for Taking Fitness Classes at Home

(7 days ago) 6 Great Sites & Apps for Taking Fitness Classes at Home by Christina DesMarais on April 02, 2014 in Health & Fitness , Health and Home , Mobile Apps , …

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These Popular Mobile Apps Are Secretly Tracking Everything

(8 days ago) But because these apps made it on to Apple's App Store, there's a fair chance similar apps are on Google Play. So is the problem fixed — or are we just starting to see the full extent of it?

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