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The App Solutions is a team of mobile app and web developers with experience measured by dozens of completed projects. We develop mobile apps for a range of top platforms, including Android and iOS. We also have extensive knowledge in …

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How To Make A Popular Mobile App

(1 days ago) These apps, such as Google Maps, have a clear purpose. Mobile device users would actually prefer to use an app than spend time trying to …

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Healthcare Mobile App Development: Features, Examples

(8 days ago) Medical record apps. Such apps simplify updating patient records, including blood pressure, medical visits, examinations, prescriptions, and other …

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9 App Store Alternatives

(4 days ago) In fact, many Android apps already run perfectly fine on Fire OS. Biggest Advantages: It is possible to publish HTML5 and web apps on the Amazon Appstore. It is a growing marketplace with hundreds of thousands of apps and a large customer base. The Amazon Appstore is also remarkably easy to navigate for all developers. Website: …

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7 Tips For Developing Cross Platform Apps

(9 days ago) How to Download App Store Apps for Free: 10 Steps (with

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Custom App Development

(2 days ago) Customized apps allow eliminating threats and risks through the integration of security measures and data encryption. Also, a customized approach meets the requirements of various OS and APIs. Customer relations. Going custom in development allows building a robust personalization strategy with each client. It is possible due to the integration

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How To Create The Best Fitness or Workout App in 2021

(5 days ago) The apps in this category can track a user's physical activity - pretty much everything you've done during the day. Activity tracking apps collect user information about the number of steps taken, stairs climbed, hours slept, distance and speed run, and calories burned.

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App vs Mobile Website: Key Differences, Pros and Cons of

(Just Now) To create such apps or websites, we suggest outsourcing an app development company. While both options have some remarkable visual similarities, there are some major differences in terms of features, the purpose of the app/website, budget factors, and the size of the audience you can reach with each option.

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How to Create a Social Media App

(7 days ago) All this helps social apps for businesses to stand out at the Apple Store and Google Play Market. Also, about marketing. When you come up with an idea for a mobile app or a web project, remember that the development costs are only a part of the project cost. You should also take into account basic marketing needs and costs.

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Music App development: Streaming Apps, Music Players

(7 days ago) Music Streaming Apps. Such apps as Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music are the most widely used music streaming apps. The primary purpose of the music streaming application is to play music available in the databases of the service, compose custom playlists and suggest similar songs. The main elements of music streaming apps are: Discovery.

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How do Encrypted Messaging Apps like Signal and Wire Make

(4 days ago) Most messaging apps store message metadata by default. It includes such data as time, sender, receiver, contact list, device ID, and so on. This information can be used by hackers to identify the user and apply social engineering skills to retrieve the decryption key. The most prominent example of storing metadata on servers is WhatsApp.

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Mobile App HIPAA Compliance: a Step-by-Step Guide

(3 days ago) Diet apps. A mobile app that manages a daily food diary, tracks activities, and weight loss progress, doesn't count as PHI as well. IoT Fitness apps. An IoT-enabled fitness app collects and delivers data that can be used to track personal growth. Hence, an IoT mobile app doesn't have to comply with HIPAA requirements.

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How to Create an App Like Yelp: Components, Monetization

(1 days ago) Such apps help tourists to find specific places. From a business point of view, apps like Yelp have numerous means of monetization. If you consider developing an app like Yelp, continue reading. Below we will describe how Yelp works, its main competitors, Yelp monetization model, the feature list, and the cost to create an app like Yelp.

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How To Build a Travel App

(9 days ago) Accommodation booking apps. Accommodation booking apps allow travelers to view, book, and pay for rooms. App users can also leave a review of the place they have visited and rate it. At the same time, the most innovative renting apps include a check-in feature and electronic keys. Marriott's hotel booking app illustrates such apps perfectly.

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How to Make a Personal Finance App

(1 days ago) Types of personal finance apps. As we have already mentioned above, most often, budgeting apps are divided into two types: Manual (simple) Automatic (complex) In the first case, all data is entered by the user himself. In the second, electronic transactions provide such information to the personal finance app.

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The Best Applications of Machine Learning in Mobile

(6 days ago) Logistics mobile apps, such as Uber for trucking or fleet management, need to provide the driver with up-to-date information about traffic conditions. Then, based on current situations, such apps optimize roads to avoid traffic jams, deliver cargo on time, and avoid extra fuel consumption.

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Mobile Apps for Hospitals: Hot Trends, Monetization Models

(1 days ago) Doctors networking apps, where medical specialists can share their experience, grow the community, ask for advice, and so on. [DailyRounds, doctor networking app example, source: App Store] Health tracking apps that allow doctors to monitor a patient's healing process, gather test results, and other medical docs.

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A Location-Based App Development Process and Examples

(4 days ago) Apps like Yahoo Weather and Weather Underground use geolocation data to increase usability and skip a few steps between the consumer and the product. You have such apps or widgets on your smartphone for sure. The core working principle of these weather apps involves detecting user location and providing data on the weather conditions.

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Projects Portfolio

(8 days ago) Android. A social platform that allows users to post their queries or questions to local professionals and receive advices. QuePro app provides users with real-time knowledge and helps them promote their skills, learn and communicate with other community members. We launched the app within the very tight deadline.

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How to Achieve Your App Compatibility with iOS 13

(1 days ago) How iOS updates affect mobile apps. The new iOS release impacts application performance due to the following reasons: Changes to the SDKs. One of the ways the new OS release may affect the current code is in changes to Software Development Kits (SDKs). Why is it important? Because SDKs is a set of tools that developers use to build mobile apps.

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Telemedicine App Development — Make an App Like Doctor-on

(4 days ago) The most popular doctor-on-demand mobile apps. If you are considering developing a doctor-on-demand mobile app, you need to be aware of similar apps currently presented on the market and their features. To save you time and effort, we have gathered telemedicine applications below. ZocDoc telemedicine platform

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How to Create a Navigation app Like Waze

(4 days ago) With navigation apps like Waze on a smartphone, you can survive even in the middle of nowhere. But there is more: BIS research agency report said the navigation app market is continually growing, with $34.56 billion income expected by 2021. Therefore, a navigation app could be a very profitable business. Here’s why:

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Competences & Expertise

(9 days ago) A very powerful mobile analytics tool for apps of any kind. The tools offers wide analytical possibilities based on big data that the company works with. Google Analytics. GA is the most universal and popular digital analytics service. It provides a huge set of powerful analytical tools for measuring your app’s performance.

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Why Is a Mobile App Useful for Retail Business

(Just Now) Apps help keep your brand prominent in the marketplace. Apps increase customer retention and loyalty, helping to provide sales support. Having an app allows you to demonstrate products and services, connect with clients. You can give users a better customer experience. Apps loading time is faster than mobile sites.

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App Payment Systems Integration: Payments and Fees in 2021

(3 days ago) Today we use mobile devices, not only for sending messages or receiving calls but also for ordering products or services and paying for them. Statista report that by 2022, the transaction value of mobile payment apps will reach nearly $14 trillion, illustrating the fast-paced industry. Whether you want to build a booking, event, or even an e-commerce app to process …

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How Your Mobile App Can Benefit from Gamification

(4 days ago) Today, the mobile app market is enormous, and the numbers from Statista prove that: on Google Play, you can find apps totaling $2.5 million, Apple App Store - $1.8 million, Windows Store - $669 thousand, and Amazon App Store - $489 thousand. In total, we have a number of $5,5 billion in mobile apps!

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Marijuana Delivery App Development Guide

(2 days ago) Key Features of a Uber-style marijuana delivery app . Your cannabis delivery app will perform as a marketplace with different types of users. There should be a buyer app, a merchant app, a driver app, and an admin app. Below we share essential features to add to each user panel.

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Why SaaS Business Needs a Mobile App

(4 days ago) Developing SaaS apps with cloud-based technology is going to replace the outdated commercial software. SaaS mobile app development. Software as a Service is used not only for desktop or laptop devices but also on various mobile devices. Sometimes the SaaS app only adds value to the service or can be used as a dashboard to provide reports for

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On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development after COVID-20

(9 days ago) When estimating the costs for grocery delivery apps, don't forget about project management, quality assurance, bug fixing, and technical documentation.Technical documentation is the core of your project that includes technical specifications, project installation, deployment instructions, grocery mobile app development documentation, and even a clickable prototype.

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A Step-by-step Guide on Taxi App Development in 2021

(8 days ago) Taxi service apps have almost replaced traditional ride-hailing services and are here to stay. Today, mobile apps are a must for existing taxi business owners and startups that want to offer taxi booking services. Unfortunately, to win the competition, an app is not enough. Once you join the taxi industry, you’ll face sharp competition.

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Android Apps vs. iOS apps

(Just Now) Medium complexity apps with third-party integrations, like payment gateways, might cost from $30K and take three months to build. Complex applications, such as social networks or taxi-hailing apps, with database and API …

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How to Create WhatsApp: The Ultimate Guide on Messenger

(9 days ago) The chat apps market will keep up with this overall growth, and by 2025, users will make four out of five mobile connections with a smartphone; The messaging apps' average revenue per user is expected to exceed $15 by 2020

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Choosing between Kotlin vs. Java for Android App

(Just Now) In 2017, Kotlin became the official language for developing Android apps, announced at Google's annual developer conference. It is 100% interoperable with Java code. The JVM version of Kotlin's standard library depends on Class Library written in Java.

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Diet and Nutrition App for iOS: Core Features and

(8 days ago) The best healthy diet apps and their features. There is a range of nutrition apps on the market. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best applications connected to dieting and nutrition apps: MyPlate Calorie Tracker. This diet tracking app tracks your calories, water intake, and exercise and gives feedback on your fitness and snack

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How your business can benefit from a restaurant ordering

(1 days ago) Restaurant ordering apps consist of three mobile apps — for customers, restaurants, and couriers. Don't forget about an admin panel, which will work via an internet browser. If you ask developers how much the restaurant app will cost, you will receive a rough estimate of $40,000 to $80,000 per app .

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Business Opportunities for AR and VR Travel

(6 days ago) Business Opportunities for Augmented and Virtual Reality Travel. The world is getting smaller every day due to the travel and tourism industries booming. Add to that lowcost flight tickets, cheap bus rides, etc., and the entire planet seems to become a next-door adventure for people. However, even despite the comparatively low travel prices

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