Top 21 Education Apps In India For Online Learning [2021

This is a global brand for learning and one of the best educational apps in India. Sololearn. Sololearn is a complete one-stop solution for those who love to code. …

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APIs for Developers

(8 days ago) In Web Apps using Model-View-Controller Architecture the backend directly renders the web page. Prominent platforms using MVC architecture are PHP frameworks (Laravel, Yii), Python (Django), Ruby on Rails, and Jade Template Engine using Express. In MVC apps the OTP can be generated when the page itself is loading.

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Top 15 Short Video Platforms October 2021: Global & …

(1 days ago) TikTok is considered one of the best short video apps that enable users to create and share short videos. TikTok gave a huge platform to content creators to showcase their skills. Compatible with android as well as iOS devices, Tik Tok is one of the most appreciated short video platforms. Since 2016, when it was first made available, it has

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Top 19 Video Streaming Platforms & CDN hosting …

(5 days ago) TikTok. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing video streaming platforms in the world which offers an alternative version of online sharing. It entitles users to create short videos with music, filters, and some other features. TikTok is an iOS and Android media app that can be used for creating and sharing small videos.

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57 Video Hosting Features for Video Website & App: VdoCipher

(2 days ago) Emulator Playback Prevention in Mobile Apps – We provide emulator playback protection for our customers to ensure that videos only play in real mobile phones. This is done via our integrated Google SafetyNet implementation for our video hosting customers.

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Online Video Platform Comparison: I Tried & Reviewed Top 6

(3 days ago) A combination of Hollywood standard DRM encryption (Digital Rights Management), screen capture blocking in mobile apps, viewer-specific dynamic watermarking and domain restriction feature ensures that videos can’t be downloaded or shared illegally from their video platform.

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Top 13 Video Sharing Platform To Consider In October …

(2 days ago) 4. Metacafe. If short-form content is something that sparks your interest, this video sharing platform is a simple platform facilitating both the browsing and uploading of such content. It’s absolutely free to join Metacafe. It’s a small scale YouTube alternative in …

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Top 7 Online Video Hosting Platforms for Online Courses

(7 days ago) 5.Vimeo. With Vimeo, you’ll get the good looking interface for distributing your online video courses. While this video service platform surely has constraints as to its transferring space limit, its incredible examination frameworks, customization capacity, and strong network settle on it an alluring decision for online course makers.

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51 Top Popular OTT Platforms in India & USA

(3 days ago) Funimation is the best anime streaming service for fans of dubs. Funimation’s web site and mobile apps impressed us from a design standpoint. The service also supports offline downloads and allows you to customize closed captions. Funimation’s base plan supports two simultaneous streams, but higher tiers bump that limit up to five.

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10 Most Popular OTT Platforms in India 2019

(3 days ago) Viu. Viu is another OTT Platform which provides us an amazing experience online, for the users who wish to devour advertisement-free content and experience the excellent version. Viu, Over-The-Top (OTT) has recently launched its services in March, 2019 in South Africa. It has already its services in 16 countries including India.

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Upload/Import + Embed overview: Tutorial

(9 days ago) Please go through below video to understand how exactly upload, processing and embed works for your videos. There are more videos on support blog explaining specific embed for wordpress/iframe/api/apps. Supercharge Your Business with Videos At VdoCipher we maintain the strongest content protection for videos. We also work extremely hard to deliver the […]

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Guide To Building Your Own eLearning Video Platform with

(5 days ago) Often learning apps provide a better user experience compared to a mobile website. Presentations, courses, videos become more responsive, menus and filters are smooth enough, better UI, there are other customizable options and more. But this does not mean all eLearning video platforms are doing that great with a mobile app. Apps are platform

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VdoCipher Features

(9 days ago) SDK Integration support for Android and IOS Native apps. HTML 5 adaptive player for ease of playback. Easy Dashboard. Dashboard to upload/import videos, configure security settings, customise thumbnail, subtitle, organise in folders, get video analytics etc. Upload & Embed video tutorial

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Top 7 Business Video Hosting Platforms in October 2021

(3 days ago) API and SDK are an important feature that helps a business to easily configure the platform’s technology with their existing services (websites/apps) and for custom integrations. Hence, a business definitely looks for API and SDKs from a Business video Hosting platform. 6- Detailed Analytics

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The Comprehensive Guide to Online Video Platform in 2021

(7 days ago) If you are a business owner who is looking to sell premium videos on websites or apps, say online courses or movies or web series or tutorials at a subscription or pay-per-view price, then VdoCipher is the ideal video hosting solution for you. Key features include Hollywood grade DRM encryption security and user-specific dynamic watermarking

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Top 17 Online Video Player [2021]: HTML5 Video Player For

(3 days ago) 12. Elite. Elite Video Player is a fully customizable online video player for WordPress that offers advertising support. The responsive HTML5 video player offers playback for platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, and self-hosting videos (only mp4).

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Video Hosting Platforms: 10 Features & Technologies to

(3 days ago) Enterprise video hosting platforms often come along with the capabilities to become a video platform reseller, create custom video portals, and build apps around your streaming or on-demand video content.This is possible through APIs that support custom development and integration.

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Top 9 Video Conferencing Platforms In October 2021

(9 days ago) It combines third-party apps, utilizes encryption, and incorporates authentication mechanisms. Meeting with Zoho; Zoho Meeting is an Indian IT behemoth that has been delivering cutting-edge business products since 1996. It launched Zoho Meeting in 2007 to bridge communication barriers by offering online conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities.

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All about Video Piracy & How it can be stopped VdoCipher

(7 days ago) Token theft – Streaming apps or web browsers use tokens to identify the user. Pirates can copy these tokens to other devices and use them again to access the content. Video Downloading. There are several tools available online, which makes it easy for users to download a video.

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Shemaroo to launch VOD platform via streaming app

(2 days ago) Shemaroo, the Mumbai-based media content house, claims to have a library of over 3000 movie titles. It has planned to launch its own online video streaming app in the upcoming months. It aims to grow its catalogs of movies by 3% to 5% every year. Shemaroo is active in content ownership, content creation, aggregation and distribution of content

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Top 4 Video Hosting Servers: AWS, Google, Akamai, Azure

(1 days ago) This Content Delivery Network lets you reduce load times, save bandwidth and speed responsiveness—whether you are developing or managing websites or mobile apps or encoding and distributing streaming media, gaming software, firmware updates or IoT endpoints. Azure Blob Storage

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5 Video Encryption Technologies Compared for Video

(7 days ago) How can one use Google Widevine DRM for video protection Desktop & Android website/apps? VdoCipher is a direct Google partner for Widevine DRM implementation. VdoCipher provides a packaged Widevine DRM + AWS hosting + player offering for customers to use. All plans including the free trial plan include Widevine DRM pre-integrated in the account.

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Google Widevine DRM: Simple Guide to Security

(Just Now) Though this decision of basing the quality of video on Widevine security level, is a sole choice of platform/content provider and there are no compulsory rules around it. Many other movie platforms and course video websites/apps provide HD playback in all security levels. For Widevine L1, TEE does all the video decryption, decoding, and processing.

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Netflix Business Model : World's Largest Video Selling

(5 days ago) But unlike apps like Spotify which also runs on premium subscription, there’s no free option in Netflix. This means all members are paying for the content they want to watch. Users enjoy the convenience of ad-free entertainment, although ad trials have taken place recently.

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Virtual Classroom: Learning beyond four walls

(7 days ago) An example of this is the Educomp smart classes and Educational apps like – BYJU’s.,etc. Besides that, the learners engage with other learners through discussions in the chat rooms and discussion forums. The facilitators then evaluate the learning outcomes, grade the assignments and give students feedback. Synchronous virtual learning :

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Top 31 Online IAS Coaching Platforms with Lecture & Test

(3 days ago) Most of the learning apps offer lucrative offers to grab attention and attract subscribers. However, while each app promises to be the best in a particular field, it’s tough to decide which one is the best. This becomes more challenging while selecting a UPSC coaching platform to prepare for one of the toughest exams to crack in India.

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E-learning Video Protection: Ensure Piracy Protection of

(6 days ago) DRM protection with Mobile apps (Android, IOS Native Apps) also have additional security to completely block any screen capture tools from working. This allows pretty hard security in mobile apps. Domain Restrictions. Another way to ensure e-learning video protection is to make sure that your videos are domain restriction.

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Webview/Cordova/Phonegap/Ionic integration overview

(1 days ago) Thus it is strongly recommended to go for native apps only. Supercharge Your Business with Videos At VdoCipher we maintain the strongest content protection for videos.

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What is Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) & Advantages

(2 days ago) The platform provides a wide range of features like DRM encryption to prevent illegal download, screen capture blocking in mobile apps, Video API, powerful content delivery network (CDN) and Dynamic watermarking. Security Features of Vdocipher

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VdoCipher DRM compatibility across devices & browsers

(1 days ago) We have given a summary of the recommended browsers on each device. Talking of compatibility by example; there is a reason why Netflix does not play in mobile phone browsers (but we do). Netflix also is not supported on apps in some phones which do not have …

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Android App integration overview: Tutorial Video

(7 days ago) Android App integration overview: Tutorial Video. Please watch the below 2 videos to understand an overview and key points to take care of while integrating VdoCipher secure playback in your android app. The second video is a more detailed tutorial showcasing a sample Vdocipher native SDK integration with code in a native app.

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50+ E-Learning Statistics Of 2021: Key Online Course Stats

(1 days ago) Duolingo, a Language Skills development app, is among the most downloaded apps in the Education category with more than 100 million downloads. Khan Academy, BYJU’s & Unacademy can be seen working on App, Website, & YouTube as they are managing to attain a position in 10 major E-Learning platforms.

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Widevine DRM License Server: Security & Rights Management

(8 days ago) Widevine DRM License Server. VdoCipher is a first party Widevine DRM License Partner with Google. We provide Zero Risk video streaming solutions for media & education businesses to help them serve premium content on their site and mobile app with Hollywood grade security and functionalities. Here you can find details of the security options

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React & React Native Video Playback: Simple Guide

(9 days ago) Before discussing the technicalities of incorporating video content in React and React Native apps, let’s talk about React and React Native briefly. These are two popular frameworks for modern application development. Facebook developed React in 2011. This web development library is also called React.js.

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SafetyNet Integration with Android App

(Just Now) App duplication - In addition to the above, SafetyNet can also ensure playback is only allowed on apps published by you, and not on any modified apks, etc. Additional steps mentioned further in below document will add app certification checks to the default SafetyNet checks before playback.

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OTT Platform: 9 Important Things You Should Know in 2021

(5 days ago) Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu have gained huge popularity resulting in the loss of viewers for traditional TV. As the OTT market continues to grow, so will the opportunities associated with it. For e.g., brands adopting OTT video to support their sales and marketing goals.

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Widevine CDM or Content Decryption Module & its browser

(Just Now) Regardless of the underline protection system, EME enables the same apps and encrypted files in any browser. Standardized APIs and Common Encryption do this. As the name suggests, EME is an extension of HTMLMediaElement specification. Being an extension, browser support is optional. The external components used in EME implementation are Key

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An Introduction to Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) For

(Just Now) Proprietary apps on Desktops have much greater access to the user device, including access to the file system and user-private data. As proprietary applications communicates directly with the website, they may collect more extensive data about the end-user, becoming a major privacy threat.

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Video DRM Explained in Simple Language

(9 days ago) Video DRM stands for the encryption and licensing protocols maintained by likes of Google and Apple to ensure piracy protection for videos playing on web browsers, mobile apps and Smart TVs. The two most popular Video DRM are Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay DRM. 3. DRM License

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E-learning Archives

(1 days ago) Top 21 Education Apps In India For Online Learning [2021 Updated] In this epoch, when we are hearing the term Digital India everywhere, and the phone is a smartphone now, it has also changed the face of education in India. There are so many students who belong to tier-2 cities in India, don’t have the proper resources and lack of coaching

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Flutter Android SDK for secure playback

(Just Now) Flutter Android SDK for secure playback. The first (alpha) version of VdoCipher plugin is published and available for use in your flutter apps. Note: the plugin currently supports android only, iOS is not supported. To see installation instructions and the API Reference please visit the official publication on …

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