30 of the Most Useful Education Apps for Teachers and

Explore ways for students and teachers to get organized. Find fun collaborative tools. Digital storytelling and visual presentation apps. Interactive whiteboard tools. Digital portfolios and more. Enjoy this list of 30 useful education apps teachers and students will love using!

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Wabisabi Learning

(9 days ago) Wabisabi Learning is the source for exceptional educational resources. Buy books, guides, posters and more for your school or classroom. Teacher resources and lesson planning, professional learning, growth mindset, critical thinking and more.

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The 30 Best Digital Storytelling Resources for Imaginative

(6 days ago) Today, we have powerful and engaging digital storytelling apps to choose from. No matter if they are Web-based or mobile apps, there is a tool for every talented story smith in your class. It seems like digital storytelling apps just keep getting better and better. The following list features 30 …

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The 4 Most Popular Assessment Tools Used in Modern

(2 days ago) Socrative is still one of the top apps effective classroom engagement and assessment. Use prepared activities or on-the-fly questions to gauge student understanding. And it …

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The Best Tools for Nurturing Your Personal Learning

(9 days ago) Educators can learn anytime and anywhere with what interests them. Topics of note include blended learning, tech-infused lesson plans, Google Apps, Web 2.0 tools, and lots more. They also connect you with a community of learners just like you. This isn't a free program, but it allows teachers to earn valuable education credits. 7. Classroom 2.0

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17 Formative Digital Assessment Tools to Help You Know

(3 days ago) You can also import directly from most popular apps. Recap: A free app that lets t eachers prompt the students to explain their thinking on a question or topic using video. Kahoot: This is a popular free class quiz game that lets teachers use multiple choice or sequencing questions. Quizizz: Another great game and quiz-making application.

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4 Fun Coding Sites for Learners to Develop Their Skills

(6 days ago) Coding is the method used to create websites, software for computers, and the apps that are so popular on everyone’s devices. Kids are naturally adept at learning this technology because it’s been around since they were born. They don’t remember a time where this new age of computer savvy didn’t exist.

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10 Online Learning Resources for Building Practical Skills

(6 days ago) Hack Design offers technology tutorials for Web design, mobile apps, and more. Why it's cool: This site uses highly interactive lessons for teaching. Units include challenging games and puzzles that stretch the imagination and exercise critical thinking capacity.

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A STEM Resource List of More Than 40 Useful Websites

(7 days ago) A STEM Resource List of More Than 40 Useful Websites. There are lots of STEM resources available on the web and here are 40 useful websites to check! STEM learning is swiftly becoming the new PBL. It's innovative, challenging, and rewarding pathways to learning that prepare our kids well for ever-growing future careers.

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6 Online Collaborative Tools to Engage Students in

(2 days ago) In this article, I will introduce you to 7 online collaborative tools that can help you to solve the issue of lack of interest for good. When I talk about online collaborative tools, I refer to web-based tools that enable teachers and students to perform a wide range of tasks, such as interactive discussions, online collaboration activities, sharing and accessing electronic learning resources

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6 Cool Free Online Design Resources for Creative School

(Just Now) Facebook ads and apps Canva has also just recently upped their game in infographics , and now offer a visual design program on Canva Educational . Both of these just add to the awesomeness, so be sure to check them out!

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24 Super-Cool Education Apps That Young Learners Will Love

(Just Now) 24 Education Apps for Young Learners to Explore Here are 24 terrific education apps to get young learners engaged and excited. Read reviews before you purchase one, and keep in …

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8 Free Website Creator Tools for Classroom Projects

(6 days ago) 6. Im Creator. IM Creator, like most of these website creator tools, is built to be responsive. So many people today navigate sites on mobile devices while they are on the go. IM Creator offers beautiful templates that work with as few or as many pages as you want. Get …

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5 Smart Online Parent-Teacher Communication Tools for

(1 days ago) Share photos and videos, use instant messaging and translate in up to 35 different languages. Edmodo: Edmodo is another mainstay in the arena of online parent-teacher communication. It's still one of the best paperless classroom management tools available to teachers. Edmodo is a safe and easy way for teachers and parents to engage for free.

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The Best Online Math Games for Students That Hate Math

(Just Now) Students can learn math and telling time with a game like Just a Minute! Here are some great math money games to try with students. Halloween can be a learning adventure with games like Spooky Sums Math. Get creative with some math activities using Play-Doh. Card games like Exponent Battle make learning math a breeze.

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10 Fresh Administrative Tools to Help Principals Lead the

(Just Now) Google for Education is a selection of the best Google apps which can improve administrative processes as well as student education. Google Docs, for instance, is every bit as powerful as Microsoft Office, yet it's completely free. It will help you create documentation for your school and enable you to collaborate on documents in real-time with

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60+ Free Edtech Tools for 4-Core and More

(5 days ago) They have apps for learning about anatomy and micro-anatomy, physiological processes, and pathologies. Social Studies/History Tools. Newsela: This is an educational literacy and current events site. You can explore it as either a student or a teacher.

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5 Great Educational Resources for Modern Classrooms

(5 days ago) There are 3 key components to Canva Educational. They are: A drag-and-drop design tool made for teachers and students, and including Google Apps for Education. Workshops and PBL lesson plans. An advisory board of well-known edtech educators including Richard Byrne of Free Tech 4 Teachers , Vicki Davis of Cool Cat Teacher, and Edchat co-founder

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10 Ways to Begin Effectively Improving Learners

(8 days ago) From audiobooks to apps, there is a multitude of technological resources you can use for improving learners' communication skills. Students can listen to or read along with audiobooks to hear how the speaker pronounces and enunciates different words or phrases. Some great free apps for improving communication are VoiceThread and Paper Telephone.

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9 Infographic Tools for Creative Data

(9 days ago) Although the images included in the free version are less varied than other apps, you can still create great signs with what is offered. Easel.ly offers 5 different charts. What's appealing is the ability to quickly clear your canvas and start over, and the interface is, once again, clean and straightforward. Infogr.am

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22 Online Tools That Will Help Learners With Improving

(1 days ago) 2. Hemingway —Hemingway is an app you can use online to check your writing’s readability. The free online version works very well, and there is also a desktop version for PC and Mac. 3. EditMinion —EditMinion is a Beta-version online copy editor. It refines your writing by finding common mistakes.

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10 Essential Self-Directed Learning Questions Every

(8 days ago) exploration of assumptions. personal experience. knowledge gained from others. Missing knowledge. who, what, where, when, why, how. the history of the problem or challenge. what others have missed in the past. 5.

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8 of the Most Engaging Classroom Social Media Activities

(8 days ago) 8 of the Most Engaging Classroom Social Media Activities. Social media can be the key to your classroom's success! Technology has undeniably and profoundly expanded access to education in many ways. For one thing, classroom walls have dissolved in the wake of these advancements providing new ways of learning. With classroom social media, a new

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7 Ways of Nurturing Student Creativity and Why It Matters

(7 days ago) Creating apps and games doesn't just take strong programming and problem-solving skills. It also calls for an understanding of art, architecture, anatomy, composition, perspective, color, light, and shadow. This is only one example of a creative class occupation that didn’t exist a …

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10 of the Best Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

(7 days ago) By now, you've probably heard all about the growth mindset. Specifically, many are talking about exercising the growth mindset in young learners. So what is it all about, and why is it so important, especially for our kids? Having a growth mindset challenges us to rise above negativity and limitation. It …

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A List of 18 Twitter-Based Classroom Activities for

(5 days ago) Team-Building Activities. Word Games: Use Twitter to post a challenge where students have to work as a team to solve it. These challenges could be word scrambles, definitions, or any other spelling, grammar, or writing related game. Scavenger Hunts: Place scavenger hunt clues and directions for students to follow on Twitter.

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8 Useful Studying Strategies for Students That Don't Enjoy

(8 days ago) It works hard and needs to take a breather now and then. Remind studying students to get up, stretch, have some water, share a laugh with their friends, and then get back to business. You can also make use of the Pomodoro technique, and use apps that work with it. …

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10 Essential Resources For Building Your Learners

(Just Now) With these resources, you’ll be able to put a little fun into teaching questioning skills to your students. Explore the links below and have fun. A few of these are also available as apps for mobile devices. What If? takes impossible questions from readers and attempts to come up with a scientifically sound answer using physics. Check their

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A List of Excellent Student Design Projects for Middle

(7 days ago) Let's get onto the student design projects now. 1. E-Magazine. This is a great one for students to display their interests with. Magazine projects teach research, graphic design, and publishing skills. They can do them as both school and personal projects. It's also a good introduction to advanced e-book design techniques.

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Resource Downloads – Wabisabi Learning

(8 days ago) From our offices in Japan, Canada, and Australia, Wabisabi Learning works with schools in over 20 countries transforming to Future-Focused Learning.

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The Most Important Reasons Why Students Need Personalized

(9 days ago) Today’s teachers have access to a vast selection of programs and apps that redefine the learning student learning experiences. For example, with Skype and Google Earth, students can connect with people and places thousands of miles away. Another example is Seesaw; a platform where students can place all of their work in a central location

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The Best 100 Education Hashtags for All Educators on

(Just Now) Erik Day presents a comprehensive list of 100 of the best education hashtags for every social media-savvy educator out there.

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5 Creative Digital Tools That Bring Visuals and Writing

(8 days ago) Simply put, this is one of the most beautiful digital storytelling apps on the Web. Storybird curates original artwork from a global community of artists. It's free to use in creating stunning visual stories. There's also Storybird for education. It's used in over 400,000 classrooms worldwide. It's …

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Here Are Some Free Online Writing Tools That Boost Writer

(3 days ago) Quabel —A free tool with a clean user interface that lets you concentrate and focus on your best writing. Writeapp —A free private online notebook app to save and protect all your drafts and ideas right online. My Writing Spot —This clutter-free online writing workspace features autosave capability, a word counter, a built-in dictionary

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10 Activities to Bring Inquiry-Based Learning and Art

(9 days ago) Like we did with our activities for mathematics and high-school English, we’ll use the Wabisabi Inquiry Cycle below.. The Wabisabi Inquiry Cycle The Global Concept. The Global Concept is the “big idea” or focus of inquiry. This is usually summed up in just a few words, or even only one (e.g. Sustainability, Inclusion, Tolerance). Learners should be encouraged to pursue these concepts in

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8 Ways to Ensure You Start a Successful BYOD Program

(8 days ago) Since the gadget is owned by the student, their own apps and documents may be unsuitable for a school setting. It takes clear thinking and extensive planning in implementing a BYOD program. It’s important to keep following this movement. Students are incredibly tech savvy. Breakthroughs in technology are making this easier.

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These Creative Writing Prompts Will Make Your Students

(7 days ago) These creative writing prompts come from Kelly Roell at ThoughtCo. Learners come up with four different things: A specific source of light. A specific object. A sound using onomatopoeia. A specific place. When the list is created, students write a one-paragraph story including each of the four items and a single protagonist they create or

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To Meet or Not to Meet: How to Minimize Time Wasters and

(3 days ago) Switching between apps; Reviewing team communications; Managing schedules; Assorted "busywork." In other words, work about work is anything that takes away from the meaningful skilled deep work an employee is actually hired to do, which …

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How to Make Great Presentations the Pecha Kucha Way

(6 days ago) Pecha Kucha is a method of PowerPoint that has changed the landscape of presentations. It's translated as “chitchat,” designed and patented by architects Klein/Dytham in Tokyo in 2003. A Pecha Kucha presentation utilizes imagery and efficient use of spoken word to create a seamless, memorable, meaningful and concise presentation.

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5 Strategies for Building a Successful Flipped Math Class

(4 days ago) Use Math Apps. There are a number of apps available that comprehensively break down math in a simple and easy-to-understand manner using scenarios that most students can relate to. Try these great examples for helping your students get into the groove of your new flipped math class: Operation Math. Power Math Apps. DragonBox.

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Blog – Wabisabi Learning

(9 days ago) From our offices in Japan, Canada, and Australia, Wabisabi Learning works with schools in over 20 countries transforming to Future-Focused Learning.

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Technology Integration – Page 2 – Wabisabi Learning

(4 days ago) 24 Super-Cool Education Apps That Young Learners Will Love. List of the coolest and most appealing education apps out there. Technology Integration. How Students Can Use Social Media for Classroom Research. Our digital kids are born collaborators. Technology Integration.

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Create Polls, Questions and Articles Wabisabi Learning

(2 days ago) Right now, you can only create new polls when you're on the web, but we'll be adding the option to the mobile apps very soon. If topics are enabled by the Host in your Wabisabi Community, each post, question or poll added from this field can be tagged with a specific Topic. This post will then show up within that Topic and it will be surfaced

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