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7 Top Travel Apps You Don’t Already Have (But Should) Zipcar

(1 days ago) Apps like GateGuru provide guides to your local airport, complete with pointers for the best eats, plus notifications for key amenities. 3. SCOUT. You’ve got direction—especially when Scout and Sygic are at the ready. Photo courtesy of iStock.

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7 Apps and Platforms to Help Build Community in Your City

(7 days ago) IRL COMMUNITY BUILDING: Beyond the digital apps and platforms, no effort at urban community building is complete without some real-life interactions. For more information about how to meet neighbors, improve your local scenery, and otherwise make your neighborhood a pleasant place to be, peep Curbed's excellent list of suggestions .

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8 Apps That Make College Life Way Easier

(4 days ago) 8 Apps That Make College Life Way Easier . Like the video shows, you probably don’t need advice on your first kiss or how to mend a broken heart—but there are definitely ways to make college life a bit less difficult. Here are a few of our favorite apps and tech solutions that make independent living much easier…and help put your parents

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Be Your Own Tour Guide With These 7 Self-Guided City Apps

(6 days ago) Download these seven apps, and you won’t just be taken on a perfunctory sightseeing trip. Instead, you can tune into little-known anecdotes, listen to stories from your city’s local legends, discover hidden-away restaurants, and even go for offline …

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Zipcar: Car Sharing Alternative for Daily and Hourly Car

(3 days ago) Zipcar is the world’s leading car sharing alternative to car rental & ownership. Book cars on demand by the hour or day. Join instantly, drive in minutes.

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Download the Zipcar Car Sharing App Zipcar

(5 days ago) Use the Zipcar car hire app to find, reserve, and unlock your rental car on the move and from anywhere using your mobile.

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Minneapolis Car Sharing Services & Hourly Car Rental Zipcar

(4 days ago) Apply online with a valid driver’s license. Most members are approved instantly and can book a trip within minutes. How much does Zipcar cost? Zipcar membership costs $7 a month or $70 a year. Reserve cars by the hour or by the day. Gas, insurance options,* and 180 miles per day are all included in membership.

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Bust a Move: 5 Apps That Make Moving Suck Less

(7 days ago) Bust a Move: 5 Apps That Make Moving Suck Less. There are few bigger life stressors than packing up all your stuff and moving it someplace else. (It’s right up there with just missing the ice cream truck, accidentally swiping left, or dropping your phone in the toilet.) You have to find a new place, maybe a new roommate, pack, unpack, book

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Maps, Snacks, and Driving Feedback: Zipcar’s 10 Essential

(9 days ago) Maps, Snacks, and Driving Feedback: Zipcar’s 10 Essential Travel Apps. BMW ParkingAssistant: Tickets bite, especially when they’re easily avoidable. BMW ParkingAssistant feels your pain. When you're out on the town, just tell it your parking situation and it'll monitor your location in relation to your car. You’ll get a handy heads up

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6 of the Best To-Do List Apps to Help You Get Organized

(6 days ago) 6. REMEMBER THE MILK: One of the best to-do list apps out there, Remember the Milk doesn't just remind you to grab that gallon on your way home. The app's Smart Add function means you can quickly upload assignments and to-dos as soon as they come to mind, while reminders sent via email, text, Twitter, and other mobile apps will help cover for

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10 Apps That Will Help You Learn a Foreign Language

(3 days ago) Many of the newest language apps focus on fun, so you really won’t feel like you’re learning at all. Until you start impressing your friends with your super skills, of course. Michel Thomas. A pioneer in accessible language learning, Michel Thomas’ method is about sitting back and letting the words wash over you.

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Car Sharing & Hourly Car Rental in Sacramento Zipcar

(3 days ago) Apply online with a valid driver’s license. Most members are approved instantly and can book a trip within minutes. How much does Zipcar cost? Zipcar membership costs $7 a month or $70 a year. Reserve cars by the hour or by the day. Gas, insurance options,* and 180 miles per day are all included in membership.

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Getting Started with Zipcar Zipcar

(1 days ago) How Zipcar works. Find, book and unlock your Zipcar all using the app. Book Roundtrip cars and vans up to a year in advance, perfect for longer trips. Or just reserve a one-way Flex car when you’re ready to go – we’ll hold the car for 15 minutes. When you’re ready to …

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Finding Parking in the City: The Best Parking Apps

(1 days ago) Similar apps offer comparable parking arrangements, so try out a few and pick your fave. Parking Panda, despite its adorable name, uses your GPS location (and not cuddly zoo animals) to find and save you parking spots. Whichever app you choose, the concept, in general, is pretty sweet.

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7 Slick Hiring Apps That’ll Help You Land That Dream Job

(9 days ago) 7 Slick Hiring Apps That’ll Help You Land That Dream Job November 10, 2017 Or at least, it used to be—back when churning out rote cover …

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Master Your Money with these Essential Financial Apps Zipcar

(6 days ago) Thanks to these excellent financial apps, your phone is the most powerful tool you have to stay on top of expenses. Turns out you don’t need to be an accountant to get your bills in order. FRIENDLY FINANCES. The best brunch is a drama-free brunch. Keep on top of friend debts with apps like Venmo and Splitwise.

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The Internet of Things: 8 of the Best Smart Home Devices

(6 days ago) To celebrate the glorious ease of the Internet of Things, we’ve rounded up eight of the best smart home devices. These plugged-in gadgets come outfitted with Wi-Fi capabilities and companion apps—all the better for an even more streamlined life. Keep your abode as chill or as toasty when you want—when you want—with Nest’s smart

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10 Apps That Help You Stick to New Year's Resolutions

(Just Now) 3. FARMSTAND: There are few things we love more than urban farmers markets and New Year’s resolution apps, so you can only imagine how we feel about Farmstand.An app that pinpoints local markets and provides their contact deets, Farmstand even lets you peep the sweet veggies your friends are scooping up near you.

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Your Self-Care Tech List Blog Zipcar

(2 days ago) The best apps for entertainment Anything that can lift your mood at the moment is a winner. Whether that’s viral videos or games you can play with friends, these apps have you covered.

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The Best Fitness Apps for 2016: No Gym Required

(6 days ago) The 7 Best Fitness Apps: No Gym Required Oh, the gym. As much as we like the idea of fitness equipment and classes on tap, the reality—hidden fees, overcrowded facilities, competitive class registration, the pervasive eau de sweaty socks —is often much less glamorous.

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Sleepless in the City: Tech for the Perfect Snooze

(3 days ago) Apps aside, sleep experts warn against late-night phone use, as the blue-hued light of your screen can disrupt melatonin production (and your precious Zzzs). But if you just gotta check your emails before bed, try this iOS trick: Turn on Apple’s new Night Shift mode, which changes your display colors to warmer, more relaxing tones.

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7 Apps and Tech to Teach Yourself a New Language Zipcar

(3 days ago) 2. DUOLINGO: Ah, the ol' faithful of language learning apps! But it's still one of the best—and getting better all the time. Currently offering 24 comprehensive language courses (with Klingon and High Valyrian coming soonreally) it's the most accessible and user-friendly way to …

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5 Dining Apps You Should Be Using Right Now

(Just Now) 5 Dining Apps You Should Be Using Right Now The brunching bohemians in the video above aren’t exaggerating—diner paralysis is a real thing. You’ve got some extra time on your hands and money in your pocket, and think, “Forget the fridge—today, I feast.”

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7 Ways to Build a Productive Morning Routine Zipcar

(1 days ago) 2. SCREEN BAN: Cool alarm apps aside, immediately diving into your phone in the morning is a big no-no when it comes to clearing your head. Disable notifications from your home screen, so you're not prompted to plunge into Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter in your very first moments of consciousness.

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How do I extend my trip

(9 days ago) If you need to extend your trip you can do so on our iPhone® or Android™ mobile apps or via text alerts.. Mobile App. Open the Zipcar mobile app; View Current Trip and then select Extend to extend; Click Update Trip to verify your extension is complete; Text Alerts. Sign up for text alerts here; A text will be sent to you 30 minutes before your trip ends to let you know the vehicle is

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Awards Zipcar Press Center

(5 days ago) Advertising Age's Cool Branded iPhone Apps of the Year. Zipcar App named one of the "Cool Branded iPhone Apps for 2009." read more. TIME Magazine's Best Travel Gadgets of 2009. Zipcar App named one of "The Best Travel Gadgets of 2009." read more. Inc. Magazine. INC 500 - Honors Zipcar as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies. read more

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5 Alternative Workouts for People Bored of the Gym Zipcar

(4 days ago) Some apps offer free exercise videos and tips, while most are available via monthly subscription (invariably cheaper than gym membership). Try Fitbit Coach, Zova or Runtastic, which offer combinations of guided workouts, tips and progress monitoring. Plus, you don’t have to stand next to those super-fit gym bunnies in your baggy sweatpants

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7 Technology Resolutions to Keep You on Track in 2018 Zipcar

(7 days ago) 5. MUST-DOWNLOAD APPS: Security is an important aspect of 2018's technology resolutions-but that doesn't mean there isn't room for some fun, too. Wired's round-up features the cream of a recent crop of apps, from Simmer (which lets you make like a Great British Baking Show star and film your culinary adventures) to uMake (which lets you sketch 3D objects).

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Car Sharing in London The Car Hire & Rental

(4 days ago) Just use the app to find a nearby vehicle, reserve it and you can unlock it with your card or phone - our London car sharing service is cheaper than traditional car hire, with far less waiting around. You can book Roundtrip cars and vans up to a year in advance, or reserve our Flex, one-way cars, 15 minutes before and just hop in! zcpc Calculator.

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8 Beach Apps and Gadgets to Win at Summer Zipcar

(9 days ago) 8 Beach Apps and Gadgets to Win at Summer. July 18, 2017 Relaxation and ocean waves practically go hand in hand, whether it’s a windswept beach on Cape Cod or a crowded stretch of sand in Cancun. There’s no place quite as beautiful to unwind and recharge, catch up on reading, or toss a Frisbee. Simply put, life is better at the beach—and

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Fees & Charges – Zipcar

(7 days ago) In addition to the cost of Zipcar membership and standard driving rates, other fees and charges may apply.See below for details. Standard Fees & Charges Application fee. A one-time $25 application fee is applied when a driver applies for membership.

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Essential Apartment Security Gadgets to Keep Your Pad Safe

(2 days ago) It’s time for your apartment security strategy to be about more than just your front door key. This year, you should get some home tech involved. From smart locks that open with the touch of a finger to gear that ensures no one nabs your packages, these apartment security gadgets and apps will ensure your home — and your stuff — is as safe and sound as possible.

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Zipcar Expands Nation's Largest Campus Car Sharing Program

(9 days ago) In addition to the Facebook application and new Android application, Zipcar members also have access to Zipcar's iPhone® application – recognized by Time Magazine as one of the "50 Best iPhone Apps in 2011" – as well as Zipcar's mobile website, which can be used on Blackberry® devices and smartphones to make, extend or change reservations.

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The 6 Best Tips and Hacks to Help Keep Your New Year’s

(8 days ago) Well, lots of apps. For resolution-makers who want to build action plans, write goal journals, and otherwise throw themselves deep into a big life change, GoalsOnTrack offers a suite of handy features. For more minimalist types, Done is an aesthetically pleasing habit-tracker that makes it super easy to log your meditation sessions or workouts.

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Breathe Easier: 4 Ways to Fight Urban Air Pollution Zipcar

(8 days ago) CLEAN AIR APPS. With new pollution apps, you won’t even have to peek outside to check out the smog in your city. Beyond investing in a wearable device of your own, a range of other apps aim to make checking your city’s pollution levels as …

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All Hail Household Tech: 7 Apps and Gadgets Making Chores

(9 days ago) The robots are here. And they’re coming for…your kitchen. And your mop. And your lawnmower. Actually, we like the way that sounds. Increasingly, apps, gadgets—and yes, even bona fide robots—are being designed to tackle your chores, whether it’s scrubbing your floors or cooking you a big pot of soup. We’re spotlighting seven nifty examples of household tech that are about to make

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California Privacy Notice Zipcar

(1 days ago) These third parties use your personal information to serve relevant ads on our Sites, on other websites or mobile apps, or on other devices you may use, or to personalize content and perform other advertising-related services such as reporting, attribution, analytics and market research.

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How to Start a Mindfulness Practice Zipcar

(1 days ago) Apps such as Headspace or Meditation Oasis offer built-in guided meditations. Meditation can be a great way to train your brain to be more mindful. Apps with built-in guided meditations (like Headspace) offer a simple way to get started with mediation. Meditation Oasis also offers guided meditation along with music and podcasts to download.

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33 Ways to Avoid Roommate Hell

(4 days ago) When you’re splitting utilities or other bills, many recommended apps like Splitwise and Venmo. While Venmo is great for easy, one-time payments, Splitwise will manage a running tab of all kinds of expenses—from rent to that one time you bought a vacuum cleaner on Craigslist—and tell you who owes what at the end of the day.

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Go to the Gym Without Going to the Gym, 10 Fitness Trends

(6 days ago) Food Tracking Apps Many debuted last year, but consistent updates and synchronization with trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone make them more helpful than ever. Between diet and exercise, experts agree that the foods you eat on a regular basis have a much bigger impact on your health and fitness goals than exercise alone does.

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Stress and the City: Study Reveals Transport Woes and

(4 days ago) There are also some really great apps which enable you to plan journeys, combining different modes of travel including by foot, bike, bus and tram. Walking and cycling are great ways to stay healthy. Being above ground, while riding the bus and tram, means you’ll have to …

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Why working from home can boost productivity Blog

(5 days ago) There are so many digital tools, apps and platforms out there that not only make it easier to maintain contact among employees, they can also help increase productivity levels. Take project management software like Basecamp , Wrike and Plutio , which allows managers and team members to organise projects, streamline tasks and track progress

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RunKeeper Runs On People Power

(9 days ago) RunKeeper Runs On People Power. While running is a solitary sport, runners can be quite the communal bunch. From jogging clubs to chilly morning high-fives, road warriors love to support each other. Whether you’re working towards a personal record or tackling your first 5K, an uplifting community makes it easier to strap on those sneakers and go.

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8 Totally Genius Road Trip Gadgets

(Just Now) 6. LUMOPACK CHARGER: On days when the open road is all that’s ahead, a portable charger is essential to keeping you connected (especially important, given that you’ve got all those apps to help guide your travels). Enter the Lumopack.Billed as the fastest portable battery pack in the market, it charges fully in 30 minutes—and takes as little as six minutes to build up enough juice to

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